AAaF #74: Devastation

Hey everyone, Fizzlesnoofson here. I just wanna apologize for not getting out Tournament posts like I said I would. The week I took break was very busy for the dumbest reasons. Something I'd rather not get into here. I also wanna apologize for this being the latest AAaF I've ever put out. I've been distracted, haven't … Continue reading AAaF #74: Devastation


Where’s the AAaF? …Again (+Other Things …Again)

Hey everyone, Fizzlesnoofson here. Once again, it's Wednesday (Or rather past it by the time I actually got this out), and there's no AAaF, and like last time, it's partially due to getting both last AAaF and AtPS out late. However this time, it's also due to having absolutely no Qs, and due to the … Continue reading Where’s the AAaF? …Again (+Other Things …Again)

AtPS #11: The Tables Have Turned… (AtPS Finale)

(Apologies for the massive delay on this. I'm usually on top of AtPS, but well, this weekend was kinda nuts. Finally managed to get it done, so... Enjoy everyone. -Editor Fizz)   Karma: *Steps in* Heeyy everyone. Shadow: *In the corner* Yo. *A bunch of spiders spill out of the walls and form a bloody … Continue reading AtPS #11: The Tables Have Turned… (AtPS Finale)

AAaF #72: A Surprise Nuisance

Trixie: *Flips in* Heeey everyone! Fizzson: Eey, been a while since you flipped in like that. Trixie: *Giggles* Getting back into acrobatics a bit. :3 Miriam: *Already there* 'Sup. *Tiberius, Platinum, and Hakuro step in casually* Tiberius: Ay. Here. Platinum: Present. Hakuro: Mhm ~ Fizzson: *Looks around* ...Where are Luci and Emma? *Turns to Arleen* … Continue reading AAaF #72: A Surprise Nuisance

AAaF #71: Suddenly Side Characters

Arleen: *Steps in* Heya everyone! Emma: *Sitting on the couch with Fizz* Hey Arleen. :3 Ashley: Salutations. Platinum: *Walks in, waving* Arleen & Emma: *Wave back, smiling* Tiberius: *Walks in with Luci draped across his shoulder like a weird scarf* Hiii. Lucian: Bleh. Hi. Arleen: You okay Lucian? Lucian: Am fine. Tiberius: He's fluffy, so … Continue reading AAaF #71: Suddenly Side Characters