AAaF #37: Lengthy Chaos

Arleen: *Steps in* Heya, everyone! Lucian: *Walks in right after, looking up at Arleen* Hello. owo Trixie: Hi, Arleen and Lucian! Despair: Hello there.... Fizzson: *Sitting on the couch* Heya. Lucian: Everyone here, then? Tiberius: *Steps in quietly* Yep. Fizzson: Seems like it. Arleen: Well then, let's get this started! Kaito to all: こんにちは みんな大丈夫か? … Continue reading AAaF #37: Lengthy Chaos


AAaF #36: The Duo Appears

Trixie: *Walks in* Hi, everyone! ^^ Lucian: Hewwo. :3 Tiberius: *Walks in momentarily after* Here. Trixie: *Looks around* Where are Despair and Fizz? Arleen: They're fetching the new mains. Lucian: New people? Huh. Arleen: Yup. They should be back pretty soon. *A portal opens, and Fizz and Despair walk through* Fizzson: Hey everyone. Arleen: Heya! … Continue reading AAaF #36: The Duo Appears