End of an Arc – What now? (Update post)

Hey everyone, Fizzlesnoofson here! (Feels like forever since I’ve opened a post with that) The time this post goes out should be the day after the Eradicator Arc finally wrapped up. Crazy to think how long it’s been a thing, but it’s actually finished now, and I’m glad I stuck with it despite all the issues, bouts of burnout, and massive delays. Feels like I actually finished and accomplished something, which is really rare for me, as far as my creative endeavors go. Now that the Eradicator Arc’s done though… What happens now?

Well, we’ve got the rest of AAaF to get through, which is actually somewhat solidly planned out. Unlike the To-Do List I used to have on the site, which was more loose with a collection of stuff to hopefully do at some point maybe, this plan details absolutely everything I plan to do with AAaF going forward.

  1. Small side story: A very minor story that I hope to work on with Luci and Fusion, finally owning up to that “Girls’ Night Out” I suggested ages ago. (Provided the two even wanna do it)
  2. AAaF #97: Finally getting back on track with the AAaFs, starting with a rather basic one featuring Kimiko, now donning the name Valerie, as she said she would in the Eradicator Arc finale post.
  3. 2021 Battle of the Bands: Yup. After Luci changed his mind and decided a third one sounded fun to him, leading him to gang up on me with Fusion, I finally agreed to have a third, truly conclusive Battle of the Bands. One final, decisive battle between Thoughts of Wonder, and The Muses/Nightshade Girls, which will hopefully get Fusion to actually shut up about doing them. (Editor Fusion’s note: never, mwahaha- 😈)
  4. AAaF #98 & 99: The remaining two AAaFs before the big, conclusive final one, one of which being a more nsfw one that I’m totally not gonna regret making later. (Heaven help me)
  5. ???: A bit of a special post (Or series of posts?) finally delivering on something that’s a couple years overdue.
  6. AAaF #100: The final post of Ask Arleen and Friends, which I plan to make real big, special, and memorable… Somehow. (I’ll figure it out, hush)
  7. BONUS: Extra side stories: A couple side stories that I may do on the side of everything else that’s planned. Namely a couple missing origins posts, and one other cute little side story with Ultia and Emma. Depends if I’m in the mood to do ’em, really.
  8. The wedding party: A small little get together between most of the major AAaF characters (Plus a couple ATG ones, potentially), officiating the marriage of Lucian and Arleen, acting as a final send off to the AAaF series.

What about after AAaF is done, though? Well, I did mention in one of the last few AAaFs that a new series was planned to happen after AAaF finished, but recently, Luci’s brought up some stuff with me, mainly the stress of keeping up with the editing for it, and if it’s worth going through that when so few people even consistently check the series to begin with (If anyone outside of the main AAaF team even does so anymore), so now I’m not sure. Plus, not posting them would allow the follow-up series to get a lot less restrictive, as I wouldn’t have to worry about it being presentable in a publishable state online. On the flipside, it also might just feel nice to do. I dunno, we’ll see what happens.

There’s also a couple other loose ends to work out, the biggest of which being some spotty details on Arleen’s past, Emma’s sister, and maybe a spooky boy from the Psycho Squad arc that hasn’t really shown up since. All of this is stuff I wanna tackle still, but I’m not decided on how. From how I see it, I could try squeezing it all into side stories before AAaF ends, or I could go into a bit of overtime once AAaF has ended and hope my motivation holds long enough to think up and push out all the completely necessary stuff. Dunno which of those I’ll do, or if I’ll do some sorta combination, but eh. I’ll figure it out in due time.

Expect AAaF to hopefully go back to its regular schedule of once every other week (Ideally 6 PM on Sunday, since I wanna make a regular time to expect posts, and that’s what I’ve been doing for all these scheduled ones). As for my other AAaF-related site, Behind the AAaF, I do have a sorta post in the works to hopefully completely cap off the Eradicator Arc on its one year anniversary, but I make no promises. Either it comes out on the 9th (Give or take maybe a day or two), or it doesn’t happen since that’s usually how it goes with me. Either way, hope whoever reads looks forward to what I’ve got left in store for AAaF, as well as Arleen and Friends on the whole.

Once again, I’m Fizzlesnoofson, and I’ll see y’all next time. Have a nice day, everyone!


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