Core of Hatred

*Mel kept chugging along with her current appearance of a rollercoaster car ridden by Athena. Eventually she stopped, right above the building mentioned by Fizz previously. Her voice came out from the speakers again*

Mel: We have now arrived at our current destination. Please exit to the left, and be prepared to shoot our five intrepid combatants halfway into orbit.

*Ultia followed shortly after with Chez in tow, landing the star directly down on the roof so there wouldn’t be a need to jump down or anything*

Chez: *Slowly stumbles for a sec after touching the ground* Woah… I was like, not moving, yet going so quick-

Aviva: *Stops next to them, jumping off of her hoverboard and snapping it out of existence* Jeez, you’re fast, Mel.

Miriam: *Floats over, then drops down, the black energy around her feet dissipating* Could’ve given me a hoverboard to deal with, Vi…

Aviva: Yeah, but you’re fine as you are.

Athena: *Gets out as Mel suggested, stumbling a bit* Yeah yeah… Let’s just get going.

Celeste: *Arrives shortly after everyone else, staying in her energy-made vehicle* Right. Vi, Mel, Athena, focus your energy into a beam aimed at the Anomaly, as Jade said. Nova, Ultia, Chez, Miri and I will all head into it as soon as you’ve opened the way. Once we’re in, you should be able to head over to Shiyo and help out there. Hopefully we can take whoever’s in there down.

Athena: How the f**k do I “Focus my energy into a beam”?

Mel: *Spins around quickly, appearing in her regular look again once she stopped* You can draw up anything you want, gal. Just draw up an energy blast aimed at the same place me and Vi’ll be aiming ours. That way we combine it all into a single, super strong beam.

Athena: …Oh, alright.

Aviva: Whenever y’all are ready.

Athena: I’m buzzed enough, I’m reaaady~

Chez: Oh, yeah of course I’m ready!

*Mel nods, her eyes transforming into binoculars which stretch out from her face, looking around, before pointing to a spot*

Mel: See the tip of that purple stripe down at bottom center? I’m thinkin’ that’s where we aim.

Athena: Quit f**kin’ stalling already… Let’s get going.

Aviva: Yes, let’s. Aiba, zoom in on the spot Mel mentioned so I can aim properly. *sticks her hand out* When you guys are ready.

Mel: *Holds out her own hand, looking over at Athena*

Athena: *Shows annoyance at the “Holding hands out” thing, but does it anyways, since it was “Necessary”, holding her paintbrush out*

Mel: Alriight… Now!

*For once, Mel didn’t do anything particularly crazy or flashy, just firing out a very large, plain pink beam from her palm aimed at the point she mentioned*

Aviva: *Does the same, instead with a dark purple beam aimed exactly at the spot Mel mentioned and colliding with Mel’s beam at the impact site*

Athena: *Inhales, then exhales, gathering a lot of pink paint on the tip of her brush, which fired out in a beam like Mel and Vi’s, only it had more of a messy, inky texture to it*

*The beams all combined at the impact point. The massive, dark red pupil in the purple eye of the Anomaly shrank down, showing it clearly felt the hit, though didn’t know where the hit was. This caused a noticeable hole to open in its outer shell, which Celeste immediately began flying towards*

Ultia: Alright, hold on Chez. *Floats her star up, then begins flying it after Celeste towards the hole in the Anomaly, with Chez holding tight like before*

Miriam: You’ve got feed, Vi. I’ll keep you updated.

Aviva: *Nods to Miriam* Good luck.

Miriam: *Nods back, flying in behind Ultia, Chez, and Celeste*

*Everyone manages to make it inside the Anomaly quickly and easily, the Anomaly just kinda regrowing and patching the hole once they were inside…*

*Everything seemed to be going fine at the evac zone for now, but the Shiyo complex detected the large group of people and was heading for it. Around 3:12 PM was when he got there, and by that point most of the turreted offensive vehicles stationed there to protect evacuating civilians were aimed at him in case he tried to get close, even the STRYKER APC was completely aimed and available to shoot at Brooke’s command. It wouldn’t be a hesitant decision to shoot only if seen as necessary to protect the evacuation effort*

*Between Shiyo and the Evac point, all the Creators’ portals opened up, with everyone pouring out of them, Fizz immediately sending out a massive wave of energy to push Shiyo back, then looking back at the armed forces*

Fizzson: Stand down for the moment, please! We have a plan to handle this, and lethal force should absolutely not be used for it to actually work!

Brooke: *Looks right at Fizz, but nods in, albeit casual, understanding* If he gets too close and threatens anyone evac-ing, there won’t be a choice. But for now… Alright.

Fizzson: *Smiles* Thank you. *Looks at everyone else* Let’s get to work, people. Remember your roles, and do your best!

*Fizz, Jade, and Sensei all dashed up towards Shiyo, beginning to take on and work towards weakening him, while Arleen began making Double Team clones to help distract and overwhelm him, then Trixie, Aluna, Emma, Necro, Kraken, Kiki, Nightshade, and Ben all focused on taking out the smaller surrounding Eradicators so they didn’t bother the main team with their tasks*

*The ATG Crew came in and started working on the smaller Eradicators too*

Vampette: Yo, if you need any of us, just let us know what we need to do!

Fizzson: Just focus on the smaller ones for now. I’ll call y’all in for Shiyo if we need extra muscle.

*Nova and Brooke stuck to dealing with the lesser threats too. Shiyo actually didn’t pay attention immediately to the clones, swinging at Sensei in particular to attack him as his deformed tail thing started trying to attack the clones around him, though was only able to attack in a 140° angle around his backside. Luci followed Arleen with the clones, making some of his own to go with hers immediately, all of them charging up a moonblast slowly…*

*Sensei weaved away from Shiyo’s swing, retaliating with a hard swing of his own fist, covered in light energy. The clones mostly stayed away from or dodged the tail, but a few did get damaged, causing them to disappear. Every time one would though, Arleen’d make another to replace it immediately, leaving a consistent group to weave around and try distracting Shiyo. Jade and Fizz were doing their part too, punching and swiping at Shiyo as hard as they could without seriously wounding him…*

*Luci’s clones backed up and surrounded Shiyo, before all firing their own weaker moonblasts right at him. This clearly caused him pain, which made him lift up a foot and SLAM it back down on the ground, creating a huge rippling shockwave as he immediately swung at Sensei again while also trying to bite him*

*Sensei got knocked back by the swing, only barely managing to weave away from the bite, doing a few hand gestures, before firing an energy beam at Shiyo to keep him at bay momentarily. Jade went over to try and help him out, a large stream of sand whirling all around Shiyo, pelting him occasionally with weak, but noticeable pebbles, while also obscuring his view*

*Shiyo’s view being obscured helped a lot, since he started swinging blindly around him. He turned around as he swung, the tail thing starting to bite at Sensei, Jade and the others since it didn’t have eyes, making it unaffected*

*Arleen and Luci’s clones got destroyed from the stomp, with Arleen creating more to try and replace them. There weren’t as many as before though, as making all those clones was going through her energy faster than normal. The regular Eradicators started swarming up and around the actual Arleen and Luci a little bit, despite everyone else’s efforts in containing ’em. Jade and Sensei were dodging away from the tail as best they could, while Fizz tried attacking from the front, being careful of Shiyo’s numerous swings, though only barely avoiding some of them*

*Luci didn’t make any extra clones, fending off the ones near him and Arleen for now himself. Shiyo was able to see Fizz as he was in close proximity, and swung at him directly with open paws, seeing if he could grab fizz instead of hit him normally. Fizz wasn’t expecting this, trying to get away, but getting grabbed up by him.

*As soon as Shiyo got his paws on Fizz, he didn’t try to smash him down like Emma, but started squeezing Fizz in the paw he got him in hard, which would surely hurt, if not kill him if done for long enough…*

*Jade noticed this, some sand swirling around her. When it swirled away from where she was, she was gone, reappearing in a spot in front of Fizz, and ramming straight into Shiyo’s hand, while being covered in an energy field*

*Rather than making him drop Fizz, this actually made him clench his paw fast and pretty hard around him, as well as his other in a sudden reaction, jumping back to avoid it*

*Jade was a bit surprised by this, concentrating, then firing out a large wave of energy orbs towards Shiyo’s gut, attempting to knock Fizz out of his hand by knocking Shiyo himself backwards*

*There was an unknown “crack” noise from Shiyo for a sec, before Shiyo finally loosened his grip and let go of Fizz, actually getting knocked back from that despite his stature and power. Fizz himself began screaming out on his way down…*

*Fizz flew out, Jade catching him in a spiral of sand, setting him on the ground a fair distance away from Shiyo*

Jade: Are you okay?

Fizzson: *Was visibly shaking* In pain and scared half out of my skin, but otherwise yeah. Perfectly fine.

Jade: I’m sorry. My judgement of the odds is usually far better than that….

Fizzson: I-It’s fine. Even someone with abilities like yours can have bad judgement sometimes, especially in the heat of a moment… *Glances up at the Anomaly, looming in the sky* …I hope things are working out for Ultia and the others…


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