AAaF #13: Rushing and Character Swapping

Hey everyone, Fizzlesnoofson here! Sorry in advance if part of this seems rushed, I had almost no time to act out AAaF when I got back from hiatus, and I had to wait until Vampi sent in his Qs on Tuesday. I hope y'all enjoy, regardless. (That was rushed alright. So rushed that I forgot it … Continue reading AAaF #13: Rushing and Character Swapping


AAaF #12: Tears Are Shed, Sorrow is Felt

Despair: *Sitting in the corner, sighing.* Eyve: *Brings a vanilla milkshake over to Despair* Heya... you good? Despair: Oh... Thank you... *Takes the milkshake, then takes a sip* So... Are you talking about... You know... What happened over at...? Eyve: Yeah, I heard... Must have been pretty bad, huh? Despair: *Sighs* I should be honest with … Continue reading AAaF #12: Tears Are Shed, Sorrow is Felt

AAaF #10: New Challengers Approaching

Fizzson: *Waiting in front of the portal* Arleen: What’s up, Fizz? Fizzson: We got friends coming over. I’m waiting for them to show up. *The portal opens, and Vampi, Alexa, Tech, Cattomi, Cyree, Monika, Ema, and Sakura come out, managing to dogpile on each other* Vampi: *on the bottom* ...Ow. Arleen: Yikes… That looked painful.... … Continue reading AAaF #10: New Challengers Approaching