AAaF #39: With a Very Hyper Doggo

(Fair warning: This post contains two instances of particularly violent talk. They're both too close to the start of Qs for me to say something right before the Q, so... Yeah. You've been warned.) Arleen: *Steps in* Heya, everyone! ^^ Lucian: *Already in, looking odd* Hellooo. Arleen: *Is slightly confused* Uh... You alright, Lucian? You … Continue reading AAaF #39: With a Very Hyper Doggo


Writermas Day 5: Christmas Carols

(Note: Writermas is not my idea. The credit for it goes to LuckE Wing, or E.) *The sound of singing seems to wake Despair up. She gets out of bed, looking around groggily* Kraken: *Yawns* Necro, are you singing in the shower again? Necro: Ha ha. We don't even have a shower. Kiki: Where's the singing … Continue reading Writermas Day 5: Christmas Carols

Writermas Day 4: P̴̞̋͊ͅǔ̷̡̫r̸̫͈̈͆ê̴̙ ̶̩̌̊C̴̣̈ĥ̸̞a̵̤̤͛o̴̻̔ͅs̴̢̗̀́

Well well well, what do we have here? Hello all you lovely readers. Who am I? Well... I don't really wanna say quite yet. I will say what I'm doing, though! See, I thought I'd try my hand at this wacky little "Writermas" thingy all these random sites seem to be doing. I can't be bothered … Continue reading Writermas Day 4: P̴̞̋͊ͅǔ̷̡̫r̸̫͈̈͆ê̴̙ ̶̩̌̊C̴̣̈ĥ̸̞a̵̤̤͛o̴̻̔ͅs̴̢̗̀́