Family Matters Part 2

Hey everyone, Fizzlesnoofson here! With such a focus on getting the Christmas Party done in the Christmas season, it left a lot of the stuff that was late in November in the dust. For the next few weeks, Lucian and I'll be trying to correct that, starting with continuing and eventually wrapping up Trixie's little … Continue reading Family Matters Part 2

AAaF #88: A Special Guest~

(This post has the presence of Malyssa, a special guest acted by Fizz and former best friend of Smiley, and likely the only time she'll be in AAaF. Also, we all forgot she existed until like halfway through the AAaF so yeah, sorry 'bout that. Not much to say other than that, so I hope … Continue reading AAaF #88: A Special Guest~

AAaF Christmas Party #8: Familiar Faces

Arleen: *Sitting at a table near the arena with the tree, across from Fizz* Fizzson: So how's attendance looking? Arleen: Pretty good. Most of the people we invited have shown up already. Fizzson: Niiice. This party seems to be a big success so far. Arleen: Absolutely! Just missing a couple major groups, I think. Skye … Continue reading AAaF Christmas Party #8: Familiar Faces

AAaF Christmas Party #7: Surprises all Around

Arleen: *At the snack table, just hanging around with Lucian* Fizzson: *Walks over* Hiya, Arleen! Arleen: Hey Fizz. What's up? Fizzson: Not much. Finally got Damian to head over here, though. Arleen: Oh, cool! Where is he? Fizzson: Around. *Snickers a bit* Damian: *Rises halfway through the floor* ...I got dragged here. Lucian: Oh, hey! … Continue reading AAaF Christmas Party #7: Surprises all Around