The Fight For Tumbleten Cont.

*Meanwhile, Emma was a bit outside her manor in the surrounding city, fending off Eradicators alongside her friends, Necro, Kraken, Nightshade, Kiki, and Ben. Alphas, Spirits, Blooms, Beasts, all getting taken out with relative ease for now*

Aviva: *Walks in alone a ways away behind them, surveying everything before creating a sword, teleporting in next to Emma, and helping with the Eradicators* How’s the fight going so far, Em?

Emma: Good for now. No major harm to anyone. The others all seem to be having fun, too.

*Necro was slashing at an unusually large pack of Alphas, taking them all on himself, doing surprisingly well, and appearing more energetic then he’d been in a while. Kiki, Kraken, Ben, and Nightshade were all fighting their own things as well. Kraken and Kiki were noticeably enjoying themselves like Necro, while Ben and Nightshade were taking things more seriously*

Aviva: Fair enough. Probably going to jinx myself, but I’m guessing it’s not gotten to the point that you guys need our help yet?

Emma: Could use your help, actually. Would keep the tougher Eradicators off us all the better.

Aviva: Got it. One moment. *A Bloom starts to trap her feet down, but she slices them before throwing the sword their direction and taking them out, snapping to summon the sword back afterwards* Quick question: my help or everyone’s help? Just wanna gauge how much help would be considered enough… *She realizes what she said, quietly sighs, and quickly gives her forehead a casual flick*

Emma: However many people wanna fight, let ‘em fight. The more help, the better!

Aviva: Got it. *She stomps on the ground to create a small barrier around her, then closes her eyes and bows her head for a moment, then stomps again as she fights off a couple more Eradicators* They know. Should be out here in a bit-

Vampette: *from the manor* DIE, DARK MESSENGERS OF LUCIFER!

Miriam & Kate: *also from the manor* This isn’t D&D night, Vampette!

Aviva: *Turns her head towards Vampette, Miriam, and Kate as Ashley, Saiko, and Zelda follow them out* At least appreciate her enthusiasm! *Turns back towards the Eradicators, mumbling a bit to herself* Faster than I expected them, that’s for sure… Hey, Emma, we’re probably gonna be communicating our movements to each other while we fight, made earpieces for the occasion. You want in on it?

Emma: *Sends a Beast hurtling towards a pack of Alphas, knocking them all aside as she looked back* Sure, why not?

Aviva: *Creates an earpiece, tossing it towards her* Connection’s already made. Just put it in and you’re good to go. Hold a finger up to it and you’re good to speak. *She holds a finger up to hers* Yeah, it’s Emma. Figured it’d be useful to have her in as well.

Emma: *Puts on the earpiece, continuing to fight Eradicators as she did. Some Mages were getting thrown into the mix now, attacking various people in the group from afar*

Kate: *Starts to shoot at the Mages* Hey, Vi, I know you’ve told me not to question you, but why did you ask Zelda to get out here and fight? She’s never fought, just had backing music.

Aviva: If any Sentinels come, you’ll see. *Dissipates her sword, jumping about ten feet back as she tries to think of what her next weapon should be before settling on a pair of burst-fire pistols*

*Emma and her friends were doing everything they could as best they could. Kiki and Emma were in more controlled 1-3v1 fights, Necro, Kraken, and Nightshade were all taking on much larger groups at a time, and Ben was pulling a lot of weight, using energy attacks to take out Mages and Spirits from a distance, while also taking on others in close quarters. It was a straight-up brawl, and with Aviva and co. In the mix, everything seemed under-control, at least for now.*

Aviva: Miriam, I’ve got some tangos on my 9 o’clock, but I’m occupied. Help me out here a tiny bit?

Miriam: On it. *Blasts a few of the Eradicators around her, then sends a beam straight towards the Eradictors flanking Aviva* Saiko, how’s your end coming along?

Saiko: Good, though I could use some of your help, Ash. *Stabs straight through three Alphas in a row, then fends off a couple of other Alphas*

Ashley: Firing some, well, fire your way. *Aims her laser gun at the two Alphas attacking Saiko and fires heat beams at them, taking down both but hitting Saiko’s shoulder in the process*

Saiko: OW! You hit me in the shoulder, you d**k!

Kate: Stop complaining about friendly fire, this isn’t Call of Duty. It happens, deal with it.

*After a bit of time, the clunking of metal can be heard, as two Sentinels were lurching forward. Emma’s eyes widened when she saw them, putting a finger to her ear piece so she could speak while fighting off other Eradicators*

Emma: Sentinels incoming. Watch your backs, and whatever Zelda was gonna do, she’d best do it now.

Aviva: …Zelda, it’s all on you.

Zelda: *Laughs* I ask for no interruptions. And excuse the music. It helps.

*Some EDM music starts to build up in the earpieces as Zelda walks in alone, unprotected, towards the Sentinels wearing nothing but gloves*

*The Sentinels are unphased, continuing to move forward. Eventually, one of them attacks, bring their greatsword down towards Zelda*

Zelda: *Narrowly dodges it, waiting for a few seconds to hear the cue in the song; once she hears it, she starts creating records using her gloves and shooting them at the Sentinel with a flurry of attacks, chipping at the armor little by little*

*This seems to deal a surprising amount of damage, though only to the armor for now, and it didn’t flinch in the slightest, swinging its sword at Zelda again while the other one joined in with a bit of a shockwave attack*

Zelda: *Manages to narrowly dodge the sword once more, hooking her legs around the neck of the Sentinel she was attacking and using it to launch herself towards the other Sentinel, starting to attack the second Sentinel’s head armor while staying on top of it*

*This dented the second one’s armor a fair bit, but it still didn’t do direct damage. It struggled about, moving its arms to try and grab Zelda, as well as swinging its body around to try and knock her off*

Zelda: *Hops around the armor a bit, eventually losing her balance and falling*

Aviva: Zelda!

Zelda: *Makes impact with the ground, immediately rolls backwards, then landing on her feet and looking over towards Aviva* Don’t worry, Vi. I can take a beating. *Goes back into the fight, switching back and forth between both Sentinels and chipping at the damaged parts of their armor while scanning for any weak spots*

*The Sentinel didn’t have any noticeable weaknesses. Their armor was very well-constructed and sturdy. While Zelda was fighting these two off, Emma was beginning to struggle. She’d been caught up in a pack of Alphas, and was trying to escape them so she could deal with them from a distance, but the pack was overwhelming her. She was only barely able to avoid most of their attacks, and she still got a few scratches. All her other friends were preoccupied in their own fights, and she wasn’t sure how much longer she could avoid everything…*

*A small bone, which looked like a fresh cracked tibia bone, plonked down from above Emma, on top of the head of one of the Alphas. As soon as it bounced off and hit the ground, a majority of the Alphas toward Emma’s left side had their legs bound by what looked like black appendages rising from the ground. It pulled at each leg of the Alphas, hard, and soon pulled hard enough to split a few in half completely. Directly after that, a cloaked, sort of floating figure appeared about 20 feet in front of Emma, with those same black appendages instead rising up and stabbing the straggler Alphas through the center of their bodies*

Emma: *Backs up a bit, staring at the figure, eyes wide as she was caught up in a sudden rush of… Mixed emotions. Completely frozen while the fighting was going on around her, taking almost half a minute to finally say something* …Aether?

Aether: What…? It’s been a long time since I could let loose. Plus if you die, then I did all that work molding you from being a pathetic, cowardly mistake before for nothing… At least I can see see it worked, since you’re not hiding in a corner like a weak, mortal liability with someone else to do something for you. Don’t think I’m here for anything more than to safeguard my work… *With that he sank into the ground and just… Disappeared. He wouldn’t help do anything but make sure Emma didn’t die.*

Emma: *Takes a deep breath, then whips around towards an oncoming Beast, using her telekinetic abilities to slam it into the ground, staying silent now as she just went back to fighting*

Zelda: *Still hard at work chipping down the Sentinels’ armor, with her choppy sounds of annoyance coming from the earpieces every now and then*

Emma: *Puts a finger to her earpiece again, while in the middle of fighting a couple Beasts and a Bloom* Sure you don’t want some help from Ben or someone, Zelda? Soloing one Sentinel is already usually a bit much…

Zelda: I think I’m good!

Aviva: You’re not. Keep yourself motivated, work on easier targets. Tag out. *Runs towards Zelda, the two hi-fiving as she starts dealing with the Sentinels*

Zelda: *Starts to rest for a few seconds and catch her breath, before shooting a bunch more records towards the Eradicators, easily slicing them in two*

*The Sentinels continue to put up a strong fight, still tanking hit after hit. Emma and co. all kept up their parts of the fight, taking out whatever Eradicators they could.*

*The ground began to shake a small bit, doing it more constantly over time, like huge footsteps. There was a loud slam by Kiki shortly afterward*

*Emma looked over by Kiki to see what was happening. A humongous Eradicator had slammed down where she’d been. Light gray fur, a massive, bushy tail, long black claws, and Fox-like head, complete with the same, empty-faced look of all the other Eradicators. It was a goliath in size, easily around 17 feet in height, and very heavy seeming. Emma’s eyes widened in worry*

Emma: K-Kiki? Are you okay?!

*No reply from Kiki, as the huge creature tried to stomp down on top of Kiki, hard.*

*Ben quickly dashed over, creating countless shadowy figures to try and hold the foot up, along with himself in a more monstrous-looking anthropomorphic form. Everything combined was only barely enough to hold the foot up, Kiki looking up in some actual terror as she lay on the ground*

Kiki: B-Ben-!

Ben: Don’t just lay there, run!

Kiki: *Scrambles up, running out of the foot’s range as fast as she could. Ben and the figures were starting to lose hold of it as she only just managed to make it out of danger.*

Vampette: *She looks over towards the big eradicator* Either it’s me, Shiyo got hit by a Complex, or that’s just a Shiyo-sized complex. Either way, holy s**t.

*The complex stopped going for the stomp, jumping back slightly and swinging its huge arm forward to attack Ben directly*

*Ben got knocked straight back, getting slammed into a nearby building, groaning slightly in pain. Emma growled watching that, floating over quickly to try and help against the Eradicator. Lots of smaller Eradicators got in her way, but she quickly dealt with them as she kept moving*

Miriam: Kate, Zelda, cover me, I’m helping Emma and her friend.

Kate: Roger that.

Zelda: Got it!

Miriam: *Rushes over to the huge Eradicator, trying to distract it*

*It worked pretty easy, since Eradicators weren’t very smart. Rather than going for a plain swing at Miriam though, it stomped its foot on the ground to spread a sort of dark shockwave around, to hurt anyone it came into contact with*

*Emma floated up out of harm’s way, picking Ben up with telekinesis too, though it was a considerable mental strain on her to do both at once. Nightshade meanwhile grabs Necro, Kraken, and Kiki, making them all disappear alongside himself to evade the attack, just barely managing to do it in time*

Miriam: OK, I’m distracting it. How do we un-Complex ’em?

Emma: Not sure. Celeste said they usually do that themselves when they get tired, but that was with artificial Complexes. Natural ones like this could be completely different for all we know.

*The large complex didn’t give them time to discuss, charging fast right past Miriam and attempting to hit Ben directly with a forceful swipe to the side*

Miriam: *Flies past Shiyo, the complex, attempting to hold back the swipe before it hits Ben*

*Holding it back was a success, though his body started to be engulfed in black energy, with the Complex stomping a second time to make a shockwave while throwing another hard swing at Miriam.*

Miriam: Holy Arisu, you’re a persistent motherf**ker… Sorry, Shiyo, but you’re evil and I gotta do this. *Gives a hard swing of her own*

*They recoiled a good bit from the hit, but didn’t get knocked back thanks to their stature. Instead, they retaliated with another fast swing of their own, almost instantly combining it with a stomp shockwave for now.*

*With all the shockwaves, Necro, Kiki, Kraken, and Nightshade had to back off for now. Nightshade made all of them temporarily disappear again, then they began retreating to a safe distance. Ben meanwhile had gotten up, transforming into his doll form so he could float up and away from the shockwaves, leaving Emma to just focus on herself while taking out smaller Eradicators, which were beginning to overwhelm her a bit now that they were getting combined with shockwaves from Shiyo.*

Miriam: ARI-D**N, HOW IS THIS THING SO SMART?! *She dodges the fast swipe, attempting to fly around Shiyo and attack him from behind*

*There was a bad thing about that; it being that his normally pretty huge tail had transformed as a result of the corruption. It looked normal at first, but a small slit on the end of it quickly opened up as a tongueless black maw, whipping around itself to try to bite Miri’s arm directly, leaving basically no spot to attack him sneakily or via a weak point*

Miriam: What the- *Flies backwards in an attempt to keep her arm from getting bitten off, but due to the unexpectedness of the attack, she wouldn’t get away fully, resulting in a few of her fingers getting bitten off. Her teeth clenched and she’d fly up high to where she could safely react to the attack without getting attacked further before yelling* OW, HOLY MOTHER OF F**K!

Aviva: Miriam, are you OK?


Kate: Miriam, I get that you’re in pain, but chill the f**k out. Seriously.

*Since Miriam wasn’t in the way, the complex immediately started attacking any threat, charging directly at Kraken instead this time and throwing a hard swing at him*

*Kraken wasn’t expecting this, getting knocked right away into a building like Ben had been, wincing a bit in pain*

Kiki: Kraken, are you okay?!

Kraken: A-All good. *Stumbles up, mumbling to himself* Yeesh that hurts…

*It didn’t exactly wait to give them a breather, going after whoever it saw next, that being Emma now.*

*Emma gasped seeing it come for her, pushing all the smaller Eradicators off her with telekinesis, before quickly turning her attention to Shiyo for whatever it planned to do*

Aviva: *Groans* Kate, Ash, see if you can work with Miriam on healing her fingers. Saiko, Babe, cover their load of Eradicators. Zelda, help me out with Shiyo.

Kate and Ash: Roger that.

Saiko: Yeah, yeah…

Zelda: What about the Sentinels?

Aviva: I’ve got an idea. Operation Muffinteers.

Zelda: Ah, right. *Taps her watch and scrolls to a different song as she races over towards Aviva*

*The large Shiyo complex, rather than swinging at Emma to attack her normally, tried to grab her in its big paw*

*Emma’s eyes widened in surprise, trying to weave away, but couldn’t get away in time, falling into Shiyo’s grasp*

*Rather than trying to swing, it instead went for something more deadly, attempting to ball its paw into a fist with Emma in it. That didn’t work well though, as Aether had no qualms against severely hurting them, and stabbed Shiyo twice, once through the chest and once through the shoulder, with tentacle-like appendages that rose up from the ground. He also just barely managed to trip the big thing, by pushing hard against its foot with those same appendages and making it lose its footing*

*This led Emma to be knocked out of Shiyo’s grasp, falling quickly down and only barely catching herself with a float just above the ground, herself breathing shakily*

*The complex didn’t use its paws to stand up, the big tail it had acting with enough power to push him up on two feet again. Now it was angry, letting out a sort of roar as a result. It then started charging at Vampette specifically.*

Aviva: *Notices the direction Shiyo was headed towards* Vee, it’s headed towards you!

Vampette: I thought it was headed towards Emma!

Aviva: Yeah, but now it’s towards you!

Vampette: What now?

Aviva: *Closes her eyes for a moment, them shooting open as she starts running towards Shiyo’s direction* Saiko, cover Vampette’s share. Vee, Zelda, Operation Muffinteers shall now commence.

Vampette: Got it. *Heads towards Aviva and Zelda, who were busy fending off the Sentinels*

*The complex started to envelop itself in a mix of yellow and black energy, speeding up its charge considerably in its race to attack Vampette*

Vampette: *Gets to Aviva and Zelda, looking back to see Shiyo gaining on her* Jesus-!

Aviva: No time. Zelda, launch us.

Zelda: May the Dream Team be with us! *Turns a dial on her gloves, shooting Aviva and Vampette towards the Sentinels between them and Shiyo with a bass shockwave*

Vampette: *Gets her sword at the ready, using it and her foot to knock one Sentinel backwards with quite a bit of force*

Aviva: *Builds up a charge on some sort of energy shot, then shoots it as her foot makes contact with the other Sentinel, sending them back a good ways farther than Vampette’s* Alright, that takes care of one problem, but we still have one more…

*The Shiyo complex very clearly didn’t pay attention to what it was hitting, as it actually took the first Sentinel next to it as a threat, and rather than stomping it or anything, kicked it away and past the others like a football as it went for another attack. Seems by now it was starting to try to attack what it sensed as the biggest threat, which is why it then started charging after Aviva, ignoring the second sentinel pushed toward him by Vampette*

Aviva: …Well, there’s that other problem solved. *Floats into the air, getting into a battle stance* Hit me with your best shot, ya thicc f**k.

*The bait was taken, as Shiyo went right for Aviva and swiped at her plainly*

Aviva: *Sends a strong punch towards the swipe, making them collide and stop in midair before using her other hand to shoot an energy shot towards Shiyo’s eye*

*That wasn’t expected by him, getting hit right there, actually being affected by it as he recoiled back, putting a big paw over his eye, then starting to thrash about without any coordination to try and attack Aviva*

Aviva: *Mumbles something to herself as she weaves through a few attacks, matches some others, and eventually works on making her way towards Shiyo’s other eye slowly*

*He could at least notice that much, jumping back from Aviva. He grimaced now, then opened his mouth to the point where it almost looked like his jaw unhinged, spitting out a black blob of corrosive acid at Aviva instead*

Aviva: *Dodges out of the way, having sensed it coming due to Shiyo’s jaw* Yeah, do me a favor and don’t burn off my clothes… *Notices the corrupted tail on Shiyo, shooting a few energy shots towards it to see what happens*

*It appeared to have its own, albeit very limited, mind, avoiding most of them by moving around independent of Shiyo’s own will. It’s main purpose was to defend Shiyo if he was flanked from behind. He did notice Aviva would be a bit of a problem, with the limited knowledge his corruption allowed him to have at the moment, and went away from her to try to attack Necro, enveloping in a sort of darkish energy to allow his charge and swing to be faster and more potent*

*Necro was just barely yanked out of the way from his own attempt to run combined with Emma’s telekinesis. The minor Eradicators combined with Shiyo’s aggression were beginning to be too much to handle for all the weaker people…*

Emma: *Growls in frustration* …I think we might have to make a tactical retreat for now.

Necro: What?! But we can-

Emma: No we can’t. Our energy will only hold out for so long until we’re overwhelmed. We’re not extreme powerhouses like Vi and Miri. Our best bet for now is to retreat and figure out a more planned-out way to deal with Shiyo so we don’t all get ourselves killed.

*The Complex ran at Emma again now, with intent to attack and kill*

*Emma floated up and weaved around in the air to try to avoid him*

*She’d tried this trick before, but this time Shiyo actually jumped up, and managed to grab her ankle.
As soon as he did so, he squeezed to get a good grip on it, which made an audible crack, then swung his entire arm down to hurt Emma directly as a result, aiming to weaken her enough so he could just kill her.*

*Emma screamed out from the pain, as her foot was broken from the force used. Ben saw this, almost immediately turning into his Beastly form as dark energy seemed to surround him, creating a dark, shadowy copy of himself, which dashed alongside him at an incredible speed as they both jumped up and slashed directly at the arm Shiyo’d used to hold and slam down Emma. Aether rose and chimed in this time as well now, sharpening a tentacle’s end to slash Shiyo’s other arm and using a non-damaging shockwave to push Emma back once she was released*

*Shiyo recoiled back in some pain from the slashes, letting go of Emma, which led her to fall, in too much pain to catch herself this time…*

*Ben transformed back into his plush form, grabbing Emma with his own telekinetic energy, then concentrating a bit. His eyes glowed a bright red as numerous shadowy, phantasm-like figures all appeared around him, taking the form of various different appearances of Kiki, Necro, Kraken, and Nightshade, along with some unrecognizable people, all of them dashing towards Shiyo to distract and preoccupy him*

*Shiyo was distracted quite easy, attacking every figure he could*

Ben: *Turns back to face everyone else quickly* Emma’s right, we can’t hold out like this! If we’re to live for another day, we need to escape from Shiyo now!

Aviva: Miri and I are retreating too. Miri’s still dealing with her hand, and I have no d**n clue what I’m doing. I’ll let everyone inside know what’s up, and we can retreat together.

Ben: Go. There’s no telling how long Shiyo will be held up.

Aviva: Got it. Nightshade, pull back. I’m letting the vulnerables know what’s going on.

Kate, Ashley, Miriam, Saiko, Zelda, and Vampette: Roger that. *They start doing what they can to retreat*

Aviva: *Rushes inside to go tell the people still in there about the situation*

Ben: *Looks at Emma, who he was still holding* Can you walk?

Emma: N-No, but I can float, I think. Keep your focus here until Vi gets everyone out of the house. I’ll go with Necro and the others.

*Ben nods, letting Emma float by herself now. The pain caused her to wobble a bit since her brain was less able to focus, but she managed to head towards Necro and co, retreating as quickly as they could manage*

*A few moments later, Aviva rushed out of the manor, with everyone still inside following her out. She opens two portals, one at their position, the other near where the rest of the retreating people were, making sure they all got through with no stragglers. After the last person got through, Aviva rushed over to Ben*

Aviva: Everyone’s out. You and I are the last ones.

Ben: Let’s go then.

*Ben made all the figures around Shiyo disappear, then concentrated, a shadowy aura covering both him and Aviva. When it dissipates, they’re both gone, having been whisked away to Emma’s and the ATG’s group*


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