Embers of Hope

(Hey everyone, sorry this took so long to come out. The short explanation is that this post got done ages ago, and needed to be looked over, but I couldn’t do that, cause I was editing my own post while another editor (This time being Fusion/Allora, big thanks to him) took this post, and the one other remaining Eradicator Arc post. As for the post I was working on… You’ll see when that comes out next week (For real this time. It’s fully done, with tags, editing and everything. There’s no reason it should have any further delays). Just know there was a good reason why it took as long to edit as it did. Regardless, thanks again to Fusion for editing this, and I hope y’all enjoy! -Editor Fizz)

(This is part of a huge, Multi-part side story. Links to part 1/part 2/part 3/part 4/part 5)

*Emma, her friends, and the ATG Crew were all held up in a small warehouse building, barricaded currently to keep any Eradicators from coming in. Emma was giving her mind a rest and letting her leg sit out while she propped herself against the back wall, sighing a bit as she looked at everyone*

Emma: …Is everything settled for now?

Aviva: Should be. Need me to do anything?

Emma: *Sighs lightly* …Set up an intercom between everyone from the AAaF meeting that can currently use them… Then if you can, maybe help with… *Gestures to her leg* This.

Aviva: Got it…. *Clears her throat, closes her eyes, then snaps, setting up a decently sized monitor on the wall* Aiba, set up communications with everyone from the meeting earlier. Patch it through to the monitor I set up.

*After a few moments, the monitor turned on, and panels would open up showing audio feeds of each of the currently-active members from the meeting*

*Hakuro’s feed was active. Her tone expressed joy, oddly, despite the situation, and she acted kinda oblivious as a joke* Heeello? What’s the occasion with so many people~? Is it a birthday?!

Aviva: …Oh, I should probably- *Snaps, putting a camera on top of the monitor showing everyone in the building with her*

Emma: *Chuckles a bit* Birth of a new right leg for me maybe, depending on how things go….

Aviva: Ash, help her out with that. You’ve got that heal ray, right?

Ashley: Right. It’ll take a bit, but it should heal a lot faster than it normally would. *Walks towards Emma, turning a dial on her ray gun and shooting a small, harmless green ray at Emma’s leg*

Hakuro: *Is still mainly joking, seeming very lighthearted* Oh d**n, I didn’t know you were growing a second leg, congrats!

Emma: *Actually laughs genuinely at this* …Thank you Haku, I needed that.

*Arleen took on a more serious tone from her end of the call, Celeste doing the same on her end*

Arleen: I’m here.

Celeste: Same. What’s up?

Chez: *Says something audibly, but the mic doesn’t quite pick it up, it coming out as kinda static-y mumbling*

Arleen: Ey Chez, your mic’s being kinda wonky. Could you try that again?

Chez: *Tries again, it coming out much clearer* …H-Hello?

Aviva: We can hear you. You guys reading us clear?

Chez: Yeah, I can hear you…

Hakuro: Absolutely!

Arleen: We hear ya, Vi.

Celeste: Same on my end.

Trixie: *Grunts a bit on her end* Here! Sorry for the delay.

Ultia: I’m here and can hear you just fine. What’s the issue?

Emma: Alright, so… Me, my friends, and Aviva’s group all just had to retreat from a fight against a Corrupted Shiyo.

Hakuro: I’m sorry what? Isn’t that guy huge?

Emma: Would you believe the Complex made out of him is even bigger?

Aviva: There’s also some kind of mouth on Shiyo’s tail, which is making it hard for us to attack a weak spot.

Miriam: The thing bit my freaking fingers off too-

Aviva: Calm it, Miri.

Chez: Y-You let Shiyo out of everyone get that close to these things-?!

Hakuro: …Well, that’s… Actually, yeah. Why was he with you? If he was?

Emma: He wasn’t. He just ambushed us out of nowhere. Could hardly hear him coming before it was too late to dodge….

Hakuro: Well, I can kinda see you look messed up… what happened to your leg?

Emma: Broken. He slammed it against the concrete when I was tryna tell everyone we had to retreat.

Hakuro: He broke your leg? I’m surprised he didn’t break a damn lot more from what you’re telling me, you got off easy….

Ben: He likely would’ve done more had I not jumped in and freed Emma from his grasp when I did….

Chez: *Audibly freaking out on their end of the call*

Arleen: Chez, calm down. We’ll get Shiyo back, but not if you’re freaking out to yourself like this.

Chez: *Slowly quieting down, though not speaking still as they put their paws over their eyes*

Emma: What happened happened. Question now is how do we keep it from happening to more people? We need to take this Complex Shiyo down without killing him, but he moves and hits like a freight train, and has the endurance of a mountain. Any ideas?

Hakuro: If possible, you could try to electrocute him. The best outcome would be you knock him out. The worst would be you put him into cardiac arrest due to the voltage.

Arleen: That, uh… Doesn’t sound all too safe, let alone doable to someone like Shiyo.

Ultia: Indeed. If we want to ensure he stays alive, we’d likely want to go for a more guaranteed option to knock him out.

Kate: If Kimiko were here, she’d probably have some kind of solution.

Aviva: Yeah, but she’s not, so we have to work with what we’ve got. Any other ideas?

Hakuro: It’s not easy to knock someone out. There’s blunt force, electrocution, drugging which isn’t an option, suffocation… I dunno. All come with their own risks.

Celeste: Hmm… Did you see any weaknesses in the Complex itself?

Ben: Well it wasn’t all that bright. Got distracted very easily by mine and Miriam’s diversions.

Hakuro: No rudeness intended, but Shiyo was kinda oblivious and not all that bright to begin with… I don’t imagine this transformation also turned him into Einstein. All brawn, basically no brains.

Ultia: A weakness is a weakness nonetheless. We simply need to use it to our advantage if we can.

Arleen: Yeah, but how? Even if we’re distracting him or something, he’d still be a massive challenge to take down….

Chez: *Visibly pressing his mask slightly into his head, trying not to speak yet as his right ear started to twitch*

Emma: Hmm… Any input, Trix?

*No response, her mic cutting out a bit of background noise here and there*

Emma: …Er… Trixie?

Trixie: Sorry, Eradicators- *Cuts out briefly* Pretty intense- *Cuts out again* Connection might not-
*Dead silence after that, her side of the call being completely cut off*

Aviva: …Whoever’s closest to Trixie, move in to her location. I sense trouble afoot.

Emma: *Eyes widen* Can you pinpoint the exact spot in Tumbleten, Vi?

Aviva: Aiba, can you figure that out? I know everything in Tumbleten’s fairly new, but we can at least try… *Waits a few moments* Aiba says it’s Trixie’s place. East edge of the city.

Arleen: Chez and I are closest. We’ll head over there now.

Emma: Alright. Everyone else, get back to what you were doing for now. I’ll call everyone back in a bit once we know Trix is safe. Try thinking some ideas up until then if you can.

Ultia: Affirmative.

Celeste: Got it.

Chez: *Looking back up into the camera* Oh- N-Noted….

Hakuro: Alrighty, bye byeeee~!

Aviva: *She nods* Vi, signing out. Aiba, end feed.

*The feed cuts off from the monitor afterwards*

*Trixie’d had been knocked down by a pair of Beasts, knocking her phone onto the ground and cutting off her end of the call. She was squirming a bit, kicking them off for now, but clearly struggling….*

*Lance saw that immediately. Rather than even risking sending one of his fire mons to go for it, he went for it himself, picking up a large piece of debris on the ground, then running right at the beasts and using it as a weapon. He gripped and smashed it directly into the head of one of the beasts, trying to go for the second right afterward*

*The first Beast was taken down pretty easily by this, while the second one dodged, taking a swing at Lance with its claws*

*Lance didn’t avoid that well since he was focused on attacking. He got clawed, evident since it tore through his shirt a bit and caused some bleeding. Rather than using what he had to swing, Lance just threw it at the beast instead*

*The Beast got hit by the tossed debris, reeling back, with Trixie then leaping up and kicking it clean in the face, knocking it down and destroying it. She then turned to Lance*

Trixie: Thanks for the save there. ^^”

Lance: No problem, Trix… Be careful though! Can’t have that happening again…

Trixie: R-Right. Gotta be careful. *Goes back to fighting off Eradicators like before, looking back at Aluna* You doing alright there, sis?

Aluna: *Seemingly having no troubles at the moment, taking Eradicators out with ease and an almost feral sense of aggression* All good here, Trix. You just focus on your own share.

Trixie: Hehe, alright th-

*Trixie stops mid-sentence, looking up behind Aluna. A purple beam of dark energy was heading from the Anomaly straight towards her. Trixie panicked, dashing over and quickly shoving Aluna out of the way, the beam hitting Trixie instead*

Aluna: H-Hey, what’s the-? *Stops, looking at Trixie, who had a look of pain and sheer terror plastered across her face as the beam shined down on her*

Lance: …Well, don’t just f**king STAND THERE, Aluna!

*Lance lost his cool then and cussed, running straight for Trixie to try to get her away from that weird beam. Aluna immediately followed after him, dashing on all fours. A sort of black shockwave pulsed out from Trixie, causing Aluna to get knocked back as Trix’s body started getting encased in a thick ball of dark energy…*

*Lance kinda stared at Trixie again now, then just went for it, knowing she was getting sort of… Encased. Clyro kept protecting Hazel closely, but he pressed a button on one of the two pokeballs he was currently carrying, drawing out his Volcarona for it. He gave it a signal, and it got close to Trixie and started to use hurricane, while his Magmortar pointed an arm towards the casing and started firing a flamethrower at it. He didn’t know if it was destructible, but he was sure as h**l gonna try…*

*The casing wasn’t affected at all by these attacks. A short time later though, and it seemed to start cracking on its own, a shockwave blasting through the air as it burst open and Trixie fell to the ground, stumbling a bit and looking down. Her hair and dress were a dark grey, her skin was a lighter grey, then her cat ears and tail were pitch black. Her gloves and socks had seemingly melded into her body, making a smooth transition from her light grey skin to furry, black feet and hands, the hands ending in long, sharp claws*

Lance: *Just kinda stopped after, and backed up a bit* …Riiight… Does that thing make everyone look like some sorta weird- Ah, whatever…. Ay, Trix! You alright?

*Almost immediately, Trixie stared up at Lance, letting out a horrific screech as she began bolting towards him on all fours, swiping her claws at him*

Lance: OooOOKAAAY CALM DOWN-! *Narrowly avoids it, already having claw marks from the Beast on his chest* Quit attackin’ me! Don’t make me get a f**kin’ spray bottle!

*Trixie didn’t listen one bit, scraping her claws against the ground slightly as she made a sharp turn and dove towards you again. Aluna intervened this time, kicking Trixie in the gut and causing her to tumble along the ground before getting right back on her feet, letting out another screech*

Lance: …Aah, greaaat… Didja give her too much nip or somethin’?

Aluna: *Glances at Lance, giving him a distinct “Really” look while raising one eyebrow*

Lance: Nah but for real… The h**l happened, ‘Luna?

Aluna: Well gee, lemme think. She got hit by a beam from the thing spewing death monsters, then came out of it looking like said death monsters and trying to kill you. Take a wild guess.

*Trixie hardly gave them time to discuss, dashing after Aluna now since she last got a hit off on her, which she only narrowly avoided, turning to Trixie in a defensive stance*

Lance: Well how the h**l was I supposed to know it could do that to people?! *Goes right for Trixie too, trying to give her a direct punch. Rather than command his Volcarona on standby to burn or attack Trixie, Lance motioned for it to focus on helping Hazel for now, since Aluna and him would be preoccupied*

Arleen: *Dashes onto the scene, getting a quick look at the situation, with her eyes widening as she saw Trixie, herself growling a bit*

Chez: *Follows close behind Arleen, seeing the state Trixie was now in, and suddenly stopping as they looked in terror as Trixie was attacking Aluna, his eyes turning a bright shade of pink*

Lance: *He went for another straight hit on Trixie, but ended up getting a hard scratch near his shoulder from her, jumping back a bit and putting his hand over it as it started to bleed* Oh F**KIN h**l. CUT YOUR NAILS OR SOMETHING!

Arleen: *Looks on for a moment, then shakes her head* C-C’mon Chez, we gotta at least do what we can to help protect Aluna, Lance, and Trixie’s mom.

Chez: Wait… That’s her…. *Blinks a few times… Then dashes right for Trixie without thinking*

*Trixie wasn’t paying much attention to Chez, getting knocked straight down by them, screeching as she fell…*

Chez: *Almost blindly grapples onto Trixie, their latex spreading over everything up to their neck to try and entrap them* …I got them pinned-!

*Trixie growled and struggled with her claws almost wildly. Eventually, her entire body began to darken to a pitch black, then sink completely into the ground, moving out from under Chez then moving erratically across the ground as a shadow*

Chez: I… Did not expect that… *Slowly reforms their body now, the time it took leaving them vulnerable, as they look around for the Trixie Complex…*

*Trixie rose back up from the ground as her body reformed, bolting towards Chez to try and get a good hit in on them, but Arleen dashed forward and bumped her back with the handle of her sword, causing her to stumble back a bit, then dash towards a nearby wall, digging into it with her claws and beginning to climb around, getting out of range from several of the less dangerous attacks Lance, Arleen, and Aluna had been trying to hit her with…*

Chez: *Crawls backwards a bit to try and avoid Trixie’s attack, before realizing it was stopped* Thank you, Arleen…. *Stands back up*

Lance: *Stares at Arleen for a sec, with a small sigh…* …Recommendation. Should I just call over Seraph, let her get kinda burned?

Arleen: I-I dunno… I don’t wanna seriously hurt her, but we may have to, if only to make her easier to trap….

Lance: …Mm… Seraph, over here! *Motions with his hand, the Volcarona flying away from Hazel over to Lance, with him pointing right at Trixie* Incapacitate her however you can. Just don’t kill her or burn her to death.

Chez: Yeah… Just be careful with them…

*Seraph understood pretty well, looking up at Trixie and firing a string shot first to try and bind her up*

*Chez pulled out their shield, looking around and seeing some Eradicators coming a bit too close to the group. They dashed to try and knock them away from the others, before shooting more crystal projectiles into them*

*Aluna looked at Arleen and Lance trying to bring down Trixie, deciding they probably had it handled, and following what Chez was doing, helping to take out more of the smaller Eradicators. Trixie weaved away from the string shot, jumping off the wall, then pouncing straight towards Seraph, claws outstretched*

*Seraph didn’t move to avoid it, instead starting to flap its own orange wings at a rapid pace to use Hurricane and hopefully push Trixie back*

*As was hoped, Trixie got pushed back, slamming straight against the wall, scrambling to dig her claws back into it, and being distracted as a result*

*Seraph went to fire another string shot at her to bind her, using tactics to incapacitate her more than anything…*

*She ended up getting hit by it this time, being wrapped up completely in silk and falling to the ground. She struggled against the threads, trying to break free…*

*Chez’s movements slowed as they panted slightly… Realizing they were focusing too much on crystals, they decided to test out their new basic level magic on enemies, throwing out various balls of fire, shadow, and light, for now, as practice.*

*The shadow magic didn’t do too much damage, but the fire and light both proved effective, doing a fair bit of damage and causing various Eradicators to stumble back noticeably, before they got back to fighting. The shadow magic at least seemed to collide with the Mages’ own magic and cancel it out, so there was some decent use there…*

*Chez mentally noted this down, before focusing a large amount of fire to melt the Eradicators entirely, spending loads more mana as a result…*

*The various Eradicators all took sizeable damage from this, disappearing one by one from the attack. More kept on coming, but this proved a good tactic to take out dozens of weaker Eradicators at once*

Chez: Heh… Phew. *Continues to use the weaker shots now, noting that they can charge their magic like that…*

*Eventually, Trixie’s claws extended further, breaking through the string shot, then tearing the cocoon apart, flipping up and pouncing down towards Arleen, who deflected the attack with her katana. The two began to trade blows, Trixie swiping with her claws, which Arleen deflected over and over…*

Chez: *Still trying to just hold off the regular Eradicators to stop them from ambushing the ones fighting Trixie currently*

*Seraph didn’t try to attack Trixie due to her proximity to Arleen. Lance sighed and, despite not really wanting to, threw his last ball towards Arleen after clicking the center button. Out came a Darmanitan, which had no qualms against running up to Trixie and trying to smash its hand into her to knock her away from Arleen.*

*Trixie got hit hard, flying straight into a wall, which left a few cracks in the side. She got up quickly though, jumping over and circling around the Darmanitan, looking for an opening to slash at it*

*The Darmanitan, just stared at Trixie for a moment in reply, before running right at her for another attack

*Trixie flipped up and over the Darmanitan, taking a swipe at its back as she got behind it. Hazel looked on at this, seeming more and more distraught as time went on…*

*Trixie was able to hit the Darmanitan well from the back, but it wasn’t long before it turned around and went for a direct punch on her again. Lance was… Quite nervous watching, from the looks of it…*

*Trixie weaved away from the punch, swiping at it in retaliation. Hazel couldn’t keep watching at this point, running towards Lance while calling out*

Hazel: L-Lance, call back your Darmanitan, please!

*Lance was already nervous about it… So he sighed reluctantly, picking up the ball and withdrawing the Darmanitan*

Lance: …If more people get hurt because I just did that, it’s your head on the platter, Miss Maynard. Not mine…

Hazel: *Looks to the side* …I’m going to try something. If it doesn’t work, be ready to do… Whatever it takes to stop Trixie, including bringing your Darmanitan back out, if need be.

Lance: …Alright. I trust you, go ahead. Don’t die.

Hazel: I’ll try my best. *Looks at Arleen* Be ready to jump in for defense if needed, Arleen.

Arleen: *Nods, deflecting attacks from Trixie currently, since she’d brought her attention towards Arleen with the Darmanitan gone* I-I got your back, go ahead!

*Hazel nods back, looking at Trixie, pointing her energy blaster at Trixie, then reluctantly firing a shot at her, decently strong to get her attention*

*Trixie stumbled back from the hit, this working well enough to get Trixie’s attention, as she screeched at Hazel, starting to bolt for her, but Hazel dodges out of the way, continuing to do so while she spoke*

Hazel: Honey, l-listen. I don’t know if you can hear me, ‘nor do I know exactly what’s going through your head, but I just need to tell you… Everything that’s happened in your life. All the stuff you’ve blamed yourself over. Pushing people away, hurting people with your nighttime form… It’s not your fault.

*Trixie tries the same trick as before, flipping behind Hazel and swiping at her, but Arleen blocks it with her katana as Hazel continues to speak*

Hazel: A lot of the things you blame yourself over aren’t your fault, and anything you have caused is something you’ve been too hard on yourself about. Sure, you act out sometimes, but… That’s just human nature. No one’s perfect. We all make mistakes, myself included…

*Eventually, Trixie starts dashing wildly at Hazel. She’s blocked by Arleen over and over, leaving Hazel to stay where she was and finish her thought…*

Hazel: All those little slip-ups you’ve done over your life, whether that be from your night form, or just in general… None of those could change the fact that I love you. Not just because you’re my daughter… But because you’ve grown into such a wonderful person.

*Trixie finally breaks through Arleen, but upon hearing these last words, Trixie stops dead in her tracks, inches away from harming her mom…*

Hazel: I’d never hate you, no matter what sort of stuff happens with your night form. Everything else you do to make me proud each and every day heavily outweighs that… A-And if your dad had stuck around to see you grow like this… I’m sure he’d say the same thing. So stop being so hard on yourself, fight off this influence, and… Come back to me. Please.

*Trixie trembles a bit, giving off very sudden and violent twitches, until her body just collapses, right into Hazel’s arms. Black smoke starts to pour from her body, traveling up towards the sky and dissipating. Eventually, the last of the smoke dissipated, showing Trix’s body now completely reverted from its Complex Eradicator state, albeit very tired, and feeling a whole mix of emotions…*

Chez: *Turns around for a moment to check on everyone, seeing Trixie had stopped… His eyes going from bright pink to blue as they slowly realize what that could mean… Their guard almost instantly dropping as they fully turn around to watch this closely…*

*After a few moments, Trixie moved her arms to hug Hazel, tears welling up and running down her face. Hazel smiled, shaking a bit as she hugged Trixie back*

Arleen: *Breathes a massive sigh of relief, looking at Trixie* You’re okay, thank goodness….

*Chez put a paw to their maw, their whole body shaking a little as their eyes glowed brighter, fully realizing that actually cured Trixie… A couple Beasts rushed towards Chez while he was occupied, Arleen quickly launching a shockwave from her blade to knock them back and take them out, running over to help work on Eradicators herself*

*Aluna noticed that Trixie finally stopped attacking, wasting no time in dashing towards them on all fours, grabbing Trixie in a tight hug, looking straight at her*

Aluna: You scared the s**t outta me!

Trixie: *Gives a bit of a sad chuckle, looking up at Aluna, still tearing up* L-Language, sis…

Aluna: Don’t you “Language” me, you tried to kill us! Then we almost had to kill you! And if that’d happened, I… *Looks down, sniffing a bit* …I dunno what I’d….

Trixie: *Stays silent for a moment* …I… I know… B-But I’m okay now, so… We’re good?

Aluna: *Looks back at Trixie, hugging just a bit tighter* …Y-Yeah. Yeah….

Lance: *Stays to the side, looking around as he let them have their moment, at least physically* Y’know, great, hugs, tears and all that, but uh… Everything ain’t okay yet! These… Things still exist!

Arleen: *Looks back, currently reflecting a shot from a Mage back at them with her blade* Right. We gotta call Emma and Vi back. Should find a place safe from Eradicators, to do it, though….

Lance: Weren’t they able to call ya or somethin’? I heard Trix talking on a phone to ’em before.

Trixie: *Wipes her eyes, breaking away from Hazel and Aluna as she looked at Lance* R-Right, though ah… It wasn’t exactly the smartest idea to answer in the middle of what’s basically a giant warzone here. ^^”

Lance: Yeah well, other alternative is running to wherever the h**l they are across that warzone instead of holding ground. So what’s it gonna be?

Chez: *Having a mental breakdown again, being completely unresponsive and barely standing still, while Arleen covered them from Eradicators*

Trixie: *Thinks for a moment, an idea sparking up in her head* M-My basement is kinda like a bunker in a way. Hidden entrance that takes a handprint identification to open up and can be closed in the same way. Could be a good place to catch a breather and make some calls….

Lance: …Right… Forgot your dad was a science-y weirdo and made that….

Arleen: I could help keep the Eradicators distracted so they don’t follow us in using a trick of mine! *Gets knocked back a bit by two Beasts she parried the swipes of at the same time*

Lance: That sounds good! I’ll keep these guys out just in case… *Puts his hand on his waist, drawing back his Delphox, Flareon, and Magmortar, but keeping out the Chandelure and Volcarona for now*

Arleen: *Nods, belting out a stream of fire that destroyed the Eradicators currently on her, then using a Double Team clone to keep the others at bay while she turned her attention to Chez, grabbing him firmly on the shoulders* Oi! Don’t go breaking on me now, m’dude. Still need ya with me here, c’mon!

Chez: E-Eh? Wh…? *Slowly blinking, trying to get themselves back together*

Arleen: We’re planning to head into Trix’s basement so we can call Emma and tell her the news about Trix. Get ahold of yourself and shake a leg so we don’t get smacked out here!

Chez: *Takes a second to process, then tries to literally shake their leg, but they were too weak to stand properly, causing them to stumble* W-Whoa-

Lance: *Chuckles a bit, wanting to play a bit of a prank anyways, so he motioned Seraph to go behind Chez and start blowing him towards Trix with Hurricane as a joke* Get a move on alreadyyyy!

Chez: *Suddenly going flying towards Trixie, looking panicked and letting out a small yelp as they tried to summon their wings, but he wasn’t doing it fast enough…*

Trixie: OoH GEEZ-

*Trixie, Aluna, and Hazel were all knocked down by Chez flying towards them, falling straight to the ground, Hazel giggling after this happened*

Chez: *Slowly moves his head up from the pile, laughing* Heh.. Heuahaha- That… That was unexpected. ^^”

*Chez’s eyes were finally back to normal, having processed the news and seeming relatively fine now*

Arleen: Pff- I’ll say. X3

Lance: Well, c’mon Chez. Get up and get goin’!

Arleen: *Runs over, tryna help everyone up* What Lance said everyone! let’s get a move on!

*Trixie, Hazel, and Aluna all manage to pick themselves back up, while Arleen grabbed Chez’s paw to help pull him up*

Chez: *Using Arleen’s hand to tug themself up* Thank you… Er… Sorry I broke down like that again mid-fight. >.>”

Arleen: It’s alright. Let’s get moving, though. Can’t be sticking around here….

Chez: *Nods for a moment, before following Hazel, Trix, and Aluna into the house, turning to walk backwards and chuck the last of their stored magic as fire to delay the lesser Eradicators, it proving pretty effective against them*

Arleen: …Not how I was planning to deal with that, but it works too.

*Just for a bit of an extra measure, she concentrates for a brief moment, creating a few more Double Team clones, which all stand ready to hold back the Eradicators as necessary. Arleen looks back one more time, running into the house with everyone else, Lance being the last one to go in with his remaining Pokemon, shutting the door behind them*


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