The Fight For Tumbleten

*The Eradicators had practically flooded the streets of Tumbleten at this point. They lurched and crawled around all at once, some looking for creatures to attack, while others were currently attacking citizens or people trying to fight them off. Tib was just having fun where he was there, currently killing Eradicators left and right in the city’s East section. He was sure as h**l enjoying it…*

*Eradicators were falling one after another, pretty easily it seemed. There was no short supply of them, though, as they just kept on pouring in. Some more powerful Slimes were beginning to come in, but no sign of Sentinels yet… Currently, some Beasts were trying to slash at Tib in a sort of frenzy, with a couple Fairies fluttering around and healing them frequently*

Tiberius: *Goes after the Fairies for the most part, since he wasn’t completely stupid, using one sword to try and slash at the beasts and another to try and aim at the fairies with a fireball*

*The beasts were pushed back by the sword slash, but not killed thanks to the Fairies healing. One of the Fairies was destroyed by the fireball, but the other weaved away. They were fast for sure…*

Tiberius: Oh come on, DIE already! *Starts focusing less on the beasts, just firing fireballs at the fairies in an angry manner*

*The fairy tried to dodge, but couldn’t avoid everything, getting destroyed by a fireball rather easily. The Beasts weren’t letting up though, as they continued to try and slash at Tib*

Tiberius: *Gets hit by one of them, a pretty close slash to his neck, which caused him to jump back a bit, before keeping the flames on the ends of his blades lit, then turning them blue and slashing ruthlessly at pretty much anything in front of him; Eradicator, or otherwise*

*The Eradicators all fell very quickly to this, disappearing into puffs of smoke one by one. After a moment, there seemed to be some… Strange-looking Eradicators. They seemed to have various different human and anthro heads stuck on large, undulating globs of shadowy flesh, trailing into limp arms with long claws at the end, and tentacle-like limbs to scuttle around on. They weren’t falling to your blades as easily, seeming to weave around the fire, and barely be damaged when actually hit…*

Tiberius: *Was struggling a bit, though he wouldn’t ever admit it. He was more used to fighting one enemy specifically, not onslaughts of them, but kept trying regardless…*

*The creatures just kept on coming, both the globs of flesh and the basic Eradicators… Rather suddenly, a black blur seems to dart past, Eradicators disappearing swiftly in its wake. The flesh globs were also given a fair bit of damage, not going down, but being stunned for the moment…*

Tiberius: Great… Another f**kin- *Stops, then sighs, looking around for… Whatever the cause of that was*

*Eventually, the blur stopped, the cause standing right next to you. It was an odd woman of sorts, covered completely in a dark blue hooded cloak. Her face was completely obscured by a white cat mask, and she was wielding pitch black duel katanas*

Tiberius: …Who the f**k are you?

*The voice that comes out is unrecognizable. Like a sort of synthesizer was over her normal voice*

???: Shokunya. Jumped to the city when I saw trouble. Trying to thin out the groups when I saw you struggling.

Tiberius: Struggling? What f**kin nerve do you have?! I’m completely fine, Miss I-can’t-even-show-my-face. But if you want to stick together, I won’t deny you that.

Shokunya: Hm. I meant no disrespect, Tiberius. I can leave if you don’t want the assistance against the 1,000s of creatures that only continue to grow in number….

Tiberius: …How did you know my name? Ah, actually… Nevermind. But your sarcasm isn’t exactly welcome. I’ll take the help, but don’t expect me to say some sappy s**t like I “appreciate” it….

Shokunya: I expect nothing of the sort… *Looks out towards a bunch of Alphas, slashing at them, creating a wave of energy that seemed to stun and confuse the Alphas before she dashed forward and slashed straight through them, making them disappear in a puff of smoke as some Slimes seemed to slosh up towards Tib…*

Tiberius: *Is using mostly the same basic attacks, not even merging his swords quite yet, going for plain, extremely heated slashes at the Slimes…*

*The Slimes weaved around and engulfed the swords, holding them firmly in place for the moment as Mages began to charge energy attacks from a distance.*

Tiberius: *Tries to heat his blades up further, which caused visible steam in the air despite there not being any liquid to cause steam. He didn’t let go of his blades regardless…*

*The Slimes were seeming to quiver a little, visibly affected by the heat as they started quivering more and more. Before the Mages’ attacks hit you, Shokunya dashed in and reflected the attacks back at them with her katanas, causing them to be quickly destroyed…*

Tiberius: *Quickly melts his swords into lava now, to completely destroy the Slimes*

*The Slimes seemed to melt down and dissolve at this completely, not even splitting into smaller Slimes like they usually do…*

Tiberius: *Reforms the swords completely, picking them back up. He was very annoyed by this point, his actual body temperature nearly burning to the touch…*

*As the groups continued to thin out from the actions of Tib and Shokunya, a pair of Sentinels lurch forward, bringing their swords down to fire black shockwaves at the both of them*

Tiberius: *Gets taken a bit off guard by this, getting hit by one of them. He smiled quite widely though, finally making his swords glow a bit, then fusing them right into a Zweihander sword that was larger in size than he was. It seemed light as paper, oddly, and completely black with a thin red line across it. He began swinging the Zweihander directly at one of the sentinels from the side, rather recklessly*

*The Sentinel took the hit directly, getting knocked back a bit and taking a fair bit of damage, though not a ton. Shokunya dodged the shockwave sent at her, retaliating with her own shockwaves, which homed in and hit her Eradicator, seeming to deal little damage, but confuse and debilitate it for the moment. Meanwhile the Sentinel attacking Tib fired two shockwaves from its blade*

Tiberius: *Gets hit by this again, but seems to… Absorb it, the tip of his sword growing even hotter as if the energy from the shockwave went right to that instead. He went for another direct slash, trying to stab it in the chest instead*

*The Sentinel had strong, metallic armor, which seemed to prevent the stab for the most part, though it did knock the Sentinel back and leave a visible dent in the armor. It then raised its foot up, slamming it down for an earthquake attack of sorts*

Tiberius: *Doesn’t even pay attention to what the Sentinel did, continuing to slash at it over and over…*

*The Sentinel took more and more damage from the blows. It’d likely go down if this kept up… Some Alphas began to run up behind Tib while a Bloom stealthily trapped his feet in roots. Shokunya noticed this, quickly switching targets and slashing straight through the Alphas, though taking a hit and getting knocked down by the now-recovered Sentinel, who’d fired another shockwave and had begun charging at her*

Tiberius: *Stays trapped by the Bloom momentarily, before splitting his sword into two again… Throwing one directly at the Sentinel attacking Shokunya, with it melting in midair and hitting the Sentinel as a large glob of lava. Tib then used his other sword to try to fire a fireball at the bloom trapping him, not focusing on the Sentinel he was originally going after*

*This actually knocked the second Sentinel off its feet, the lava slowly melting through its armor and dealing large amounts of constant damage. The Bloom weaved away from the fireball, dodging it completely while the first Sentinel began charging at Tib to hit him directly with its sword. Shokunya seemed to melt into a sort of mist, floating past Tiberius before flying up and reforming, landing right on the Sentinel, knocking it down. Before the Sentinel could retaliate, Shokunya jumped up and fired a shockwave at it, hitting and confusing the creature for the moment*

Tiberius: *Keeps his sword as lava on the Sentinel, getting annoyed at the Bloom now. He pressed the tip of his blade on one of the roots that was attached to the Bloom holding him, quickly starting to heat it up. 60°C…80°C…100°C… He was either trying to melt the root, or hoping the heat would spread to the bloom and hurt or kill it*

*A few moments later, and the second Sentinel disappeared, being destroyed by the residual damage. The root Tib was pressing his other blade against melted, not seeming to directly affect the Bloom, but setting his legs free at the very least while it attempted to evade. By this point, Tib’d had enough. His other sword formed back to normal as he retrieved it, looking at Shokunya while trying to evade the Bloom*

Tiberius: HEY! Unless you can f**kin fly, I’d suggest you get right next to me. I gotta do somethin’.

Shokunya: *Nods, jumping up and running over to Tib’s side*

*Tib did something rather quick, forming his swords back into the Zweihander, then angling it, and stabbing it directly into ground, smashing the asphalt and going a bit through it before stopping. Whatever he did seemed to be delayed for a few moments, but there were small shakes in the ground. Whatever this was, it seemed like it might damage the surrounding city and area. Tib didn’t care about that at this point, though…*

Tiberius: F**kin’ annoying to deal with lots of enemies and not just one… Takes a lot outta me to “level the field.”

Shokunya: *Eyes widen, though that wasn’t particularly visible under the mask* …What are you doing, exactly?

Tiberius: *Bends his sword to the left, then the right, then forced it right out of its position in the ground. Some cracks began to spread out and aroun, before about 2 feet of space between where Shoku and Tib were standing and the rest of the area melted or disappeared, replaced by lava like a moat. Tib then separated his Zweihander again, dipping the entire blades in the lava, which stuck to them, oddy, with him starting to almost wildly slash at the Eradicators again. Each stab left a remainder of lava on them, but it didn’t seem to be normal lava, considering it didn’t drip down but instead stuck to whatever it touched…*

*Eradicators seem to fall, quickly one after another from this, either falling directly from the lava below them, or getting hit by Tib’s wild slashes and getting destroyed by residual damage. Shokunya caught on to this, dipping her own blades into the lava, though only at the tips so as to not burn herself, beginning to slash at the Eradicators on the side opposite to where Tib was slashing, destroying even more Eradicators in the process*

Tiberius: Theeere ya go! Good on you! *Seems genuinely happy to have Shokunya by his side now, smiling a bit as he continued to tear through Eradicators*

Shokunya: *Seems happy to assist as well, continuing to fight like this against the continually spawning creatures as best she could. The onslaught had only just begun…*


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