The Fight For Tumbleten Cont.

(Huge thanks to Luci for editing all of this. It’s a big help, and takes a lot of stress off me. -Editor Fizz)

(This is part of a huge, Multi-part side story. Links to part 1/part 2/part 3/part 4)

*Ultia was flying quickly all around Tumbleten and the surrounding area. She stopped to help civilians if she saw them, but she was primarily checking to see if Nova was anywhere around, trying to fend Eradicators off, on his own or otherwise*

*Tumbleten was obviously a big place, but Nova was pretty hard to miss. After some searching, she saw a trail of yellow dust leading a bit away that was definitely from him; further confirmed by a big yellow star in the distance appearing to crash on the street and hit… Something.*

*Ultia looked at the sight curiously, flying over and down, around where the star had crashed, surveying the area*

*Nothing was left under it except the charred looking asphalt on the street. Just above Ultia, a serious breeze was felt as another thing passed by her, accompanied by Nova’s voice directly yelling annoyedly*

Nova: Get outta my way before I put you in a d**n crater too!

Ultia: *Jumps a bit, flying up a bit and calling back* S-Sorry! I just wanted to see if you’d like any help here!

*Nova waited a bit for Ultia to go away, before firing something identical to what she saw before at a group of Mages*

Nova: I can handle myself, but I wouldn’t exactly refuse some help.

Ultia: Very well, then… *Concentrates for a moment, firing out several energy balls at the Eradicators Nova’s attacks were missing or being avoided by, taking out various Beasts, Alphas, and Blooms. Some Spirits float up towards Nova and Ultia, firing their own projectiles towards them*

*Nova noticed that pretty quick, combating the enemy projectiles with his own yellowish stars, which exploded into a yellow powder upon contact.*

Nova: These guys are chumps… Gimme somethin’ biggerrrr! I wonder when they’ll run outta these things anyway.

*Ultia combatted the projectiles with her energy balls, adding star projectiles of her own onto that which home in on and destroy the Spirits*

Ultia: To my knowledge, they don’t run out. The ball of shadow just creates them infinitely at a fast rate…

Nova: Aw man… Well h**l, I don’t got energy in me infinitely, so I’m hoping that thing gets destroyed.

Ultia: Mm. Hopefully so….

*A couple Eradicator Falcons screech out, dashing through the sky and trying to swipe at Ultia and Nova with talons*

Nova: Oh, I didn’t know they had these things!

*Nova avoided most of ’em, but eventually got hit and badly scratched by one of them, which caused him to bleed with quite a bit of pain after said hard scratch. He just fired out some more stuff at them, being pretty basic in his attacks more than anything.*

*Ultia weaved away, firing off more energy balls toward both Falcons, but they were nimble, weaving around the attacks and going in for another set of talon scratches*

*Instead of firing his star projectiles, Nova formed a yellow ring of incredibly fast spinning tiny stars around both his paws, giving his paws a yellow hue to them as he tried to attack the Falcons physically with punches, using the spinning stars around his paws as a sort of defensive saw blade if needed*

*Ultia followed suit with her own kind of melee combat, forming an energy blade which she used to knock the Falcon away before it could scratch her. The Falcon that attacked Nova also got knocked back, then the both of them began circling Ultia and Nova quickly, looking for an opening to strike at*

*Once the Falcons started circling, Nova tried to fire at them again in annoyance.*

*Only one of the birds got hit again, with Ultia tossing an energy dagger to follow up and knock it out of the sky, it disappearing into a puff of smoke before even hitting the ground. The other kept dodging though, diving in for another talon strike at Nova*

*Nova avoided that attack easily enough this time, hitting the bird that tried to attack him with a direct punch, then sawing into it with the spinning stars around his paw and making it disappear*

*The bird was knocked from the sky as well, disappearing along with the other one*

Ultia: …Nuisances. At least there doesn’t seem to be too many of those spawning. *Pauses* …I hope this chaos and destruction can be resolved soon. It’s a bit painful for me to see all of this unfolding like it is…

Nova: It happens. At least rebuilding is possible. With buildings, that is. With the deaths… I dunno. People find ways to go on, always have, so it’s fine enough. Just hoping the destruction is at least minimized.

Ultia: *Seems a bit surprised by Nova’s answer, but shakes it off* …R-Right. Just gotta do the best we can to help out with these things, and hope it all works out.

*Nova just replied with a nod, and looked around again.*

Nova: …I’m gonna take a nap after this though.

Ultia: *Chuckles a bit* Ditto on that. *Looks down at the continuously piling Eradicators* For now… Let’s get back to it, I suppose.


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