AAaF #41: Post-Christmas Frustrations

Hey everyone, Fizzlesnoofson here. So... This post is late. Like, really late. I wish I could say I had a good explanation, but... I don't think I can. Now, it's not like I wasn't preoccupied the week of. Most of my time during that got taken up by one family thing after another. Two get togethers … Continue reading AAaF #41: Post-Christmas Frustrations


AAaF #40: Fun with a Chaos Fiend

Lucian: *Steps in through the portal* Tiberius: *Follows, no longer hyper* Despair: Oh... Hello, guys.... Tiberius: Heeey. Lucian: Hai. Fizzson: Uh, Tib? I... Wanna apologize for how I acted. I overreacted pretty bad last week, and shouldn't have threatened you. The slap would've been enough, and that's even assuming you needed to be punished in … Continue reading AAaF #40: Fun with a Chaos Fiend