Cats and Dogs

Hey everyone, Fizzlesnoofson here. Meant to get this out ages ago, but things got in the way again and again. Now with other posts out of the way, I finally have time to show just what the heck happened with Trixie recently. Without further ado, enjoy everyone. (Note: This took place between AAaF #56 and … Continue reading Cats and Dogs


AAaF #56: Planning and Random Fun

Fizzson: *Steps in* Heya everyone. Arleen: *Waves* Hey Fizz! ^^ Damian: *Bouncing around in the air* Heya. Lucian: *Walks in, staying quiet but raising a paw to show presence* Tiberius: *Walks in as well, oddly happy* Heeello. Hakuro & Platinum: *Walk in shortly after* Emma: You're not usually so late to AAaF, Fizz. Something up? … Continue reading AAaF #56: Planning and Random Fun