AAaF #67: Aggravation For All

Hey everyone, Fizzlesnoofson here. Sorry this is so late. AAaF was cut kinda close, starting on Monday and ending Tuesday, leaving me feeling a bit drained to work on editing. Regardless, it's here now, so without further ado, enjoy everyone. Fizzson: *Steps in* Heya everyone. Emma: Hey, Fizz. Ashley: *Comes in alone* Salutations. Lucian: *Walks … Continue reading AAaF #67: Aggravation For All


AAaF #65: Family Feud

Fizzson: *Walks in* Hey, everyone. Arleen: Hey Fizz! ^^ Miriam: *Comes through a portal* Suuuuuup. Ashley: *Follows behind Miriam* Salutations, everyone. Hakuro: Heeeello~! Platinum: You're too excited. But hi. Emma: Heya. ^^ Smiley: Greetings. Trixie: *Sitting on the couch lazily* Here. :3 Fizzson: Oh. I brought someone new to AAaF to... Address something that seems … Continue reading AAaF #65: Family Feud