The Fight For Tumbleten

*In the Tumbleten Park, tons of Eradicators are scattered about, the park being a largely unoccupied area at the moment in terms of bystanders, save for one obscured figure in a purple trench coat and hat, seemingly going completely unnoticed by the Eradicators somehow… The figure walks to the middle of the park, grinning mischievously*

???: …Let’s have some fun~

*All at once, the trench coat whipped off into shards of ice, which stabbed through several Eradicators before exploding into pink slime that trapped down other Eradicators, the familiar face of Mel spinning up and emerging from the chaos as she takes off her hat, holding it there for the moment as she looked out at the Eradicators*

*Like a magician’s hat trick, a small, black cat with purple eyes and features crawls right out of it, holding a big paintbrush about a foot long in size and quite thick, and carrying a large eraser on her back.*

Athena: Heyhey, Mel! You don’t even have to wreak the havoc yourself for once, these b****rds are doin’ it for ya!

Mel: Tch, true, but I doubt they’re gonna clean up when they’re done. Very rude. We oughta teach em’ some manners, ay?

Athena: Kill them all, definitely! *Pauses* …I didn’t drink enough for this s**te today but f**k it. *Thinks briefly, eyes widening* …WAIT, IF THE WORLD ENDS THERE WON’T BE MORE S**T FOR ME TO DRINK. THEY GOTTA DIE NOW!

Mel: Too bad they don’t leave corpses, I’d LOVE to see how many I make litter the grass~! *Laughs almost psychotically while swirling her finger around to form a sort of energy ball, then tosses the energy ball at the center of the crowd, it splitting off and exploding into several colorful, firework-like projectiles that destroy a wide range of Eradicators, giving her a place where she quickly lands*

*Athena just hops down next to her for now, looking around nonchalantly*

Athena: These things look weeeird! Hahah!

Mel: *Leans back slightly, crossing her arms over the back of her head* I know, right? So stiff and edgy. Bunch’a tryhards….

*A pack of Alphas begin quickly dashing towards Mel and Athena, with Mages covering from a distance with projectiles*

*Athena split from Mel and used both of her paws to hold her brush, the tip turning a gray color as she quickly drew a gray circle on the ground, coloring it in and putting a red tip on it, before backing up and hoping the Alphas would run into it. Obviously they did, soon enough. The big circle beeped rapidly, before exploding.*

*The Alphas were all flung back, being easily taken out by this as the Mages kept firing projectiles from a distance, while some Spirits began flying Mel and Athena’s way*

*Athena looked at what was coming, then just drew a big red circle, quickly painting it in red as it kinda floated in the air, then put a finger to it and flung it directly at a mage as a fireball*

*The fireball hit one of the Mages, destroying it while the rest began teleporting around after each shot they fired out. Mel spun around, throwing out several shuriken made entirely of flame, which homed in and cut through the Spirits, knocking them around repeatedly before fully destroying them. Some Blooms kept their distance, trying to grab Mel and Athena’s legs to hold them down rather than attacking directly*

*Some of the roots did hold Athena there, which caused her to instead bring out the eraser from on her back, rubbing it across the roots and seeing to just get rid of them.*

Athena: Useleeeesss! Jeez these things are f***in dumb!

Mel: Well, I doubt they exactly have brains inside those ugly, ball-shaped heads of theirs. *A more rounded human brain seems to grow up from her palm, which she bowls towards the Blooms. It then explodes into chunks that shift into snow that falls down, leaving an acidic burning damage on the surrounding Eradicators that touch the snow, this all seeming to make that chunk of Eradicators quickly disappear. A Sprite got in the mix, healing up the Mages constantly while they continued to fire energy balls at Mel and Athena*

Athena: Oh c’monnn, we got a stupid healer here!

*She decided to not bother trying to paint something up, running directly to the Sprite specifically with her eraser out and going for a side swipe with it, to sort of cut it in half.*

*The fairy dived away, and a Mage tried pelting Athena with a close range energy ball. Mel used her powers make the energy ball suddenly stop in front of Athena, doing a sort of peppy dance before being lobbed straight at the fairy and exploding into confetti on impact*

*Athena just keeps slashing with the eraser, going for a mage. She didn’t seem to care much about how they acted or avoided, as she was being rather reckless*

*The Mage was caught up by this, getting slowly erased as the other Mage fires an energy ball at Athena. Mel flicks her hand upwards, causing the energy ball to fly up and explode into confetti. A group of Alphas began running towards Mel now.*

Athena: *Stares at the mage, then paints up another big red ball, kicking it right at the Mage to hopefully hit it* C’mooon! You haven’t even hit me! Mel, quit protecting me!

Mel: Ah, If you say so… *Turns her attention straight at the Alphas, which she flicks up and begins to juggle as they flail helplessly in the air. The Mage got hit as Athena had hoped, disappearing as a Slime sloshed up towards her now, spitting a glob of goo out at her*

*Athena didn’t bother to avoid the goo, holding out her eraser of sorts to swipe at it and try to get rid of the projectile entirely. The glob seemed to disappear immediately, while the Slime seemed to charge straight after Athena, and a couple Beasts ran up as well, attempting to slash at her*

*Athena quickly jumped back a bit, drawing a big black circle in the ground as it seemed to color in itself, having a big red circle around the newly formed hole in front of her

Athena: C’mooon you dumb f**ks. It’s funny watching big dumb things try to hit something tiny!

*The Beasts fell right in the hole, but the Slime stopped juust short of it, a bit of its body still falling in, while the rest of it stayed and kept trying to fire globs at Athena as Spirits started floating towards her.*

*Athena just kinda avoided the globs, not having much of a choice since they were almost the size of her. She drew a biiig black square, wrote “50 kg” on it, then seemed to almost float it over to the slime above it and letting it drop once it colored itself in*

Athena: Hahaaahh!

*The Slime was squished with an audible “Smoosh” sound, only to split into two weaker Slimes, which continued spitting globs at Athena while the Spirits approached and attacked with energy slashes from their claws*

*Athena just held up her brush to attempt to block the slashes for now until she could back up and use her eraser. The slashes were blocked simply enough by the brush, but the two Slimes kept lobbing globs of goo at her, having no intent on stopping their assault. Same went for the Spirits, who kept up their slashes, trying at different angles each time.*

*Athena assumed she had it, jumping back for a sec, then forward again with the eraser in hand to swipe it across and attempt to kill the Spirits. The swipe hit almost all of them, with just one managing to avoid it narrowly, the remaining ones dissolving and fading from existence. The Slimes remained, though, and a Sprite began flying around them, keeping them healed up*

*For now, Athena just tried to swipe with the eraser continuously instead of using the brush. This was more effective for now than the drawings prior, at least against the Slimes. Attacking the Slimes with the eraser killed them rather than making them split again, bypassing the Sprite’s healing and making it focus on the remaining spirit, the spirit then firing a ball of dark energy at Athena*

*Athena tried to avoid that, but failed to do so and got hit hard by it, flying back a bit and losing grip of her eraser from the force of it against her minuscule weight, but she quickly got up again and held out the brush with a not-so-cocky as much as it seemed concerned and forced smirk*

Athen: Weeaaakkk!

*The Spirit fired another energy ball at Athena, while a Bloom held her legs down with roots, now that she was lacking the eraser. A Beast was running up towards her as well, now.*

*Athena tried to do something different, to hopefully distract the three, by drawing a little cat figure in paint. She gave it black dots for eyes as it was quickly colored in, then meowed… And started running away. The Spirit and Beast both look at it confusedly, distracting them momentarily, though not making them run off after it. The Bloom was also distracted by it, but didn’t take the roots off Athena’s legs.*

*Athena stayed in that position since the bloom held her tight. She then drew a human outline, with the lines stretching from their original positions to reach 7 feet tall, then colored it in completely black, with yellow-orange eyes, devilish wings, and sharp claws. She stopped after a moment as the weird, fantasy-creature looking thing came to life, flying up with powerful flaps of the wings on it, then slashed up the Bloom’s roots, soon starting to dive towards the Beast specifically with an extended claw out to tear it to shreds*

*The Bloom backed away from the creature now as its roots were torn off Athena’s feet. The Beast tried to evade, but failed as it was torn straight through with the creature’s claws. Meanwhile, Athena went back for the eraser quickly and managed to grab it, as the odd creature she drew up went straight for the spirit now instead to attack it, not realizing it wouldn’t be able to hurt the spirit. It was sentient, but not smart.*

*Expectedly, the Spirit was whiffed straight through, since it couldn’t be dealt physical damage, fighting back with an energy slash at the creature. The thing got hit pretty easy, but didn’t go down from that. It did stop attacking the spirit though, and went after any other beasts specifically it could find.*

*Athena, on the other hand, had gotten the eraser back and tried to swipe it across the spirit to destroy it. The Spirit was unable to dodge it this time, disintegrating then completely disappearing like the Spirits Athena had used it on previously*

Athena: Hehehehe… f***in’ moroooons!

*Athena looked around for a sec…then started to relax a bit since it seemed easy enough now. Even on her own.*

Athena: Hey Mel! Couldja do me a solid and get me a bottle of the good s**te? You know what I like!

Mel: *Fending off her own groups of Eradicators, turning to Athena while the air kept making movements like the Eradicators were being attacked* Sure thing!

*A sort of brown ribbon pops out of her sleeve, twirling around in her hands until it solidified as a decently-sized bottle of whiskey. She then set it down gently, it seeming to sprout stick legs and march up towards Athena, the legs shrinking back down as it set itself in front of her. Athena immediately picked it up and popped it open, drinking the contents down like nothing*

*Mel giggles as she watches this. Rather suddenly, a purple tendril of energy seemed to shoot out from the ball of darkness spawning all the Eradicators, heading straight towards Mel, as something she didn’t appear to notice. Athena did though, quickly actually dropping and accidentally breaking the non-empty bottle to run towards Mel and swipe at the tendril with her eraser.*

*Mel was caught off guard by that, with the peculiar tendril drawing back after Athena “hurt” it in that regard.*

Mel: …Well dang, thanks. *She holds her hand right out, reforming the bottle riiight again, but full now*

Athena: H**L YEAH! I gotta do that more often if this is what I get~!

*Mel only nodded, trying to fire a big beam of energy up at the ball of shadow the tendril came from, which did nothing, much to Mel’s surprise. Athena was already chugging down the bottle again.*

*Athena just finished the bottle soon enough, letting out a burp and tossing the empty bottle at the ball, obviously not hitting or reaching it*

Athena: F****ck youuuu. Get outta here!

Mel: I tried to make it melt into chocolate that landed as a bunch of neatly shaped bunnies, trees, and other stuff, but… Nothing. Never seen anything immune to my powers like that…

Athena: Well now you can’t say that! Ahahahh… *Stumbles a lil’ toward Mel* Gimme another driiiink!

Mel: …Nooot sure that’s a smart idea. Don’t need ya passing out or constantly missing your attacks mid-fight.

Athena: I’m FIIIINE! Gimme more!

Mel: If you say so… *Another bottle appears in her open palm, it hopping off and parachuting down into Athena’s paw*

Athena: H**l yeah!

*She opened it up, and started drinking from it already. Drunk as h**l…*

Mel: *Chuckles, looking back up at the shadow ball for a moment… Then shrugs, looking at the oncoming Eradicators* …Back to it, I guess.

(That’s where this post’ll have to cut for now. There’s more battles to go through around the city, but this post is already totaling over 8500 words, and I’d rather this not be the new biggest post in AAaF history. Next post’ll be a part two to this one, hope you look forward to it! -Editor Fizz)


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