AAaF #73: Before the Storm

Arleen: *Steps in* Heya, everyone! Miriam: *Walks in* 'Sup. Platinum: *Smirks, running up to Ashley and hugging her out of nowhere* Hiiii. Ashley: *Doesn't really react to this* Salutations. Lucian: *Flies in through the portal, skidding and hitting the wall with a thud* Tiberius: *Comes in after him* That'll teach ya, you furred little f**ker. … Continue reading AAaF #73: Before the Storm


Hanging Out

Hey everyone, Fizzlesnoofson here with a very short side story. It's not too important, I just felt like acting this out before things get crazy with the Psycho Squad and all. Not gonna waste any time, so... Enjoy, everyone!   (Emma's PoV): It was a beautiful night out in my home town. I'd talked with … Continue reading Hanging Out

AAaF #72: A Surprise Nuisance

Trixie: *Flips in* Heeey everyone! Fizzson: Eey, been a while since you flipped in like that. Trixie: *Giggles* Getting back into acrobatics a bit. :3 Miriam: *Already there* 'Sup. *Tiberius, Platinum, and Hakuro step in casually* Tiberius: Ay. Here. Platinum: Present. Hakuro: Mhm ~ Fizzson: *Looks around* ...Where are Luci and Emma? *Turns to Arleen* … Continue reading AAaF #72: A Surprise Nuisance

AAaF #71: Suddenly Side Characters

Arleen: *Steps in* Heya everyone! Emma: *Sitting on the couch with Fizz* Hey Arleen. :3 Ashley: Salutations. Platinum: *Walks in, waving* Arleen & Emma: *Wave back, smiling* Tiberius: *Walks in with Luci draped across his shoulder like a weird scarf* Hiii. Lucian: Bleh. Hi. Arleen: You okay Lucian? Lucian: Am fine. Tiberius: He's fluffy, so … Continue reading AAaF #71: Suddenly Side Characters

AAaF #70: Fun Followed by Distress

Emma: ...And we're done! Looks like Miriam's in 1st, Tib came 2nd, and Luci's in 3rd. Congrats you guys! Miriam: Thanks. *Stomach rumbles* ...I'll be right back. *Quickly rushes through a portal* Lucian: *Falls over* Eegh. D**n you Tib. Miriam isn't a surprise.... Tiberius: Not eating for a day beforehand isn't technically "cheating". I only … Continue reading AAaF #70: Fun Followed by Distress