AAaF #89: Blast from the Past

(Ey, huge thanks to Fusion for editing this. His help is a large part of the reason I was able to focus on all the side stories like I did (And still am for that matter.) -Editor Fizz) Fizzson: *Walks in* Heya, everyone. Emma: *Sitting on the couch* Heey, Fizz. ^^ Hana: *Already there* Hey, … Continue reading AAaF #89: Blast from the Past


Descent to Madness (AU Luci Story Thing)

LUCI'S NOTE: Hiya! So I wrote this back in October about one of my most vicious yet misunderstood characters. Even despite the fact I don't use them much, I'm practically infatuated with the idea of 'em. Which is ironic since they don't have an alias except "Lucian". Anyway, this story features lots of talk about … Continue reading Descent to Madness (AU Luci Story Thing)