AAaF #85: Random Fun

Hey everyone, Fizzlesnoofson here! Firstly, I'd like to apologize for skipping a week, as this was supposed to come out last week, but well... Stuff happens, the AAaF was unexpectedly long, the usual culprits. At this point, I think AAaF just needs more time to be worked on, so starting after the next AAaF, the … Continue reading AAaF #85: Random Fun


AAaF #84: Pre-Battle Preparation

Emma: *Walks in* Heya, everyone. Fizzson: *Sitting on the couch* Hey, Emma. Trixie: *Standing in the corner, waving* Lucian: *Walks in quietly, sucking on one of his ribbons like a lollipop, snickering* Chez: *Follows right behind him, waving at everyone* Tiberius: *Enters with a slow walk and a blank expression, waving once* Hakuro: *Waltzes in, … Continue reading AAaF #84: Pre-Battle Preparation