The Fight For Tumbleten

*…Elsewhere in the city, at Haku’s place, Rose had the door barricaded for now. It wouldn’t hold forever if Eradicators tried getting in, but it’d hold long enough for her and Haku to prepare and compose themselves before straight-up taking the Eradicators on. Hakuro was controlling her breathing for now, a little panicky but fine enough, her looking over at Rose*

Hakuro: You’ll be fine righttt? I know you’ve been in fights before, but not with these things….

Rose: *Taking a few deep breaths herself* Right, I’ll be okay. I’m mostly just worried about you. You haven’t really fought all that much, after all….

Hakuro: Doesn’t necessarily mean I can’t. So long as property damage isn’t a worry…which in the midst of this, I assume not.

Rose: Well, yeah. I know you can fight, given the OGT last year and all. Just… Worried over your lack of experience with it, I guess.

Hakuro: I’ll be fine. Promise….

Rose: Alright…. *Walks over to the barricade, sighing a bit before looking back* …You still need a minute, or are you ready?

Hakuro: ‘Course. I’m ready!

Rose: Alright… *Begins pushing the barricade, a large set of drawers, having some difficulty, but pushing it back to where it was, leaving the door uncovered as Rose looked over at it* …Let’s go.

Hakuro: *Stares at her paws for a sec, then smiles a bit* This may be fun….

Rose: *Chuckles* Could be. Let’s see how it goes…. *Opens the door quietly, stepping out to see large numbers of Beasts, Alphas, and Mages, as expected. None of them noticing quite yet with how quiet she was being currently…*

Hakuro: *Reaches a paw in her pocket, getting out her phone and propping it up right against the door, setting it to record for some reason. She then purposely went out right in front of Rose at a pretty decent speed, closing her paw into a fist and smashing it right into a Beast, seemingly angled to try to get it to hurtle towards a Mage*

*As hoped, the Beast careened straight into the Mage, knocking it down and causing the Beast to disappear as more Eradicators turned their attention towards Haku*

Hakuro: *Turns her foot a bit on the ground, then stomps it down hard, upturning some of the asphalt and made the ground a bit bumpy, until a piece of the street just tore off and flew up in front of her, which she kicked right at some Alphas as it split into some pieces*

*Some Alphas were able to evade the attack, but a fair chunk of the pack was wiped out by this. Rose ran after the stragglers, lashing out a pair of ribbons, which gripped at the two Alphas hind legs, slamming them into the ground, causing them to disappear like the others. Some Mages turned towards Hakuro, firing ranged projectiles at her*

Hakuro: *Manages to avoid that by launching herself up from the ground she was standing on, starting to fire jagged rocky projectiles at the Alphas as well, quicker then her last attack*

*The remainder of the Alphas from that group were easily destroyed by this. The Mages kept aiming shots at Haku, with Rose quickly dashing forwards and leaping up to intercept the energy balls, grabbing them with her ribbons and lobbing then back at the Mages, which were hit and briefly stunned as a result*

Hakuro: *Takes the opportunity quickly, getting close to them and keeping her fists clenched, shooting another jagged rock at one to her left, then punching the right Mage at full force*

*Both Mages were hit, the one to the right being destroyed and disappearing while the one to the left reeled back, teleporting away and throwing another ball of energy, which Rose quickly dove towards and lobbed back, causing it to be destroyed as well. The sharpened stones Hakuro had thrown pierced through the Eradicators and stuck to the sides of buildings*

Hakuro: *Watches this happen to the Mages, seeming to enjoy this fight, looking around for more Eradicators to destroy…*

*There were plenty of Eradicators all around, from more Beasts and Alphas to Blooms and Slimes. Seemed they were all over… A Slime specifically seemed to be sloshing towards Hakuro, firing out globs of goo at you*

Hakuro: *Just barely avoids this, doing a little spin to avoid it. As soon as she faced it again, she ran towards it fast, encasing her fist in stone, then smashing it vertically on the ground*

*The Slime jiggled noticeably as it was squished into the ground, eventually splitting apart into two smaller Slimes. Rose was keeping your back clear of enemies, fending off Beasts and Alphas since she couldn’t do much to the Slimes with her ribbons*

*The rock casing on Haku’s paw comes off, with Hakuro grabbing it as it shifted into a hard square rock plate. She held this with both paws, then smashed it down onto the slime to crush it, bringing it up again then smashing it down, about four times. She was being pretty violent with the thing*

*The Slime repeatedly got slammed down, until squishing completely into two even smaller Slimes. The other Slime threw a glob at Haku, charging after it to try and ram her as well*

Hakuro: *Gets hit by the glob, trying to shake it off, but failing miserably, leading her to wince from the pain of it. She attacked the slime again regardless though, launching herself up again from the ground above the Slimes, then littering the ground below her with odd, seemingly harmless small stones. Nothing useful-looking at first…*

*The Slimes just kinda shuffled around, waiting for Haku to come down so they could continue their attacks. The rocks that Hakuro put down suddenly splintered and exploded into sharp shards and sparkly fragments, which repeatedly stabbed and pierced the Slimes, as well as any other nearby things. Rose was thankfully keeping her distance, taking out other groups of Eradicators left and right. The Slimes were stabbed into continuously, the bigger Slime splitting into two weaker Slimes, with those Slimes then being destroyed completely. The fragments took out some other Eradicators as well, effectively thinning the whole area out*

Hakuro: *Does another little spin, firing a short, four-round burst of those sharpened stones directly past Rose’s head to pelt a Beast’s torso. Once they hit, they pierced right through and exploded into sparkling bits. She was going for direct attacks mainly, keeping stone casings around her paws and trying to smash into Beasts and Alphas*

(Everything in the post from this point on is edited by Luci, with only minor tweaks made to spelling and grammar as necessary. -Editor Fizz)

*The Beasts and Alphas were falling pretty easily, one by one. Some Mages attempted to target Hakuro, but Rose always did her best to intercept their attacks and lob them right back. Eventually, a Sentinel lurched over, swinging its sword to create a shockwave aimed at Hakuro*

Hakuro: What the h**l is this thing?!
*She barely managed to avoid that, attempting to smash it with her encased fist like the other Beasts and Alphas*

*The punch she threw did nothing, a resounding “CLANK!” ringing out as the stones hit against the thick metal plating of its armor. The Sentinel then slowly swings its sword down towards her.*

*The slice from the sword was slow enough for Hakuro to avoid, which she did. Directly afterward, she reacted by firing a barrage of sharpened stones at it to attempt to pierce the armor*

*The stones she fired hardly dented the armor, either bouncing off or getting slightly wedged in the armor harmlessly. The sentinel swung its sword once again, with another shockwave coming out when it did so.*

*This one hits Hakuro, with the shockwave knocking her off her feet. With further retaliation, she didn’t allow herself to get hit again, forming a type of stone barrier from the ground in front of the Sentinel*

*The Sentinel tries to break through this barrier with its sword, but doesn’t seem able to, its blade unable to pierce the hard, thick stone wall, leaving it stuck*

*Hakuro holds onto her side with her paw, pretty hurt from that strike. She uses her remaining paw to raise the barrier up a bit more, before creating three other stone walls to trap the Sentinel, raising them up and bending them until they met in a pyramid-like shape at the top. She then started slowly making it get smaller, controlling her breathing to stop herself from panting from the level of exertion*

*As the walls close in around it, the Sentinel couldn’t do much of anything to escape. The trap it was in got smaller and smaller, until eventually the Sentinel was crushed and destroyed, leaving a puff of black smoke*

*Hakuro pants a bit, the structure collapsing completely into a bunch of rocks as she still held her side, which bled a little now from the sword cutting it partly earlier*

*Rose runs over, having noticed Hakuro’s injury from the Sentinel*

Rose: You alright? Seems like that thing got ya kinda bad.

Hakuro: Yeah yeah, I’m good. don’t have much of a choice anyway…

Rose: I guess… *Sighs a bit, looking around at the oncoming Eradicators as they started closing in. Suddenly, a rather loud, commanding, yet familiar voice rings out*

???: Back off you mindless FIENDS! You won’t be hurting my friends any longer!

*A massive, amplified soundwave travels down from the rooftops, with enough force to push the Eradicators back and destroy a good few. A figure drops down. Pink hair bunched into twin ponytails, rosy cheeks, and a short, sparkling sleeveless light blue dress with a pink bow around her midsection, white pants, and tall, pink boots. Easily distinguishable as Mimi.*

Mimi: *Looks back at Rose and Haku, smiling* Figured you two might like a bit of backup. Sorry I’m a bit late to the party~

*Hakuro lets out a small chuckle, mainly due to Mimi’s entrance, getting ready for further conflict*

Hakuro: It’s fine, you’re very appreciated right now… Even if you acted overly cheesy.

Mimi: No problem. *Looks out at the Eradicators, then turns back to Rose* Think you can help me keep the Eradicators off Haku so she has time to gather herself with her injury?

Rose: *Nods* You bet. *Looks at Haku* Assuming you can uh… Handle that yourself…

*Hakuro stays standing, and lets out a sigh, seeming annoyed at the notion*

Hakuro: I’m not some kid who stubbed their toe and is screaming bloody murder. I’m fine, it’s not major, and don’t need to “gather myself”.

Mimi: *Backs up a bit* Sorry. I just thought you might wanna get that handled or something. Didn’t mean to be disrespectful…

Hakuro: It doesn’t matter, let’s just hope another one of those things don’t come again.

Rose: Let’s hope…

Mimi: Well, for now… *Holds up a microphone, it seeming to glow when she presses a button on it, herself looking out to the crowd of Eradicators* Shall we, ladies?

Hakuro: I’m ready!

Rose: H**l yeah.

Mimi: *Smiles, singing a high note into her mic, which amplified into a massive sound wave that killed of a large crowd of Eradicators* Let’s go!

*Hakuro stands next to the two, sighing for a sec, then holding out her paw to deal with some Mages specifically with a barrage of sharpened rock projectiles. She’d lost some of her excitement and vigor.*

Hakuro: Just gotta hold out…


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