AAaF #70: Fun Followed by Distress

Emma: ...And we're done! Looks like Miriam's in 1st, Tib came 2nd, and Luci's in 3rd. Congrats you guys! Miriam: Thanks. *Stomach rumbles* ...I'll be right back. *Quickly rushes through a portal* Lucian: *Falls over* Eegh. D**n you Tib. Miriam isn't a surprise.... Tiberius: Not eating for a day beforehand isn't technically "cheating". I only … Continue reading AAaF #70: Fun Followed by Distress


AAaF #69: Reverse Roast Session

Arleen: *Walks in* Hey everyone! Tiberius: *Teleports in with Luci in his arms, dropping him when they arrive* Heeey. Lucian: D**n Tib... *Pauses* Uh, I mean, hi. Miriam: *Comes through her own portal like usual* Sup, haters. Ashley: *Appears with her wand above her head* Salutations. Hakuro: *Seems to sneak up behind Emma* Hellooo~ Emma: … Continue reading AAaF #69: Reverse Roast Session