The Fight For Tumbleten Cont.

*Meanwhile, Trixie and Aluna were teaming together to fight against the Eradicators, slashing away at them with their claws as best they could. Even their mother, Hazel, was trying to help using a sort of odd gun-like weapon she’d found in the basement lab of their house, though it was obvious she didn’t have a ton of experience fighting, since she was just a normal person.*

*Lance was with them of course. He personally kind of wanted to persuade Trix’s mother to leave, but it’s not like there were many places to go… So he dealt with it. He was using his Pokémon to fight currently, not being so risky as to go head-on like Trixie and Aluna. One of his Pokemon, the Chandelure Clyro was mostly focused on staying near Hazel, stopping creatures from getting too close to target her directly by incinerating them with the purplish, ghostly flames it had.*

*Some Beasts dashed toward Trixie, but she gave them a hard flip-kick, knocking them into the air, after which Aluna turned into her silvery wolf form, leaping up and chomping down on them, making them disappear as she ripped them up. Hazel was looking around at the others fighting, nervously*

Hazel: O-Oh goodness… I wish I could be of more help here. Y-You all are so much more adept at fighting…

Trixie: It’s no problem, mom. You’re family! Like h**l I’m gonna let these things hurt you, Lance, or Aluna.

Aluna: *Turns back into her human form, giving a fanged, toothy grin* D**n right! I’ll drive these things off as long as I have to to keep you all safe.

Lance: First time I’ve seen Aluna lift a finger during the day, she’s gonna be in a sleep coma as soon as she touches that bed… Regardless, these things are weak. It’s fine.

Aluna: Yeah! We got ‘em no proooblem.

Lance: ‘Sides, Miss Maynard, Clyro’s got you covered anyway. You’re at least doing something, more than a lot of people, fleeing from the unknown…

Hazel: A-Alright then. Thank you… Still, I do wish I could help a bit more…

*Some mages fired off magic projectiles at Clyro while Beasts and Slimes occupied Trixie and Aluna*

*Clyro dealt with that by firing purplish-black blobs of shadow energy at said projectiles, hitting them directly and proceeding to spew out a purple flamethrower from one of its arms at the mages. Seraph, Lance’s Volcarona, got close to Trixie and Aluna and started to vibrate and flap its wings at a high speed, causing fast and powerful gusts of wind to push back the Beasts and Slimes, while Kero, his Magmortar, aimed its cannon-like arm into the wind gust and started coating it in flames from a plain flamethrower*

Lance: Just hoping this doesn’t last too long. Can’t keep these guys going forever… Even if they are weaklings.

Trixie: I dunno how long this’ll last… But I’m not gonna quit fighting until my family and home are safe!

Aluna: *Biting down on a Beast’s arm in wolf form, causing it to disappear before looking back* Ditto for me!

Lance: Yeeep… Good pep talk. *Looks around, then at Hazel, asking a rather random question in the heated situation, as was characteristic of him.* Random question, but how do you have two kids who are basically half animal, those two animals not being related at all, and you’re completely human?

Aluna: Is now really the time to be asking something like that?

Hazel: I-It’s fine, Aluna dear. *Fires her weapon at a pack of Alphas, it seeming to spread out as a large energy burst and destroy most of them, while Aluna dashes after the stragglers. Hazel then turns to Lance* Aluna and Trixie are adopted children, actually. Not blood relatives, but ones me and Jared took in…

Lance: Oooh… Alright. That’s cool!

*With his guard down momentarily, one of the straggler beasts took the opportunity and got a slash off on Lance directly, slashing right through the back of his shirt and causing him to bleed there as a result. He went to try to hit it himself after that, but before he could, a large ball of flame was fired from Kero at the Beast and hit it. That definitely hurt him, and made him a little more serious.*

Lance: AH!- …D-d**n things. Now I gotta fix my shirt later…

*Trixie’s eyes widened, though she didn’t rush over, focusing on her share of the creatures*

Trixie: Hey, you alright?!

Lance: Yeah, obviously. If I fall or stop blathering, that’s when you worry.

Trixie: If you say so…

*A group of unfamiliar-seeming Eradicators began crawling towards Trixie and co. They were unlike any of the ones seen previously, appearing to be undulating blobs of flesh with tendrils to crawl around on, and a pair of clawed hands at the end of long, tentacle-like appendages. Most disturbingly of all, they had faces at the top of their bodies, which looked like various different… People, only distorted and twisted slightly to match the rest of it. They also seemed to move frighteningly fast, dashing towards and slashing at Trixie, Aluna, and Lance’s Pokémon quickly*

Lance: Whaat… The fu-

*He didn’t finish that, still not wanting to majorly cuss in front of Hazel and all. Clyro, the Chandelure helping to guard Hazel, moved away from her and purposely went closer to the new things, and started attacking with two large purple flamethrowers.*

*Trixie, Aluna and Hazel did their part to fight, too. Some of the Eradicators got hit, letting out freakish screeches and attempting to retaliate with dark energy blasts. Others contorted themselves in a way to dodge the attacks, scuttling closer to and attempting to scratch and bite their targets*

Lance: What even… Are these things?

*He wasn’t joking much by now, just seemed… Disturbed. He himself was fighting too now though, with punches specifically rather than scratches that he could do*

Trixie: *Defending against and attacking them as best she could, though having some difficulty* I-I dunno! Celeste didn’t describe anything like this…

Lance: Well, whatever they are… Guess we just gotta keep killing them. *Looks around for a sec, then at Hazel… Then back to what he was attacking* And… Maybe find a place to momentarily hold up for a small bit.

Trixie: Y-Yeah. A place to stop for a short bit would be nice… For now though, we keep fighting.

Hazel: R-Right.

Aluna: Definitely…


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