Eyve’s Last Chance

Hey everyone, Fizzlesnoofson here! As some of you may remember (Probably not all, since it was kinda overshadowed by Dusk's introduction), Eyve came into AAaF with a shot wound in her gut. This post is a bit of a precursor to show what lead up to that and how she's still alive. This gets pretty intense, … Continue reading Eyve’s Last Chance


AAaF #17: Embarrassment Abounds

Arleen: *Walks in* Hey, guys. Kifaya & Seth: Heya. Eyve: *walks in after her silently* Despair: Oh, hello- *Notices Eyve has a bandage around her* O.O What happened? Eyve: M-mh- *starts pulling on shirt* ...I-I got sh...shot. Despair: Oh my gosh... Are you okay...? Eyve: *Looks down* I th-think.... Arleen: She'll live... Now.... Fizzson: Jeez.... Ness: … Continue reading AAaF #17: Embarrassment Abounds

AAaF Mini: Meanwhile, in an Undisclosed Universe…

Hey everyone, Fizzlesnoofson here! Now, ordinarily when I do Minis or have characters vanish, it's for more technical reasons. Eyvalyn couldn't be on for a month, so we did a Mini for her and Bucket when they got back. Vampi and I were the only ones who could be in the AAaF/AtG crossover, so we … Continue reading AAaF Mini: Meanwhile, in an Undisclosed Universe…