Embers of Hope

*Emma’s sitting around, trying to think of a plan, when rather suddenly, a light green portal opens up, with Fizz and all the others stepping through it*

Fizzson: Heeeey everyone.

Emma: *Gasps, trying to run over to hug Fizz, but winces a bit from her leg, limping slightly before floating herself up a bit to go over and hug him*

Ashley: Careful Em, still healing.

Aviva: Welcome back to reality, there goes gravity, whatever the rest of the rap is.

Saiko: Stop. F**king. Making. References.

Fizzson: *Hugs Emma back* You okay?

Emma: My leg was broken during a fight with Eradicators. Ash healed it up enough to where I can stand on it and walk a little, but it’ll still be a bit before I can use it fully again.

Fizzson: Jeez. Guessing that was from the Complex Shiyo I heard about?

Emma: Mhm….

Aviva: …Not gonna even take notice that I’m here. All around me are fa-

Saiko: *Slaps Aviva* Stop.

Lucian: Yeesh, how’d that happen, Em?

Emma: Shiyo ah… Grabbed me while I was saying we should retreat, then slammed my ankle into the ground.

Chez: Oh… I’m glad you’re still okay at least…

Lucian: Huh… I’m surprised you’re not hurt worse from that. Where is the big guy?

Emma: Still out there somewhere. Shouldn’t be too hard to spot if we wanna find him again, though.

Fizzson: Oh, speaking of, have ya thought up any ideas to deal with ‘em?

Emma: No. The main issue is that none of us know what Shiyo’s insecurities are, or how to safely get up to and comfort him about them.

Chez: Right… Well, my idea was to try and use my crystals to hold them back my making like, this huge wall to blanket around them while we try and talk to him… Still doesn’t solve our lack of knowing their insecurities though.

Arleen: I’m pretty good friends with Shiyo, but he’s never really shown any insecurities I’ve noticed….

Fizzson: Hmm… I think I might know someone who could help with that part.

*He swipes to the side, summoning his keyboard, which he began to type on*

Emma: *Eyes widen in surprise* Y-You have your keyboard back?!

Fizzson: Oh yeah. Got it back when I was reverted from being a Complex.

Emma: Excuse me?

Lucian: Don’t question it. It’s magic.

Chez: …maybe it has to do with the insecurities all being addressed and mostly fixed by Luci. *Pauses* …Or… Is the keyboard not an emotion based power or something? ^^”

Fizzson: If I had to guess, the Complexion might’ve given a sorta jumpstart to my keyboard. A sudden burst of energy that got it working again. Can’t say for sure, though.

Chez: Ah heh… So it’s the Eradicator’s doing. I suppose that’s one thing they’ve been good for.

Aviva: Well, s**t, thought Ash, Navi, and I would have to conjure up some temporary solution until it happened. Good on ya, Fizz.

Fizzson: Thanks.

*Fizz finished typing now, setting an intercom up between himself, and a group of… Other people, all with unrecognizable voices*

Fizzson: What’s the status? Did you all investigate the Anomaly for a weakness like we discussed?

???1: We did. Unfortunately, we couldn’t really find that much of any real weaknesses. Our abilities proved not to work against it.

Fizzson: So you couldn’t alter the thing’s code at all?

???2: Yeah. We all tried it, but nothing we try to alter affects it. We just get… Shut out.

Fizzson: Huh. That’s… Really weird. Most everything in the Multiverse can have its code tweaked in some way….

*The only remotely familiar voice speaks up on the call now…*

Naezan: Indeed. It is most bizarre… However, there is something we uncovered that may be of significant passing interest to you.

Fizzson: Well, don’t keep me in the dark. What is it?

Naezan: Well you see, we couldn’t alter a single thing about the Anomaly, but we could scan it to decipher the general composition and such, and made the discovery that someone appears to be inside the center of the Anomaly, controlling the entire thing! Most curious, is it not?

Chez: Wait, you’re saying that… Somebody is… Is responsible for everything happening?!

Naezan: It would certainly seem to appear as such!

Fizzson: Wait, so… If we theoretically went after and took this person out, would the Eradicators just be… Dealt with then? The Anomaly destroyed and everything?

Naezan: It’s absolutely a possibility, to say the very least.

Chez: *Eyes flicker red for a moment* Why… Why would somebody ever want this…?

Lucian: Some people don’t think like you do, Chez. Some real messed up desires and stuff… But hey, nothing ventured nothing gained. Get rid of them so this thing stops and we don’t gotta keep dealin’ with it.

???3: How are we supposed to manage it, though? Like the others said, the Anomaly seems nigh-on impenetrable….

Fizzson: Hmm… Jade, any possibilities you can see?

*Silence on the other end, then a response*

Jade: …I see one possibility. Even together, our creation abilities proved fruitless. What this situation calls for is three wildcards. I sense that one of them is in the room with you now….

Lucian: I’ve been called a wildcard. Do I just body slam myself into it or what?

Chez: …I don’t care what happens, no matter what, we have to at least try to stop this… thing. *He slowly slumps over, putting his paws over his face, clearly tired from using their abilities much more than they’re used to*

Jade: Er… No. I mean three beings with the power to do just about anything they please. Beings of immense power who aren’t Creators, inherently….

Lucian: Lighten up, Miss Uptight. I’m joking around.

Fizzson: *Thinks for a moment, then looks over at Aviva* …Well that definitely sounds like someone I know.

Aviva: Like I said. It would help if she were here. She is not, so I’ll make do as best I can.

Lucian: …well, where the h**l is Mel when you finally need ‘er?

Fizzson: …I was talking about you Aviva. You have been known to be able to do just about anything. You just don’t normally cause you don’t wanna wreck stuff or tick people off.

Aviva: …I know. But that’s two. Myself and Mel. Number 3 is what we need, and I’m referring to her as number three. But-

Saiko: Don’t you da-

Vampette: Let her.

Aviva: …But when the multiverse needs her the most, she vanishes.

Jade: …The other two you require are arriving at your location now.

Fizzson: Wh-

*Before Fizz can finish what he was saying, a sort of odd, peach-colored liquid seems to begin dripping from the ceiling, all around Fizz*

Chez: …Eh? *Looks back up and towards the liquid*

Aviva: …Who in the ever-loving biscuit-

Lucian: That stuff looks tasty. Is it edibleeee?

*More and more of the liquid dropped down, not seeming to come from a source, oddly. The liquid eventually stopped falling, all starting to slosh around Fizz, stacking higher and spinning faster until it creates a sort of miniature, sparkling pink tornado around Fizz, ending in Mel spinning up from it with a purple light glowing brightly around her*

Mel: I hear someone mentioned the ever-spontaneous me~?

Fizzson: *Stumbling around a bit, dizzy from the tornado that engulfed him* Ffff**kin… Aaaaa….

Aviva: …Ah. Should’ve known. Unexpected entrances happen every time.

Saiko: Silent for a second …Wait, is that a f**king Yo-Kai Watch reference-

Chez: …What the… *Pauses, tilting his head curiously* Uhh, hello…?

Lucian: Hiiiiii Mel~ *Pauses, getting an idea to mess around, leading him to hop up in front of the intercom, pulling a cute begging face* Miss Jaaaaaadeeee… Can you get me a snack since you could do thaaaat from theeeere?

Mel: Hello, little latex pup, and hellooo my dashing, chaotic Sylv~ I understand you’re in need of me in some way?

Fizzson: *Shakes his head, smacking Lucian away from the intercom* Y-Yes, there’s a plan to take out the Anomaly, but we need three characters who can do anything without altering code.

Mel: Oohh bet. My partner in crime should be arriving very shortly. ;3

Aviva: So you say hello to Chez and Luci but you don’t say hello to me. I see how it is. *Crosses her arms, looking away in mock disgust*

Mel: You didn’t exactly say hello first like them, now did ya hun? Gotta have some priorities~ *Giggles mischievously, offering Vi a bouquet of wildly colored flowers she conjures from thin air*

Aviva: That… Is fair, actually. *She turns and offers the flowers to Vampette*

Vampette: *Smiles, taking the bouquet and giving Aviva a quick kiss on the cheek*

Lucian: Fiiizzzz… She won’t answer my question! I’m hungryyyy….

*In a much less good-looking entrance, a tiny black and purple cat just kinda popped into the room, taking a step forward and falling over unceremoniously, standing up again afterwards*

Athena: Aah… f**k. I hate teleporting. And I hate being sent to a death wish without even a SHOTGLASS of ANY OF THE GOOD STUFF.

Mel: Now Athenaaa, what do we say when we want somethiiing?

Athena: Suck an egg you f**king flamboyant peacock and give me a shot of somethin’ already.

Mel: Good kitty. :3

*Her left arm stretched like silly putty, pulling a shot glass right out of the bouquet from earlier, while her right hand became a faucet, pouring whiskey into the glass, which she hands to Athena*

Lucian: *Snickers a bit, started to climb on Fizz, knowing he’d weigh Fizz down a good bit with his size and weight in comparison* Lemme talk to theeeem! That Jade girl won’t answer meeee… She’s not usin’ her powers right now, but I’m staaaarving…

Chez: Luci, you just had a cupcake, calm down. You need rest more than anything…

Fizzson: *Growls a bit* Lucian, get off me. You’re acting really rude and unprofessional-

Aviva: Probably because he’s hungry.

Lucian: Talk professionalism to Mister World-Threatening-Evil-Man, not me. I’m just hungr-

*Athena bonked Luci right on the head with her brush, causing him to fall off and smack the ground*

Lucian: …Ow.

Athena: F**k offa him. *Takes the glass, downing the whole thing, then tossing it at Luci, though it bounced off him like it was made of rubber thanks to Mel* D**khead.

Lucian: At least gimme a yes or nooooo miss Jaaaade…

Chez: Luci, sleep. Now.

Athena: Persistent little f**ker.

Lucian: Make meeee… I’m not sleepy.

Chez: is that a challenge? Tw-

Lucian: I’m not tired, Chez.

Chez: Then ask me for food. I have plenty of spare snacks if you really are just hungry-

Aviva: Luci, if I give you a whole pizza, will you shut up?

Lucian: …Possibly. Though I really just wanted to f**k with Fizz.

Aviva: I’ll take the risk. *Snaps, creating a pepperoni pizza out of thin air*

Chez: Ah… *Resists their sudden temptation to take a slice*

Lucian: …That’s biiig… I’ll have some, but heck, this ain’t just for me.

Fizzson: *Looks at the pizza for a moment* …F**k it, pizza’s pizza. *Grabs a slice for himself, taking a bite of it, then swallowing it down*

Emma: Pfff… So much for professionalism, ay?

Fizzson: Like I said, pizza’s pizza.

Lucian: …Hmf. But me askin’ that Jade girl for something is too much.

Fizzson: Shush your fluff and eat your cheese. *Takes another bite, swallowing it down; a bit of giggling could be heard from a voice at the other end of the call*

Chez: *After seeing Fizz take a slice, he immediately goes for one themselves, stuffing it right into their face*

Aviva: *Snaps twice more, summoning a couple more pizzas for the ATG crew, each member sharing a couple slices* Nothing like a good pizza in the middle of a multiversal crisis.

Lucian: *Grumbles a bit, taking a piece* I oughta find that Jade girl myself and annoy her for some food personally. But whatever…

Athena: Meeel… Make the Sylv shut up. He’ll squirm too much if I try to erase his mouth and I might screw up and blind him or somethin’.

Chez: Luci, just annoy me for foo- *Pauses, looking at Athena* What did you just say about Luci?

Mel: On it.

*One of Mel’s fingers poped off, morphing like clay into a mouse cursor. It then hovered over Luci’s head, right clicking on him, then clicking “mute” from a pop-up menu that appeared, the cursor disappearing as Luci was completely silenced, while the missing finger grew back into the rest of her hand*

Chez: W-What… What did…

Lucian: *Starts talking again visibly, but no words come out*

Athena: Thank youuu. Tired of him whinin’ about food. At least whine about something you could use…like a treadmill.

Mel: No problem. I’ll unmute him when something actually worthwhile’ll pop outta his mouth. ;3

Fizzson: *Rolls his eyes a bit, finishing off his slice of pizza* Anyways, what exactly do Mel, Vi, and Athena gotta do, Jade?

Jade: If the three combine their powers into a singular, concentrated energy beam aimed at the Anomaly, it should open a path, from which you can send in a small group of people to confront the troublemaker causing all this and end things, once and for all.

Fizzson: That’s one side of our attack plan, then. As for the other, that’s gonna require a bit of help from y’all.

???3: Hm? What for?

Fizzson: Giant Complex that needs to be sorted out. Kitsunya, I’ll need you for your empathetic abilities. Sensei, Jade, I’ll need your combat skills. Aeon and Naezan’ll stay and watch the Anomaly, and if anything changes in its behavior, you two alert me immediately.

Naezan: Understood.

Aeon: …Very well.

Jade: Sensei and I shall arrive shortly.

Kitsunya: I’ll head over to you too!

Fizzson: Alright then. Signing out. *Types more into his keyboard, shutting off his side of the call, turning to everyone else* Gears are turning. Seems like we might actually be putting a stop to all this soon.

Lucian: *Stops trying to talk at this point, giving an annoyed look as he sat down*

Chez: H-Huh… That’s wonderful news, actually… ^^” *Still looks a bit confused from the fact that Luci literally can’t speak anymore because of… Whatever Mel did*

Athena: …Ah unmute ’em. It was funny listening to ’em complain, actually.

Mel: Aw, okay…. *Snaps her fingers, undoing what she did to Luci*

Lucian: …Hmf. Rude.

Chez: …Yeah…

Aviva: You can mute Saiko so she’ll stop keeping me from making references.

Saiko: Do that and I’ll stab Hana.

Hana: Wait, what

Mel: Honey, if I wanted to mute you, I would also make dang sure you don’t then stab someone for it. I’m not gonna though, cause I’d rather not be an enabler to Vi’s silly habits.

Emma: Anyways, we’ve just gotta wait for your friends to show up now, right Fizz?

Fizzson: Mhm. While we’re waiting, we should get in contact with everyone else. Let ’em know the plan and assist if they can or want to.

Aviva: Just tell me who to call and I’ll have Aiba call ’em up.

Fizzson: Well, everyone from the meeting is probably gonna wanna know. Ultia specifically should be real helpful in making this whole thing possible.

Aviva: Ah, right. Aiba, meeting time. Same people, same monitor.

*A few moments later, the monitor booted up once more and it showed everyone who was available; Celeste, Ultia, Haku, and Trixie all pick up on their ends*

Celeste: What’s the status?

Trixie: Yeah, what’s up?

Emma: Fizz has been talking with a few friends, and with their help, we have a plan to deal with Complex Shiyo.

Trixie: Oh, that’s great news! ^^

Fizzson: Mhm. Additionally, we might have a way to end this Eradicator stuff for good, but I’m gonna need some really strong people for it. I was thinking Ultia could assist in that regard.

Ultia: O-Oh? Very well. Should I bring Nova as well, since he’s also strong and here with me?

Fizzson: If he wants to help, then yeah. The more assistance we have the better.

Ultia: Understood. *Quickly shuts off her side of the intercom*

Lucian: …When this s**te is over I need some f**kin’ ice cream or somethin’.

Hakuro: How long until whatever “it” is can be done?

Fizzson: We’ll have the plan rolling and hopefully succeeding within a couple, I think. Just gotta wait for everyone to arrive before we set things in motion.

Chez: It goes without saying, but… I… Really hope that this plan works…

Arleen: Well we’re gonna find out soon, one way or another…

Fizzson: Right. The rest of y’all, head over here if you think you can help. Every bit of extra support is appreciated.

Celeste: Got it.

Trixie: Alright.

Fizzson: See you soon. Signing out. *Shuts off his side of the intercom, leaving them all to wait for everyone to arrive for the final battle…*


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