AAaF #78: “Fun” Times

(Warning: Unlike most posts on Arleen and Friends, this has a heavy emphasis on dirty talk, humor, and the like. If you don’t want to read any of that, I highly suggest skipping over this post. You won’t be missing any story bits if you do. -Editor Fizz)   Fizzson: *Steps in, looking around* Arleen: … Continue reading AAaF #78: “Fun” Times


Aftermath Part 2: The End of Psycho Squad

Karma: *Steps in, looking around* Is everyone here? Squigs: *Lays down on the floor, looking up at her* Ehh?? Oh here. Aether: *Raises his hand, seeming a bit silent* Rudhaa: *Walks in, unable to talk without possessing a body, so she just raises a hand as well* Akira: *Standing near the back wall* Present. Shaydas: … Continue reading Aftermath Part 2: The End of Psycho Squad