Core of Hatred

(Hey everyone, look at me, actually getting a post out when I say I will. That almost never happens. Regardless, I mentioned last post that there was some stuff going on with this post. What would that be? Oh, y’know- Just this singular post clocking in at over 15,000 words. Needless to say, this post now holds the record for the longest one on AAaF (The last post also hopped barely over 10K, fun fact. I just didn’t mention it there cause it wasn’t my problem, and Fusion got it done surprisingly fast despite the size). I’d say this record probably won’t be topped, but I think I said that about the last two records, so I’m just gonna say I really hope this record isn’t topped, as editing this was a special kind of pain I’d like to never experience again with this site.
REGARDLESS, it’s here now, and I seriously hope y’all enjoy, cause this is an action-packed one. -Editor Fizz)

(This is part of a multi-part side story. Links to part 1/part 2/part 3/part 4/part 5/part 6 here.)

*Numerous people had all gathered at the warehouse Emma and co. had initially hid in. Everyone from the AAaF meeting was there, save for Tib, along with Mimi and Rose, who both came with Hakuro, Aluna, Lance, and Hazel, who came with Trixie, Nova, who came with Ultia, all the people who were hiding in the warehouse previously, and the three Creators Fizz mentioned in the call, being Kitsunya, Jade, and Sensei, who Fizz was briefly introducing to people*

Fizzson: Luci, Arleen, Emma, Vi, etc… This is Kitsunya, Sensei, and Jade. Three ah… Friends of mine, who all have Creation abilities like mine.

Kitsunya: Hello! ^^

Sensei: It is good to meet all of you.

Jade: Indeed.

Lucian: Yeah I know Jade. She wouldn’t answer my question n give me anything. I like you other two. Jade sucks.

Aviva: *Bows* Aviva’s the full name, but Vi can suffice. A pleasure to meet all of you.

Fizzson: Jade and Sensei are combat experts, so they’ll be assisting largely in weakening Shiyo so Chez can contain him. Kitsunya meanwhile will connect with Shiyo emotionally and find out what insecurities are hurting him so people close to him can counter them effectively.

Chez: Hey, everyone. *Pauses* …Or, more people at least, if not everyone.

Fizzson: Jade and Sensei are combat experts, so they’ll be assisting largely in weakening Shiyo so Chez can contain him. Kitsunya meanwhile will connect with Shiyo emotionally and find out what insecurities are hurting him so people close to him can counter them effectively.

Chez: Alright… It would probably be easier to lead Shiyo into a corner or something, since it’d be hard for me to contain them alone because of their size….

Fizzson: Luci, you mentioned helping distract with Double Team. That would be helpful to preoccupy Shiyo so we’re able to minimize damage and get him in a spot to more easily trap him. Arleen can do the same, since she also has Double Team. All the more ah… “Weak” people can clear out the smaller Eradicators so everyone else can do their own parts.

Lucian: Fine by me, I’ll try my best!

Arleen: Same here!

Fizzson: There’s one last part of the plan to discuss, but first… *Looks over at the ATG crew* Who aside from Vi is the strongest among the present ATG members?

Aviva: …Depends on what you need said strongest member to do.

Fizzson: I want them to go into the Anomaly with Ultia to face off against and deal with whoever’s controlling it from within. From how Naezan made it sound, we take out them, we take out the Anomaly, thus ending the stream of Eradicators if not ending the Eradicators entirely then and there.

Aviva: …Remind me why I can’t do so and what you’re having me do instead.

Fizzson: You, Mel, and Athena have to open a path to get inside the Anomaly. As Jade said, you’re the only three actively involved and present who can feasibly break a hole in the Anomaly’s shell to let people in to deal with its controller, and it’s gonna take all your powers combined to bust through.

Aviva: …Ah. That makes sense… Miriam, how’s your hand doing?

Miriam: Too much pressure on it kinda hurts, but such is Ash’s heal beam or whatever she calls it. I can manage, though.

Aviva: Great. You’re going in.

Fizzson: Right then. Jade, how exactly do they do it?

Jade: You three must get within a reasonable distance to the Anomaly, close enough to where you can properly and reliably aim, but not so close that you get noticed and targeted by it. There, you must channel your powers into a singular beam of energy that pierces through the Anomaly’s shell. From there, the selected individuals will only have a minute or so to get inside, and it’ll be all up to them to find and defeat the being within.

Aviva: Soo…

Saiko: Don’t.

Aviva: To put it in terms that I can understand….

Saiko: No.

Aviva: …the three of us are gonna combine a Kamehameha to make a hole in the Anomaly for Miri and Ultia to commit final boss fight?

Saiko: For the love of god, Vi….

Chez: *Tilts his head, not understanding what’s upsetting Saiko* Wha…?

Arleen: Don’t worry about it Chez, it’s not something you’d get.

Chez: Um… Okay then….

Fizzson: Mm. I pinned down Shiyo’s location in the mid-South edge of the city. Our Anomaly Annihilator team will head Northwest to the tallest building in the city, which should be close enough to blast through the Eradicator, while the rest of us will head towards Shiyo and deal with him in the meantime.

Emma: Sounds like a plan to me….

Celeste: *Was silent throughout all of this, finally speaking up* …Fizz?

Fizzson: Yes, Celeste?

Celeste: I… Wanna go with the Anomaly team if that’s alright. Given the history I have with Eradicators… I need to see the end to this for myself.

Fizzson: …Alright, I understand. You’ll go with them, then.

Celeste: *Nods* Thank you.

Hakuro: *Stares at Chez for a sec, tapping him on the shoulder* Hey… Chez?

Chez: *Looks over at Hakuro* Huh? Yeah…?

Hakuro: It’s been sounding like you feel kinda… Strongly about all this stuff. How about you go with the others, then I’ll trap Shiyo and help get him back? Everyone’ll be fine.

Chez: O-Oh? You’d… Just be willing to just do that for me…? thank you- ^^”

Fizzson: Er… Alright then. Chez’ll join the Anomaly team alongside Celeste, then.

Mel: Yeesh, four people goin’ in to stop this one guy. Hope he doesn’t end up being too big a pushover….

Chez: …I’m sure you’ll be fine. Plus you aren’t helping with Shiyo are you? You’re helping us breach into the Eradicator spawning…. Thing.

Mel: …I’m not sure you got what I said, but it’s probably better that way.

Fizzson: Anyways… Plan is set, so let’s head out everyone.

Chez: I’m ready when everybody’s ready, I guess… *Stands up*

Mel: Okily dokily. Let’s get a move on to that building then!

Saiko: Oh, god, Mel’s doing it too.

Aviva: You can live with some references Saiko, chill the h**l out.

Athena: Someone give Saiko a drink or somethin’ and tell ‘er to shut uuup… And Mel, I’m stayin’ on ya. Don’t feel like walking all that way….

Ultia: *Looks at Chez and Celeste* Do you two have ways to float, or would you like some assistance heading to our destination?

Celeste: I can handle myself, no worries.

*The energy orb floating behind her stretched and expanded to a sort of board shape, like a hover board, Celeste hopping right onto it*

Chez: I can fly technically, but I’d rather save the crystal energy whatever it is for the fight….

Aviva: I can carry you over there.

Ultia: …I was planning to offer they ride with me, but alright then….

Chez: Oh, well um… I’m Fine with either, honestly. Whichever uses the least effort to do….

Aviva: Eh, I’ll let Ultia take it, then.

Ultia: Very well. *Concentrates a bit, her human form shifting into a blue, star-patterned anthro fox, similar to Nova, then creating a large star, which she hops onto, motioning for Chez to hop on behind her*

Chez: Oh! *Hops onto the star quickly, looking at Ultia* …Lots of people like to shift themselves around here, heh…. ^^”

Mel: *Giggles* Can say that again!

*Her body gains a sort of metal sheen as it seems to flip around kind of like a Transformer into a rollercoaster car with Athena strapped in, staying on a patch of floating rollercoaster tracks. Her voice comes out from a speaker on the car*

Mel: See If you all can keep uuuup~!

*The car begins speeding towards the building mentioned earlier. As it moves, the track pieces behind her quickly move in front of her, creating a continuous track towards her destination, and the car itself leaves a color-changing smoke trail behind itself*

Aviva: Zelda, play Fist Bump.

Zelda: *Gives a thumbs up, beginning to play it from Vi’s phone*

Aviva: *Gets a running start, jumping up onto a hover board she snaps into existence, flying off after Mel*

Miriam: Ugh, and of course, she forgets me… *She concentrates a black aura around her feet, then speeds off*

Celeste: *Gives a bit of a half-sigh, half-chuckle, immediately going after Mel*

Ultia: *Rolls her eyes* Ready to move, Chez?

Chez: Oh, yeah. Of course, heh. Don’t worry about me falling off… ^^

Ultia: Let’s go, then.

Chez: Mhm. *Pauses* Oh, wait- Uhh… *Glances at Luci and Fizz* Stay safe, you guys….

Fizzson: Will do.

Lucian: Don’t worryyyyy. It’ll be fine!

Chez: Heh… W-Well okay then. ^^”

Ultia: Mm… Grab on. *She begins to focus, the star pulling back, then speeding off after everyone else*

Kitsunya: *Watched them all leave, chuckling a bit* Well, come on everyone. We’d best get going to our own destination.

*She concentrates, creating a light purple portal, with the other Creators following suit, Sensei making a crimson portal, Fizz making a light green portal, and Jade making a golden-yellowish portal*

Fizzson: Everyone follow us through the portals. Should take us to Shiyo’s location in a heartbeat.

Kraken: Aight. Let’s get ‘Kraken’.

Necro: *Groans* Brother, I swear….

*The two head through Sensei’s portal, with Kiki giggling as she follows after them, Ben going behind her, and Nightshade apprehensively following in last*

Mimi: Make a show out there~ *Gives a cheery wink to everyone, dashing through Jade’s portal*

Trixie: Stay here, alright mom? It’ll be much more dangerous with Shiyo in the mix.

Hazel: A-Alright. Just don’t get turned into one of those… Things again, please.

Trixie: Promise I won’t.

Aluna: *Chuckles* Better not, furball.

*Trixie, Aluna, and Hazel get in one last group hug, before Trixie and Aluna both dash through Jade’s portal, with Lance following along after them, albeit slower*

*Fizz thinks for a moment, then types something into his keyboard, creating a light teal portal next to his green one*

Fizzson: Anyone who won’t be fighting can head to AAaF HQ through this newly-made portal. They’ll be safe there until the chaos all settles, and they can easily contact me from the computer console if they want an update.

*Hazel nods, heading through the light teal portal, followed by Ambrosia, Quincy, and Hana*

Vampette: Yo, if we all survive this, remind me to give a toast to you guys at the victory party.

Kate: No.

Saiko: Absolutely not.

Vampette: D**nit, I tried. *Dives through the green portal from Fizz, followed by Kate and Saiko, with Zelda and Ashley going after last*

Arleen: *Looks at Luci, giving him a smirk and a bump on the shoulder* Ey, you die on me during this, I won’t hesitate to hunt you down and kick your incorporeal **s.

Lucian: Heeey, if I die from this just bring me to Ben, ay? *Pauses* …No, for real. I’ll be fine.

Arleen: *Chuckles* Better be. Now let’s get a move on. *Begins walking towards Kitsunya’s portal, stepping through*

Lucian: *Follows with a shrug*

Rose: *Looks at Hakuro, shrugging* No point in waiting around, I guess. Let’s go.

Hakuro: *Nods, stepping through Kitsunya’s portal, with Rose not far behind*

Fizzson: *Looks at Emma* You Sure you’re gonna be okay, considering your leg and all?

Emma: I can still float just fine, and I’m not going anywhere near Shiyo this time. Don’t worry about me.

Fizzson: Well then… Let’s go.

*Fizz put an arm around Emma’s shoulder, the both of them stepping through Fizz’s own portal while the other Creators walked through their respective portals, which closed behind each of them*


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