The Fight For Tumbleten Cont.

*While all this was going on, Celeste was running around the city, taking out Eradicators as she went, and largely looking for bystanders to help rescue and find a safe place for…*

*After a while of running, Celeste could pretty clearly see, and hear, some gunshots. Peculiar orange and white colored soldiers in paramilitary gear were shooting Beasts and the like, and directing any fleeing citizens in a certain direction towards a bridge, which appeared to be very active. It had a blockade of a couple MRAP vehicles, orange and white in color like the odd paramilitary soldiers, with mounted and armed .50 HMG guns for defense, and there was also one extremely armored and offensive looking vehicle; An LAV-25 STRYKER APC, eight-wheeled with a 105MM autocannon gun on top. Overall it seemed like most citizens were being evacuated across the bridge, while families with children were held on the bridge until complete regrouping could be set in place, as well as the wounded currently. Standing a bit away from what Celeste could see was an odd woman with a black earpiece. She was wearing black jeans, with a similar black coat with several pins on it. For identification though, she wore what looked like a helmet that severely didn’t match her clothing, as it was an orange and white with a very big symbol on it for rank. Seems that was the main evac point, although Celeste had never seen heard of this sudden force that sprung up and started helping now. All the while, driving away from the evac point into the city were occasional orange and white Humvees with mounted .50s too, to try and exterminate the threat.*

*Celeste tilted her head, walking over to them curiously, seeing if she could maybe reach and talk to whoever was leading the whole thing*

*Rather than that, the soldiers seemed to think she was just another civilian. One of the troops just said “move along, past the bridge into the evac”, not even looking at her*

Celeste: …I’m not a civilian. I’m looking for the leader here. Seeing what’s going on and if I could help.

???: Ma’am, you’d be risking your life if you tried to help, and civilian casualties are to be kept to a minimum. Move into the evac. You are a civilian unless you’re military, police, or an official.

Celeste: I know I’m risking my life, but I’ve still been helping civilians left and right. I have experience with these creatures, so if I can work with someone to help save more then I’ve been on my own, I wanna do it.

???: *Shrugs, seeming oddly chill for who he was, then pointed at the odd woman in the black clothing and the helmet* That’s Brooke. Go talk to her. Tell her David permitted you to.

Celeste: Got it, thank you. *Walks over towards the woman* …Excuse me, miss? David permitted me to talk with you.

*For a moment, when Brooke turned to Celeste, she looked annoyed… But it then turned to a smile*

Brooke: Oh. Alright… What did you need?

Celeste: I understand you’re attempting to evacuate citizens? I’d like to assist you if possible, with my general knowledge on these creatures, combat skill, or both.

Brooke: We have evacuation defenses more than covered as you can see. The only main fear is that there may still be residents vainly trying to shelter indoors and unaware of the evac point. There’s a way to broadcast the message, but that’s high risk and I don’t want to risk any more vehicles and troops if it turns out to be unsuccessful. How much “combat skill” do you have, anyway?

Celeste: A good 4 years or so of training with and using my abilities. I also specifically have experience with facing these creatures, the likes of which many in your forces are unlikely, if not impossible, to have. *Pauses* …Er… Not to sound cocky, of course.

Brooke: Hm… You could definitely be of some assistance. Could you check if any survivors are taking refuge in buildings? I wouldn’t check homes as much as I would bigger places like diners, banks…Things like that. Larger, more fortifiable structures.

Celeste: Can do. I’ll bring back as many as I can, if any are hiding away like that.

Brooke: If you find a very large group taking refuge inside a place, especially if there are any wounded, use this and tell me and I’ll send a vehicle over there. *Takes something from her shirt pocket, a radio, giving it to Celeste* I’ll be able to hear it real well.

Celeste: Got it, I’ll keep that in mind.

*Celeste ran back off now, heading towards one of the major restaurants, Denny’s Eats, to see if anyone was held up in there, but avoiding most eradicators as to save her energy if needed to protect anyone*

*Upon looking through the restaurant’s window, Celeste didn’t see anyone. Though there was indication of it in the form of lights being on and a backdoor being slightly ajar. This prompted Celeste to look around, being sure there were no Eradicators nearby before opening the door, then going inside to hear the door to the storage room shut and lock*

Celeste: Hm… *Walks over towards the door* Hello? Someone in there?

*Celeste could hear the door unlock, but it didn’t open yet. It sounded like a man’s voice that came through*

???: Hello… What do you want?

Celeste: An evacuation point has been set up for civilians to head towards. I’ve been sent out to look for any people held up in residential or public buildings, and take them there safely.

???: But this place is safe. Why risk running out to go there?

Celeste: It’s impossible to guarantee this place will stay safe. The Eradicators could bust through at any time, and there aren’t exactly gonna be any measures taken against them when they do. The evac is safe, secured, and very well-guarded. To make sure as many citizens as possible survive, it’d be best if they all moved there, and I plan to ensure they all make it there safely.

*Celeste could hear him talk to someone else in there, then open the door a bit. Inside was him, along with a woman and what looked like a 15 year old girl and a 10 year old girl. He had a pistol in his pocket, with the safety on of course*
???: If you say so.

Celeste: Is this everyone? There’s no one hiding elsewhere in the building?

???: Nope.

Celeste: Alright. Follow me, and I’ll protect you. *Begins walking back towards the door she entered from, waiting for everyone else before moving forward*

*The guy still kept his gun of course, walking out hesitantly after Celeste, namely since she didn’t at all seem like an official who would guide someone to an evac, with the others in there following. Seems the 15 year old girl was trying to comfort and guide the younger one.*

*Celeste looked back, trying to give a bit of a reassuring smile as she opened the door. She then ran out, summoning her energy ball and making it shoot several spread-out energy shots to destroy any oncoming Eradicators, with her ushering for the group to follow quickly*

*The four followed of course, with the guy drawing out his personal pistol and taking off the safety in case.*

*Celeste kept on running, providing cover fire against the Eradicators so the group could get through safely. Roots from a Bloom tore through the ground, though, tripping Celeste up momentarily and trying to trap down the woman’s feet*

*In response to this, the guy aimed and shot the bloom directly. The Bloom got hit, with its roots retracting as a result, and a pack of Alphas charging towards them while they were distracted. Celeste jumped right in front of the Alphas, swishing her energy ball across like a slash against the whole group, causing them all to disappear when she followed up the slash with a barrage of shots to each of them. She had an angry look on her face, and her body was giving off a faint, pitch black smoke… Soon she looked back though, ushering for the group to keep moving, which they did.*

*After a few more minutes of fighting through Eradicators, Celeste and the group reached the evac point, with Celeste pointing towards the bridge*

Celeste: Just head across that way. You’ll be taken care of by special forces from there.

???: Alright… Thank you.

*The man started walking toward and across the bridge, getting into the line of people doing so of course with what was presumably his family.*

*Celeste watched them go, sighing a bit. She then turned right back around, taking out even more Eradicators as she continued to look for citizens. She wasn’t going to let anyone die to this whole mess if she could. She’d save as many as she could while she could…*


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