AAaF #97: Picking Fights

(Note: From here on out, Fusion will be going by Allora, or Allie, and mentions of him in any future posts will be reflected in that. Also, the editing for this post was a joint effort between all the editors. Allie did most of the beginning, I worked a lot on the middle, Lucy edited most of the end, then I wrapped it up with the very last Q and outro. Big thanks to the both of them, they saved me a lot of stress. -Editor Fizz)

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(LAST THING I SWEAR. This post has brief mention of suicidal stuff, so if you’re triggered by that, be mindful, and maybe don’t read this. Never actually done a trigger warning before, but Allie said it’d be a good idea, and I agreed. Will probably be putting trigger warnings on all the older posts that need it too. -Editor Fizz (Again again))

*Arleen walked in from the portal, looking around with a smile*

Arleen: Good to be back here again…

Emma: *Lounging on the couch, really leaning back on it* You said it, gal.

Arleen: Oh! Guess you got here before me, Em?

Emma: Unless you’re suddenly delusional as s**t, then yeah, obviously.

Valerie: *Walks in from another room with a small bowl of ice cream* Both of you are late to the party.

Emma: *Glances over* Psh. Isn’t really an accomplishment for you to be first to something now is it?

Arleen: *Chuckles* Good to see ya, Kim- err… Valerie. ^^”

Chez: *Slowly enters, slightly slouched over, but upon seeing everyone else coming in just fine, their ears perk up a bit as they run in and immediately tackle hug Arleen out of nowhere*

Arleen: aCK-! *Gets surprised by the hug, falling over from it*

Valerie: Good to see you too. If you ask, I’ve been here for the past 5 minutes. And hey, Chez.

Arleen: *Giggles when she hits the floor, hugging right back* Hiya, Cheeez.

Chez: Heh… Heya, everyone. ^^” *Giggles as well, nuzzling Arleen a bit*

*Haku came in, then immediately just sat down, seeming tired. Tib strolled in after her pretty nonchalantly, looking around*

Tiberius: Uuh… Isn’t Luci usually with you, Arly?

Arleen: …Yeeah? Thought he said he was going here a bit early, but I don’t see him…

*There was a huge pile of boxes in the corner of the room, oddly. One little box popped off from the top of the pile, as if smacked up and off, landing beside Valerie*

Lucian: I’M IN HERE!

Hakuro: Dear god, he has a castle now.

Valerie: …You’re a box now, Luci? That’s pretty neat.

Lucian: No you IDIOT. I’m IN the boxes, and ready.

Tiberius: You heard him, he’s ready.

Chez: Pff, nice… *Glances at Arleen, slowly climbing off her and helping her stand up* Sorry for knocking ya over. ^^”

Arleen: It’s fiiine… *Looks over at the pile of boxes* You make that all this morning, Luci? X3

Smiley: *Appears next to Arleen* You know how he can be. When there’s something he wants to do, he’s determined to do it.

Emma: True that. Remember when he shoved Shiyo in the meeting room somehow for an AAaF?

Lucian: At least that’s wasn’t entirely me.

Valerie: *Opens a menu of sorts, summoning a decorative knife* Better watch out. Blade coming your way so I can open your box up.

Lucian: You’d BETTER NOT. This took a while!

Valerie: *Gives a maniacal laugh*

Miriam: *Coming in through a portal* Can it, Val.

Ashley and Hana: *Following Miriam*

Chez: Hehe, don’t worry Luci. I’ll defend your box fort- *Glances over at Smiley, only just now realizing he’d popped up next to them and Arleen, jumping back as a result* whE-?! *Pauses, taking a second to register and remember Smiley and how he looked, since it’d been a while since they’d seen him* …Oh, right. Sorry…

Smiley: Quite alright, Chez.

Arleen: *Looks around, thinking* Anyone seen Fizz?

Smiley: I haven’t.

Emma: Not on my way here, no.

Lucian: No. I have been building.

Valerie: Thought I saw him earlier, but it might’ve just been me.

*Fizz walked in through the portal, though he looked… Fairly different. He was the same green cat as usual, but he wasn’t wearing his usual jacket, instead just having the short and jeans. More oddly though, his paw beans and insides of his ears were a noticeable brown, and he had a long, fluffy tail. His demeanor was different too, more happy then serious*

Fizzson: …Hey guys! Sorry for the wait. ^^”

Chez: Heh… Hey Fizz, glad to see ya…

Lucian: He sounds weird. I can’t see, what’s he doing?!

Tiberius: You’re missing out. He looks weird too.

Lucian: DANGIT! I can’t leave my post…

Ashley: Dang, Fizz. Looking spiffier than usual.

Fizzson: Thanks, Ashley! *Looks over at Luci’s box fort* …Pff, someone’s been busy. Need me to come in there so you can see me without leaving?

Lucian: If you invade my domain, you won’t leave alive. I have claimed this piece of land, and you will leave it alone or be executed at the ribbon.

Chez: Jeez. Bit harsh fort ruling there, Luci…

Fizzson: Okaaaay. Was worth asking, at least… X3

Valerie: Someone give him headpats if he does anyway so his tail can destroy all of Luci’s hard work.

Chez: …Val, no- *Grips onto his own tail* -w-‘

Valerie: I have woken up and chosen violence. Blood for the blood god-

Miriam: Val, shut.

Valerie: Okay.

Emma: Well anyways, we good to start? Actually excited for this with how long it’s been.

Trixie: *Peeks in from the meeting room* Can say that again!

Fizzson: *Jumps a bit* Jeez- Didn’t know you were here, Trix. ^^”

Trixie: I’ve been getting some exercising in while I was waiting for people to get here, hehe. X3

Smiley: Well, seems everyone’s accounted for, so I’d say we can begin.

Chez: I’m hoping this’ll calm everyone down, so yeah, I’m ready too.

Lucian: *Slowly moves a box, peeking out at Fizz* Ooo, he does look weird. Let’s start though, yeah!

Tiberius: Took y’all long enough.

Chez: *Waves at Luci* Hii-

Valerie: Wait… *Searches her pockets and pulls out a tiny Luma plushie, setting it on her head* OK, I’m good now.

Hana: …why do you need that again, Valerie?

Valerie: Interesting question. The answer: I don’t. But he’s cute. So I brought him out anyway.

Fizzson: Cute is always a valid reason for things. Regardless, we got a lot of Qs to go through, so like Luci said, let’s start!

Arleen: Heck yeeaaah!

Chez: That’s true, let’s start-

Shiyo to all: Call me if you need something lift or reacht.

Haku: What’s a “reacht”?

Ashley: R-E-A-C-H-E-D. Reminder he’s not the best with English.

Valerie: At least he tries.

Chez: …Aah, I see… sorta?

Haku: Oh, right. Yeah…

Chez: What’s lift though?

Fizzson: Ah… Picking something up, basically. Moving it to a higher spot.

Valerie: Like this. *Picks up one of the boxes Lucian’s fort is made out of and lifts it above her head*

Chez: Oh… Pffft. I know the literal meaning, but I thought it would mean something else…

Lucian: *Grabs an empty water bottle he has in his hideout, throwing it at Valerie’s face* STOP MESSING WITH MEEEE

Valerie: Ow-

Miriam: Serves you right.

Emma: Yeah, just let ‘im have his fun, gal.

Valerie: Can’t blame me for choosing chaos this morning.

Chez: Ehehe… I mean we can since it was your choice.

Emma: If it w- *Stops, sighing* Dangit Chez, ya stole my thoughts.

Fizzson: C-Chill out on the fighting, please. We just got back… ^^”

Smiley: I enjoy having a bit of chaos early on, personally.

Arleen: Smileeey…

Smiley: Only being honest. It’s fun.

Valerie: See, someone agrees with me!

Chez: Pff.. well it may be fun, but not this soon. *Pauses* …For me and Fizz, anyway. -w-‘

Fizzson: L-Let’s just move on… >~>

Oddie to Ashley: Why is a second called a second if it’s a first? Unless it’s the second as in it’s after a millisecond.

Emma: Oh god, I forgot about this guy…

Lucian: How could you forgeeet? He’s amazing~

Chez: *Thinking over the sentence in their head silently, visibly thinking real hard*

Emma: Amazingly deranged, maybe.

Trixie: Definitely left an impression, heh…

Fizzson: Ah no need to be so mean, Em. Crazy is fun sometimes. :3

Emma: …Aight. Who the f**k are you and what’ve you done with Fizz-

Fizzson: Hey hey, I said sometimes. Still not as into it as some people here might be….

Chez: …Heh… It’s… Wordplay… Haha-

Ashley: Let’s see… If you’re referring to a unit of time, it’s because the second was originally known as the “second minute,” whereas the minute was known as the prime minute. If you’re referring to cardinal numbers, it’s because two comes after one. Why does two come after one? I’m not the person to ask.

Arleen: …Huh. Never knew that myself, actually.

Fizzson: Me neither. The more ya know.

Tiberius: You lost me halfway through but that sounds like some nerdy crap I wouldn’t know anyway.

Ashley: Exactly. This is secret nerd lingo that only advanced beings can understand.

Chez: Pff, so everyone in this room basically…

Tiberius: Oh no, they’ve started using code.

Valerie: If Tib = confused, run ZoidbergStrats.exe-

Emma: *Stares at Val, raising an eyebrow at her questioningly*

Valerie: …What? He said code.

Chez: Wait, what?

Haku: Don’t try to understand it, Chez. Let’s just move on…

Chez: I… Aw, okay. Fine.

Shiyo to all: I wish nya have a nice day

Chez: Same to you Shiyo-

Hakuro: I wish you do as well.

Trixie: *Giggles a bit* …Nya~

Tiberius: …Trix, since when did you do that?

Trixie: I don’t. Was just a funny thing in Shiyo’s q. X3

Emma: Good. I’m fully willing to smack you if you actually add that to your everyday speech.

Tiberius: Smack her for that and you’ll lose a finger.

Hakuro: Oooo, sass~

Chez: No fighting, please-

Emma: Fiiiine. Tib’d kick my a** anyways.

Arleen: Yeesh Em’. Going all out with the attitude today…

Hana: On an unrelated note, thanks, Shiyo! That’s super kind of you!

Arleen: What she said. And Chez, and Haku. You get the idea. ^^”

Shiyo to all: Nyahahaha

Tiberius: …Is …That it?

Lucian: They don’t always have to be Q’s, I guess.

Fizzson: We’ve been getting random, non-Qs like this for ages, you two. Ain’t that strange…

Chez: …Nyahaha- …Heheyeahyehahyyheeheya- owo

Valerie: *Clears her throat, doing a near-perfect Angie Yonaga impression* Nyahahaha! Praise be to Atua! He shall send you many gifts! *Coughs, going back to normal* Ugh… Can’t help it. Saw the opportunity.

Arleen: …Chez, are you okay?

Chez: pff…Eh… Heheauhhueheaha… Yeheyehe-

Valerie: Yeah, he’ll be alright.

Chez: *Blinks a few times* Pff… Alright, I’m fine now.

Fizzson: O…kay then. Let’s move on.

Chez: *Nods* Mhm.

Shiyo to all: Don’t eat chemicals. They don’t always taste good.


Chez: I’m sure we have been through it several times-

Ashley: Still a good Q to send. Also, I’ve got a pretty good idea on which chemicals are edible.

Hakuro: Well, there’s a lot more that are actually edible to him than, say, you. Except probably very strong acid…

Fizzson: Think it was on Arleen’s trip to Osaka when we talked about it. Said he ate glowsticks cause they were “Tasty” to him…

Smiley: Just because he can eat something, doesn’t mean he should. Easy way to get some… Rather unpleasant experiences.

Hakuro: Oh yeah? Would you know, Smiley-boy?

Smiley: I have… A couple experiences. None I’m willing to share. A lot of curiosity upon first reaching the overworld, essentially.

Hakuro: …Oh you’re gonna share them later.

Chez: I heard gasoline was very tasty but also toxic to drink-

Arleen: …I don’t know if I’m more scared over you hearing that from somewhere, or for whoever told you that in the first place-

Chez: Eh… Not sure where I heard it, to be honest…

Valerie: Permission to gross you guys out?

Tiberius: YES

Chez: *Shrugs*

Fizzson: …That question scares me, but go ahead.

Valerie: Tried drinking toilet water once, out of pure curiosity. Never again, trust me.

Chez: Ah… Now that I think of it… I don’t think I’ve even seen a toilet yet.

Miriam: You’ve never needed one.

Chez: That is true…

Tiberius: That makes you about on-par with Emma then.

Emma: Excuse me-?

Tiberius: Cats lick themselves. You’re very much a cat. If I threw a yarn ball you’d very much have to fight your urge to chase it. That’s all I’m sayin’.

Hakuro: Tib’s trying to start a war with Emma specifically today.

Valerie: That begs a wayyyy different question. Fizz, since you’re technically a cat, would you need a litter box instead of a toilet, or-

Miriam: Oh my Arisu, Val, don’t-

Emma: I don’t lick myself, and I use a toilet like a normal person! Not some feral-a** house cat, godd**n…

Fizzson: …Same as Emma. Though I also have a biiit more of an excuse in that regard, since catlings are closer to humans then normal anthros anyway.

Emma: Fizz I swear to god.

Fizzson: I’m just saying don’t kill me-

Tiberius: Heheheh, it’s workiiing! I’m getting her all riled up~

Valerie: Huh. The more you know.

Lucian: …This Q has devolved into toilet questions. Can we move on?

Smiley: Yes, before Emma goes for anyone’s throats, please.

Shiyo to all: I wish I have more friend. I have so few friend that sometimes all of them just busy or are sleeping that I have absolutely no one.

Lucian: …Well, that got sad all of a sudden.

Emma: Eh. It’s gotten better to be fair, seeing as he started living with me and my friends at my place.

Hakuro: Wait what? Since when?

Emma: Since some a**hole went and burned down his old house. Was publicly funded to fit his size too, I think…

Hakuro: Oh, great. That’s lovely.

Valerie: …Shiyo, next time I see you, you’re not allowed to retaliate. I’m giving you hugs.

Miriam: And I’ll force Hana to do so too.

Hana: Miriammm… You know I’m scared of him…

Lucian: Hana, he’ll do it to you anyway. He has no concept of consent when it comes to hugs… Much like Chez.

Chez: Awh, well I’m sorry to hear all that. I wish I would be a better friend and see ya more, but that hasn’t really been possible recently… Also, I’ve been trying to improve on that Luci. >~>’

Arleen: Mmn… We’ll work out somethin’ later Chez. See if we can’t both go visit him together at some point. :3

Chez: That would be nice… Thanks-

Arleen: No problem.

Shiyo to all: I wanna go to Bangkok.

Lucian: Hehe, bangcock.

Chez: …What?

Fizzson: Luci, no-

Trixie: …The heck’s that place?

Hakuro: Oh, that’s a pretty place in Thailand. The capital city if I’m correct.

Lucian: Hahah who names a city BANG-COCK

Hakuro: Luci please.

(While I normally try to group Qs together by the person who sent them, I ended up not doing that this session both cause I forgot and cause I was a lazy heck with how many Qs there were, so expect to see the group jumping between Luci and Allie’s Qs a bit. -Editor Fizz)

Aviva to all: dorime… interimo adapare dorime… ameno ameno latire… latiremo… dorime… AMENO… OMANARE IMPERAVI AMENO

Chez: …Huh?

Emma: F**k is that and why does it sound like Sephiroth music?

Tiberius: SATAN

Valerie: Ameno by Era. Basically some new-age type s**t.

Arleen: Oookay then. Weird…

Tiberius: New-age Satan.

Chez: Oh… Never heard of it.

Fizzson: Me neither, but eh…

Aviva, Vampette, and Zelda to all: dj-jo is a remixing genius change my mind
if nobody knows who that is, fizz and arleen we need your permission to share the music using the convenient bluetooth speaker that we just placed in Ashley’s back pocket

Fizzson: Wonder how they still feel about this, considering it’s been months since this got sent in…

Hakuro: I completely agree.

Ashley: Wait, wha- *She feels her pockets* …Vi, you sneaky woman.

Valerie: Still feels the same.

Chez: How has it been there this whole time-

Ashley: It hasn’t.

Lucian: Unless you have a really thick **s I dunno how you wouldn’t feel a whole speaker-

Chez: …Wha-?

Fizzson: It’s a mini-speaker I’d assume. One of those Bluetooth things. Vi must’ve just popped it into Ash’s pocket as we read the Q.

Emma: I’ve heard ‘em. They’re pretty good.

Trixie: Same here! Can totally agree, they do some impressive stuff! owo

Aviva to all: my wireless mouse no longer has a left click so until a new one comes from Amazon i turned my right click into a makeshift left click. i am tech wizard. edit: i have new mouse

Tiberius: Congrats, but then you have no right click. So there’s still a problem.

Fizzson: Man, there’s gonna be a lotta outdated stuff in these Qs, huh?

Arleen: She did edit it, to be fair…

Lucian: Wouldn’t be that way if you didn’t TAKE SO LONG to get this started up again.

Fizzson: Well I’m sorry, but I thought we needed some recovery time after the whole Eradicator thing! >~>

Lucian: This is a perfect recovery thing because it’s fun, but fiiiiizzzz said NO and ruined my fun.

Fizzson: I’m sorryyyyy- ;-;

Lucian: No you’re not. I’m gonna follow you and relentlessly bully you after this session.

Chez: Hey hey, I see what Fizz is talkin’ about. This is fun, but also we should be able to take time to recover and all that…

Lucian: Well everyone’s alive and kickin’ so I don’t wanna hear it.

Chez: And I don’t want to hear you yellin’ at Fizz over them being considerate for us-

Lucian: I’ll yell at who I want, shush your fluff.

Chez: In that case I get to yell at ya too, so shut up and don’t say another word about this or I’ll escort ya out the room myself! *Ear twitches as he crosses his arms* …Let ’em move to the next question.

Lucian: I’ve been WAITING on them to do that

Emma: Oooh, now Chez’s gettin’ sassy. That’s rare for ‘em~

Fizzson: I’m moving on now, hush up all of you-

Chez: shu- …hmph.

Aviva to all: i wanna see yall do a discord sings kinda thing but sing City Escape from Sonic Adventure 2. look up the lyrics if you have to

Chez: What? I don’t… Sing?

Hakuro: I don’t wanna drown out the unskilled competition though, love~

Lucian: I ain’t got no singing voice.

Fizzson: Doesn’t really work in this context anyways. Lot less spontaneity to it and all… *Pauses* …Man, I just got the weirdest sense of deja vu saying that-

Chez: I don’t really know what a Discord sings would mean…

Arleen: *Sighs a bit* So… There’s this series of videos people do online called Discord sings. Someone sends the beginning lyrics to a song as a message on an online chatting service, Discord, and chaos ensues as people follow along, talking over each other, missing lines, asking what’s going on. All that stuff.

Chez: …Ah, didn’t know it was an online chatting service… Apologies, only knew about the original meaning-

Vampette to all: was thinking about TAS, found this image, here’s how TAS was like in a nutshell

Fizzson: …I don’t see the correlation apart from being a meme.

Chez: TAS?

Miriam: Oh, boy, you just opened an entirely new can of beans.

Valerie: TAS was basically the memeiest mothertf**ker alive. Didn’t speak, except for in private.

Fizzson: Pretty much. Also one of three people that actually stayed dead after the whole “Death of the six” incident.

Emma: Mm. Y’all ever figure that out, by the way?

Valerie: …I plead the Fifth.

Chez: …Ah… I still don’t understand these… “Memes.”

Valerie: It’s a… Process to understand…

Arleen: A meme’s like- Well… Hm…

Fizzson: It’s an idea posted online that catches on like wildfire, and is usually deviated on in tons of ways before fizzling out in place of the next big thing. Sometimes they come back around, or stay completely omnipresent, regardless of what else comes around.

Chez: Oh… That’s… Huh, okay…?

Fizzson: Like Val said, it’s… Kind of a process to fully understand, but that’s the basic definition of it.

Chez: Well, alright…


(Something something this is outdated and he has a full job now. Congrats regardless, Fusion! (Tryna get into the habit of at least switching to that name now.) -Editor Fizz)

(i recall being happy as all heck when I sent this Q, and let’s just say I know not what comes in the future -Editor Allora)

(you get to sleep in, I consider you the luckiest in the crew currently – Editor Luci)

(I also get to stay up until 5 in the morning and then regret my decisions – Editor Allora)

(Bold to assume the rest of us don’t already do that… Okay, I’ve only stayed up until like 4 at the latest, but close enough. -Editor Fizz)

((Keeping this one instance of Fusion in because it was me tryna shift to his actual editor name instead of “Ink”, then he insisted it be changed to his current “Allora”. Just can’t win with this, huh. -Post-editor Fizz))


Valerie: Safe to say, her hype has died down in favor to cheat mode on Celeste.

Miriam: She probably even forgot it existed.

Emma: Wouldn’t be surprised. Hardly heard a peep about that thing after it got announced…

Chez: I don’t really know about this so… No comment?

Fizzson: Alrighty then.

Aviva to all: praise the almighty nostalgia bop

Fizzson: …Uh… The link doesn’t work-

Emma: D**n. Must’ve gotten taken down since she sent that Q.

Hakuro: Sucks for youuu~

Valerie: I can hear her devastation in my head.

Aviva to all: shoutout to skyrim grandma for becoming an npc in elder scrolls 6

Tiberius: H**L YEAH. Grandmas are the best.

Lucian: Can confirm.

Chez: I don’t really have a grandma so uh…

Fizzson: Grandmas are pretty nice.

Trixie: Hehe, agreed. X3

Aviva to all: woooo-OOOO-oh-oh wooo-AAA-oh-oh wooahhh-OHHHH-ohhhhhh, ohhhh-ooohhhh-ooooooooo, ohhhh-ooohhhh-ooooooooo

Tiberius: Just Aviva stuff again.

Fizzson: Hm… Arms main theme?

Hana: Val… what’s this song?

Valerie: What Fizz said. The only ARMS song Aviva will tolerate in Smash.

Chez: Oooohh?? Woooh-

Valerie: Chez, I am so fighting the urge to call you cute right now.

Lucian: Well, he’s not, so you don’t hafta.

Emma: Oh my god, Luci actually went along with Chez not bein’ cute for once.

Miriam: Get in your bunkers, the world is ending.

Chez: wha? I… Huh-?

Miriam: I’m kidding, Chez.

Ashley: As per usual, blissfully unaware.

Chez: …Hhhhh… I’m… Not cute. -w-‘

Arleen: We knooow, Chez. Let’s just move on. X3

Valerie: As I like to say: the cutie is in the eye of the beholder. But yes, let’s continue.

Aviva to all: splatoon 2 octo expansion ending cutscene except pearl yells poggers

Hakuro: I’m gonna skip out since I dunno anything about splatoon other than “ink, paint, and octo-abominations”

Valerie: Bridgett would take offense to that.

Hakuro: I forgot their names, shush. Either Inkling or Octoling or… Something.

Valerie: Both are a thing. Bridgett’s an Octoling.

Hakuro: OH, alright. I no longer need to say that then, since both are things. No offense to Bridgie there.

Valerie: Gotcha.

Chez: I heard paint contains regular latex in it… Could I paint myself and control it then?

Fizzson: …I don’t feel like you could, since it’s not entirely latex, but you never know.

Smiley: Perhaps something worth trying at some point, then.

Chez: Hehe yeah, I’ll just paint myself the same color as the wall and spook whoever comes in-

Tiberius: That would be great, but you can do that anyway. Just gotta paint the mask too, or take it off.

Valerie: …Zelda, stop playing Last Surprise, I’m not doing it.

Chez: It’s uh… Only really called a mask, the thing it’s closest to would be a human brain actually…

Tiberius: Oh bet, so we can make you brainless?

Chez: Well… Sort of. >~>’

Tiberius: What do ya mean sort of? I WANNA KNOW! CAN I TRY?

Chez: Uhh… If you try, promise to put it back on my body then-

Tiberius: Oooh I know what to do later… Alright alright. Let’s move on for now.

Chez: Um… Alright, fine. *Rubs his mask a bit*

Luci to all: does anyone else hate when you peel a banana and it has those gross mushy brown parts on it

Chez: I find them interesting. They usually taste a bit sweeter actually, but I haven’t had many bananas-

Haku: Well yeah. The things that come from bruising and being left out too long and other stuff.

Chez: Ooh, so that’s what it is.

Valerie: Not a banana person.

Fizzson: I agree with Chez, they aren’t all that gross. Usually they taste just as fine as the rest of the banana, though there’s a limit to that, obviously. Leave them out too long, and bananas get way too sweet to be able to really taste much of the “Banana” part. That’s my experience, anyways.

Tiberius: Like a vomit-colored cat would know “gross”. Hmf.

Fizzson: It’s graass, not vomit…

Tiberius: Suuure, whatever.

Aviva to all: is a list showing which pokemon i haven’t caught in what routes and in which weather conditions in which sections of the wild area of galar one of the most useless things ever and am I wasting my time?

Emma: Probably, considering the Pokedex and Bulbapedia are both a thing, but with how long it’s been, I’m guessing it’d be too late to stop ya at this point.

Valerie: Bulbapedia implies having to switch between pages or have multiple tabs.

Emma: Aaand that’s a problem becaaause…?

Valerie: Aviva’s lazy.

Lucian: Understandable.

Emma: *Sighs, rolling her eyes*

Aviva (and Editor Allora) to all, as an extension to the last question: is it also one of the ways i’m procrastinating on getting that crossover post on atg done? probably


This certainly aged, didn’t it. -Editor Fizz)

(This shall be my legacy; never finishing that crossover post and putting it off for multiple years. -Editor Allora)

Aviva to all: f**k wasps, they can go die, I f**king hate them and wish for them to be eradicated from existence

Valerie: Aged well. Still hates them.

Lucian: I’m sure they hate you too.

Chez: No need to aggressively hate ’em, jeez-

Arleen: Yeah. They’re a bit mean, and painful if you’re not careful, but I’m sure they’ve got some important role in the ecosystem to justify them not being “Eradicated from existence”…

Tiberius: Don’t overthink it, Arly. Vi’s just angy.

Arleen: I know, but still…

(Actually got in a talk with my mom about this sometime after answering this Q, and yeah. Wasps hunt other pests that’d mess up crops, like locusts and such. Having them all “Eradicated from existence” would mean those pests wouldn’t be kept in check as well, and various fruits and veggies would be harder to come by. Do what you will with that information. -Editor Fizz)

Aviva to all: the lofi hip hop girl has a yootooz the lofi hip hop girl has a youtooz THE LOFI HIP HOP GIRL HAS A F**KING YOUTOOZ

Fizzson: Mm. Gone by now, I’m guessing.

Valerie: Yyyyyup.

Trixie: Aw dang. She ever get it?

Valerie: Too broke to get it legitimately.

Lucian: If you’re alive in like 10 years it’ll probably be sold for a discount on eBay or some s**t.

Chez: I uh… Don’t get what’s so exciting-

Arleen: Youtooz are little figurines of popular characters, usually Youtubers, but it can be other stuff, like the Lo-Fi hip hop girl Vi’s talking about. They’re a limited run though, so once they’re all sold, they’re just gone. You’ll see ’em sold by the people who bought ’em if you’re lucky, but that’s it.

Valerie: She also missed the TechnoYouTooz run.

Chez: Ah, so it’s just limited. I see…

Tib to all: When people make a tire swing isn’t that lynching an inanimate object?
what if the tire was alive

Lucian: Kinda is yeah. But I haven’t seen a tire swing in I dunno how long, so…

Smiley: Well thankfully, tires aren’t normally alive, unless they’re made to be so through magical means.

Emma: Or through Mel or Vi, cause y’know.

Tiberius: A magic tire just sounds weird.

Trixie: Weird, but kinda fun with all the possibilities!

Chez: I… Uh… Wait-

Fizzson: L-Let’s just move on…

Chez: Ohno-

Luci to all: What do you think about that Karma gal and her little blind follower Rudhaa trying to “reform”?

Smiley: I haven’t heard anything regarding them as of late…

Emma: Maybe they skipped town. Would be the smart thing to do in their case.

Lucian: If I was tough I’d wanna wipe ’em off myself.

Tiberius: *Staying quiet*

Hakuro: …Uh, sure.

Valerie: Sounds like a nice name, though.

Fizzson: *Stares at Val, a look of worry and realization spreading across his face* …Oh god, you weren’t around for the Psycho Squad stuff were you-

Valerie: Heck if I know. All I know is that I like the name. Bonus points if her color scheme was red, gold, and green.

Lucian: Nah. Karma’s like… Arleen, plus Smiley’s tentacles and resistance.

Fizzson: Mm… *Takes a deep breath* …So, Karma’s from the whole Smiley incident if you remember that. Smiley got a buncha bad lads together, including Karma, and had them kidnap the QnA heads, being me, E, and at the time, Vampi. Would be surprised if you forgot considering how ticked you got, but that’s besides the point. Smiley reformed after that incident, but Karma got bitter, meeting Rudhaa and bringing back all the old, bad lads from Smiley’s group to form “The Psycho Squad”. Long thing there, but in short, they all attacked AAaF HQ, leaving Miriam temporarily dead, Platinum permanently dead, Trixie badly injured, and Luci in a coma, all while using Tib and Haku for their plan through possession.

Emma: …Still ah… Recovering from the Platinum bit myself, since he was… *Sighs* A close friend of mine…

Hakuro: Hey, I just heard that I did some wicked s**t while I was unaware of it.

Lucian: Lycans are tough, so that’s a given. But it wasn’t very fun.

Tiberius: *Still staying silent for the Q, just sitting down instead*

Trixie: *Stays quiet as well, looking away with her ears folded back*

Smiley: *Glances at Tib and Trixie, then looks back at everyone else* …This question’s drudging up some bad memories. I believe it best if we moved this along.

Arleen: …Y-Yeah, yeah. Good call.

(I’d just like to point out that that mention of Karma’s color scheme is the third time Allie’s made the joke about “Karma Chameleon” regarding her. Not any funnier the third time, my man. -Editor Fizz)

Aviva to all: shawty like a melody in my head

Emma: You know it’s outdated when Vi starts pullin’ out the dead memes.

Valerie: Hey, it made a resurgence, just like Trollge.


Emma: *Pauses, starting to crack up* Pfffgodd**nit Tib-

Miriam: You’re outdated, Tib.


Emma: And what’s wrong with the name Miriam, Tiberius?

Tiberius: Because they are genetically INFERIOR to ME. Don’t you say crap to me either, fuckin “Despair“.

Valerie: *Raises a finger* I would like to think that Despair was a nice name. Just putting it out there.

Tiberius: Literally the only thing edgier than that is older Smiley, I don’t wanna hear it.

Emma: Bleh. Sounds alright, but was tryhard as s**t. Ben was a f**kin’ edgelord back in the day, I swear…

Ashley: Tib, you’re edgier than a dodecahedron, shut your face.

Tiberius: I don’t needa get insulted by the absolute stereotype big-tiddy nerd girl.

Haku: Can we please go forward-

Miriam: That second to last part is a lie. She’s basically flat.

Ashley: Yeah, she’s- Hey-!

Tiberius: HAHA, BAITED!

Haku: Please, Fizz

Luci to Fizz: haha binch

Fizzson: Yeah? And what if I am, huh?

Lucian: *Drags a box out and throws it at Fizz, causing the whole wall to collapse* HAH- *Pauses, looking at the fallen wall* …nNNOOOOOOOO, MY HOME-!

Chez: Oh h e c k-!

Lucian: *Collapses on the ground, making furious sobbing noises*

Chez: *Screaming muffledly through the pile of boxes*

Tiberius: He’s gonna have a breakdown for like 5 minutes. REAL NICE FIZZ.

Fizzson: *Gets knocked back by the thrown box, giggling* Ain’t my fault he decided to be a rude lil’ jerk. *Looks at Luci, calling out* I can put ‘em back if ya waaaant~

Tiberius: That was entirely his own miscalculated fault, allow him to suffer and move on.

Fizzson: Okaaay okay… X3

Shiyo to all: A pot of coffee is very strong…

Haku: …A pot? Like one of those things straight from the machine, not a cup?

Tiberius: Well NO CRAP that’s strong.

Arleen: *Walks over, sifting through the boxes for Chez* I kinda thought of a tea pot when he said that, but that wouldn’t make sense for coffee.

Fizzson: …This makes me think of a Shiyo hyped up on coffee, and that thought scares me-

Hana: Trust me we do not want that he could easily flatten us like a bug while he’s on a caffeine rush-

Lucian: *Seems perfectly fine now without any warning* Oh yeah, he would absolutely crush your body like folded paper in a hug by accident.

Chez: I mean when I had a sip of coffee, I turned into a cannonball. Imagine a Shiyo sized one-

Tiberius: Ooooh, Chez should have a can of Baja for the 100th episode, aye?

Chez: Can of what?

Tiberius: Energy drink.

Chez: O h-

Fizzson: That sounds chaotic in the best kinda way. owo

Emma: *Gets up* Right, I think you need to lie down Fizz-

Fizzson: Huush Em, I’m fine.

Haku: This entire Q is gonna give Hana trauma, y’know.

Hana: Yeah this Q might cause PTSD can we please move on-

Fizzson: Pff, okay…

Shiyo to all: I’m hungry but lazy to find food.

Lucian: I absolutely understand that.

Hakuro: Just steal some.

Lucian: HAKU NO-

Chez: I understand that, since I always eat everything at once it feels like, and I just don’t wanna get up, yet I’m still hungry. -w-

Valerie: I could cook something for ya, Shiyo.

Tiberius: It’d be a h**l of a lot of cooking, Vallie.

Valerie: I don’t mind.

Tiberius: Then maybe. Depends on him.

Fizzson: I get that feeling too. Sometimes I’ll be at the PC, or just lounging on the couch, and I’ll be hungry, but getting up and grabbing food just sounds like a ton of extra work, so it’s hard to push myself to do it sometimes.

Lucian: You don’t get that f**kin’ excuse, you can make food. Like, literally, make a bag of chips in front of you.

Fizzson: I mean, I guess. Doesn’t usually occur to me to use my keyboard for something that basic…

Valerie: Aviva’s got us all trumped there. If she wants food but she’s too lazy, she can can just… *Snaps her fingers* …And bam, there’s food. Doesn’t even have to type anything, so she’s got you trumped there too, Fizz.

Emma: We get it, Val. Vi’s super powerful and can do whatever she wants. Moving on.

Shiyo to all: How is your Shiyo today?

Lucian: …Uh, what?

Valerie: Don’t own a Shiyo. Might get a life-size Shiyo plushie for the club, though.

Arleen: He calls all the other different kinds of adaptofoxes other Shiyos, remember?

Lucian: Well yeah, but they aren’t exactly owned… I think.

Chez: I don’t really see how they’d be. They’re sentient, so it doesn’t make sense to treat them like pets…

Tiberius: That’s a cool as h**l thought. There probably are some owned willingly.

Hakuro: FREE BED!

Chez: Ah, willing I suppose-

Trixie: Napping on an adaptofox sounds incredible

Smiley: I read there were some cases of adaptofoxes being used as “steeds” of sorts during wars. The Korean variant especially, with its bravery.

Lucian: Where’d you hear that?

Smiley: Couple old history books. I’ve been accumulating a collection of sorts on overworld and underworld history lately, to hopefully learn a bit more on the subject.

Lucian: Oh, cool! Didn’t know you were a nerd too.

Hakuro: I wanna study those things too. Look into some stuff for fun. Might be able to answer more stuff.

Chez: I’d be interested in looking at some of those books too. Haven’t seen adaptafoxes mentioned in any history books I’ve read…

Smiley: Perhaps you two could come over and borrow some from my collection sometime.

Hakuro: But that’d require going to Arly’s. And it probably smells like old lady house.

Valerie: It’s probably nicer than you’d think, Haku…

Arleen: I’m still only middle-aged at best, you guys-

Lucian: BRING THEM IN INSTEAD next time, Smiles. Kill two birds with one stone so Haku and Chez can see too.

Chez: Oh yeah, that’d be nice-

Smiley: Hm. Very well then, I’ll do that.

Shiyo to Arleen: I complain a lot that I want to eat many thing because, I miss food taste at hometown.

Arleen: Oh, I can get that. The food at Osaka was delicious.

Lucian: I somewhat get that, too. I developed a small obsession with Oran berries on the occasions that I actually ate before I ended up meeting Arleen, but haven’t actually had one in like… A while, and it gets to me.

Hakuro: I think he means stuff he can’t get by walking to a store that’s a half hour away.

Lucian: …Oh.

Chez: Huh… I don’t really have a “hometown”…

Lucian: Me neither!

Chez: Oh, really?

Emma: Don’t you technically live in Tumbleten?

Arleen: We live just outside Tumbleten, to be fair…

Luci: Well if we’re being technical like a little s**t, then Chez has one too, in whatever town that lab or whatever he was from is part of. But I’m not being technical like a boring b*****d, so I’m saying he doesn’t and I don’t.

Chez: Well it’s like… In the middle of nowhere, I don’t know…

Emma: Mm, alright. That’s fair, Luci.

Shiyo to all: I want to eat lots of fish.

Valerie: Feeyush.

Chez: I would like to try fish sometime…

Lucian: I don’t like fish except calamari.

Fizzson: Fish is pretty good, I think. Not raw, though.

Emma: Agreed. I love me some cooked fish, but that might just be my cat half showing…

Lucian: There’s only one type of raw meat I don’t mind eating or tasting, but besides that yeah it’s pretty bad.

Trixie: I prefer steak n other kinds of meat myself, heh. X3

Arleen: Same here.

Luci to Smiley: Underworld
There are lot of different beliefs. Of course the whole Heaven and Hell mindset, but there are beliefs in an afterlife, or the belief of the Dreamtime, or more older Pagan beliefs and mythology that can and are still believed in by some individuals. Norse, Greek, Celtic gods, afterlife, myths of hellish beastly demonic entities or gods. Native peoples’ religions and beliefs like the Waashat religion.
What is true and what isn’t? Or were they all true at varying points but aren’t anymore?

Lucian: …Reflecting back, this was bad to ask considering Smiley wasn’t exactly around historically. He was just left twiddling his fingers waiting.

Tiberius: I don’t brush up on history well, don’t ask me.

Smiley: I’ll still answer to the best of my ability. Heaven and hell are real obviously, while afterlife is simply a term used to describe those instances. There’s also “Limbo”, which is where souls stay before being whisked away for their sins to be weighed. A waiting room for the dead, essentially. As for the rest though, I can’t say much. I know the Greek mythos has some semblance of truth in it, seeing as Hades was the former ruler who Oogie and Lucifer took the throne from, and Cerberus is a thing, as I’ve mentioned, but that’s the extent of my knowledge currently. I’ll likely learn more as I accumulate history books on the matter, so maybe I can speak about it again another time.

Fizzson: Universal variance is also something to consider. One mythos may be real in one AU, but complete fiction in another. It’s hard to say, really.

Chez: Yeah, Fizz is right. Never heard it called universe variance though… I’m gonna start calling it that!

Fizzson: Multiversal science is kind of a niche thing. Not a lotta people know the terms for stuff regarding it.

Lucian: …Weird. I wanna learn more, too. About underworld stuff, I mean.

Tiberius: Hah, now you’re the nerd.

Lucian: LIES-!

Trixie: Wonder what Hades actually looked like, considering all the depictions he gets in stuff…

Tiberius: Why don’t ya go visit ol’ Lucifer? I know you two are already on great terms~

Lucian: Just casually go see the king of Hell why the f**k not. This is some prime AAaF s**t.

Trixie: …Nnooo thank you, Tib. You know dang well how I feel about him.

Tiberius: You could totally try to strike a deal for that sweet info. He might have a photograph!

Trixie: Absolutely not.

Tiberius: Okay okaaay, I’m just jokin’ around. Let’s move on, ‘fore Trix bites my head off. She’s very scary…

Valerie: Agreed.

Trixie: *Crosses her arms, making a pouty face as she turns away, her tail all poofy and standing straight on end* Hmph.

Shiyo to all: Shiyo can be buy from black market?

Trixie: I really hope not-

Hakuro: There aren’t even enough of ’em for a stable trade. Much less in this country.

Lucian: There wouldn’t even really be any useful reason for doing that. Adaptofox pelts I wouldn’t reckon are worth a lot, and it’s not like you have any sorta ivory or anything like that.

Emma: Nevermind that, how the f**k would you even manage to sell a living thing of that size illegally? What’re ya just gonna ship a 20-30 foot package to a random house in the city hoping it doesn’t attract any unwanted attention whatsoever?

Hakuro: Same way elephants are shipped I’d guess. People get by. Doesn’t hafta be some “random house” either, saying that just shows a fundamental misunderstanding of how illegal poaching trades and all work and get past in the first place.

Emma: Well duh, but y’know what I mean…

Lucian: Too much hassle for too little payoff.

Shiyo to Trixie: Lazy katto

Tiberius: If you’re calling Trixie lazy, you’re gonna make her form a grudge.

Trixie: Naaah. I don’t take offense to being called lazy, although it’s not true at all. I’ve gotten even more energetic lately with workouts and all, in fact!

Lucian: What’s that for? You gotta learn to relax a bit~

Tiberius: And what, end out as “fluffy” as you?

Lucian: I mean… No. But still!

Trixie: I do relax, silly! Not exactly healthy to spend every second of every day on the move, even if I didn’t have a less enthusiastic half that normally lazes about at night regardless. X3

Lucian: Suuure you do. Exercis-a-holic.

Hakuro: That’s not a thing.

Lucian: Trixie made it a thing.

Chez: “Lazy” is just dependent on context really. You could be sitting around but still be productive or something-

Lucian: Fizz could be sitting on his bum but doing work on his lil’ keyboard at home, so that’s not fully lazy. I get ya.

Chez: Yeah…

Emoti~Chan to all: haiiii uwu i would like to introduce you all to my religion

Valerie: I don’t care who you are, this song absolutely slaps.

Hakuro: It’s pretty good, I get the taste. Not something I’d listen to regularly though as compared to other songs.

Fizzson: Oh hey, No Straight Roads. Didn’t start really hearing about that until late last year. The music’s pretty good, yeah! ^^

Valerie: And fitting, given who sent it. Emoti~Chan’s all about happiness and wholesomeness.

Chez: No comment. I’m not the one to be asking about music opinions. -w-

Shiyo to all: I was offered job. WHY

Chez: …Oh?

Arleen: Cause you like helping people out and your size and strength can be useful to them. :3

Hakuro: Hey Em, Arly, did this age well? I don’t know him as well as you two.

Chez: Yeah, good question. I haven’t had much time to talk with Shiyo outside coming here-

Emma: He actually did get the job, yeah. Seems like he’s been enjoying it too.

Trixie: That’s good, hehe…

Haku: Mhm. *Pauses* …Off topic, but a size manipulator or something would be real handy for someone of his… Stature.

Chez: That is true, though I don’t know where they’d find something like that where they are…

Fizzson: Considering there’s people like me and Vi, who can just make stuff out of thin air, and Ashley, who can invent that sorta thing if you wanna go the more complex route, I don’t think it’d be too hard to get him one.

Ashley: He could be one of my test subjects, too. I pay pretty well.

Hakuro: He’d probably say yes to that, honestly.

Chez: …You can get paid for being tested on?

Tiberius: Yeah. Almost every time actually.

Chez: I thought every test was just something that happened whenever. I’ve never been paid anything for being tested on, besides the test’s benefits or effects themselves I guess…

Chez: Ah… Well maybe I can look into being a paid test subject, since I’ve been so good at it…

Haku: Yeah, maybe. You’re definitely a special case anyway.

Ashley: You’re interested, Chez?

Chez: Oh, yeah. I’d actually like to look into that. ^^”

Ashley: Alright, I’ll invite you to my lab sometime soon!

Shiyo: dog do “aroowooh” when yawn.

Emma: Sounds like a very loud dog yawn, in that case.

Tiberius: *Stays silent*

Lucian: I have not seen this take place, so I cannot confirm.

Chez: I… Uhh… >~>’

Trixie: *Makes a sweet face* …Tiiiib, do yoouu do that when you yaaawn? :3

Tiberius: …NO. Of course not, what kinda stupid question is that?

Hakuro: He totally does

Tiberius: NO I DON’T.

Chez: …Nnaah we don’t… Have to… Y’know…

Emma: *Snickers* Not sounding very convincing there, Tib~

Tiberius: I don’t care what you think, I don’t.

Hakuro: He’s just in denial, it’s okay.

Tiberius: Shut your mouth, and let’s just move on…

Chez: I agree, move on-

Shiyo to all: Do you ever drink berry smoothie and there’s lot of berry seeds in it? Is annoying.

Chez: I’ve… Never noticed anything like that, sorry…

Lucian: Nah, not really. Cause I don’t drink that stuff.

Hakuro: I did once, and it did yeah. I think that’s normal though. At least you know the stuff’s real then. And fresh.

Tiberius: The only time I’ve ever seen berry smoothies even sold was ages ago, but that was more of a berry juice. And it was alcoholic. Hah, imagine getting drunk on berry juice of all crap. But either way, no I don’t know.

Fizzson: I think I’ve gotten seeds a couple times in mine. Though I usually only get smoothies like that once a year… ^^”

Chez: Oh- Smoothies? What are those exactly?

Fizzson: It’s a sorta fruity drink mixed with milk, or sometimes ice cream.

Chez: Oooh, I like the sound of that, heh….

IRL Allora to all: I’m gonna tell the truth. The way things have been at home, I’ve been treated like I’m the servant and my parents are the masters, and I seem to keep messing up and doing wrong in their eyes. All this has been leading me to think that despite how much I hope and pray to get a job, I’ll never get one, and that I honestly have no place anywhere in the world that would appreciate me. Because of this, I’ve been flocking to the Internet for at least a way to get away from my depression. Meeting you guys, all my friends on Discord, and all my buddies from Attorney Online was probably the best thing that’s happened to me, because with you guys, I know that I’m working with people who have problems like I do. Maybe not the same problem, but problems nonetheless. I’ve been trying my best to help solve my friends’ problems, and in turn, you guys have been helping me out by just being around and giving me a fun time. To that, I wanna thank you all for being there for me and helping me out when I feel like life’s not on my side.

(For reference: this post is SLIGHTLY outdated in the fact that I did land a job but it kinda sucks and management’s always on my **s – Editor Allora)

(Mm. Regardless, no problem Fusion. Glad I could be there for ya, personally speaking. -Editor Fizz)

(Well I am sorry to hear your parents had been treating you that way… And I’ll always be happy to offer any help you’d need. I know how much depression can be to struggle with and all of that stuff… -IRL Chez)

(I’m always open and on discord if ya ever need to talk or do anything. I get how the parents thing feels since that’s constantly how it is here too. -Editor Lucy)

Aviva to all: I’ve been getting into Binging with Babish a lot and I really wanna try out some of the recipes. If I made some stuff and Hana brought it over, would you guys eat it?

Lucian: YES, BABISH. Also I totally would.

Fizzson: Huh, sounds interesting. I’d definitely give it a try!

Trixie: Same here!

Emma: Don’t see why not.

Arleen: I’d be happy to try it out for her. :3

Chez: I’ll eat anything anyone here offers me pretty much.

Hana: I’ll be sure to bring something over! I think she’s trying the pineapple curry fried rice from Food Wars first…

Shiyo to Smiley: When people say trick or treat, I only see them give candies and that treat, right? if I don’t give candy, what is trick be like? Like, they’ll boo me or something?

Smiley: It depends on the person, really. Some do attempt to scare others as a trick during Halloween, but others lean towards much more mean-spirited pranks, like throwing raw eggs at a home, or covering it and things around it in toilet paper. And of course, not everyone even goes for tricks during Halloween, seeing them as too mean in the first place…

Lucian: Who even does that anymore? I thought those are like older-age “pranks”.

Smiley: You’d be surprised. It’s still hung onto by some individuals. Usually rowdy teens who wouldn’t have been trick-or-treating anyways.

Lucian: I mean, it sounds fun to someone who deserves it. But still who eggs houses? Throw it at the person instead, duh.

Chez: I mean, for me it’s just free eggs…*Playfully makes a biting motion with their maw*

Fizzson: I mean, eggs on the house is just gross and might need to be clean off. Throw the egg at a person, and you could actually hurt someone.

Lucian: Whateeeever, you’re so boring!

Chez: I don’t even know about the whole trick or treating thing anyways…

(True story, someone actually egged my house a few years ago (Whether it was 2018, 19, or earlier, I can’t remember). Idk whether to be more insulted by the egging itself or by them deciding to do something so cliche and “Older-age” in the first place. -Editor Fizz)

Shiyo to Arleen: I need you to teach me stuff.

Arleen: Oh? I’d be happy to do that sometime, Shiyo! Whatever you need taught to you, I can probably help with it. X3

Lucian: Don’t say that without knowing the context. He could be askin’ you to teach him the birds and the bees, for all you know.

Valerie: I’ll help if that comes up at all

Lucian: ME TOO!

Arleen: Uhh… Maybe not that, but most other stuff, yeah. ^^”

Chez: I’m just curious why they asked Arleen specifically for help.

Hakuro: Heck if I know.

Emma: Probably cause she’s one of the only friends here he even had before he came to live with me and my friends.

Chez: Ah, fair…

Ashley: Begs the question, how did you two become friends, Arleen?

Tiberius: Ooooh, she’s put on the spot now~

Arleen: O-Oh, I uh… Just kinda met the big guy when we were both walking out in the city. We talked for a while, and had a really great time together. Think I got close to passing out at some point with how late it was and how tired I’d been, so he took me to his place and let me crash there for the night… ^^”

Tiberius: You are so gonna wake up in a tub with one less kidney and a 10 dollar bill in your hand one day with how easily you trust people and crash at their places, I swear.

Valerie: Yeah. Especially if you end up bunking with Saiko. She does some sketchy s**t

Chez: Well, I thought that sounded nice, Arleen. Shiyo seems very friendly anyways…

Lucian: He is, at least.

Jill to Fizz (and whoever else applies): Was just thinking of a conversation me and my friend Betty had before I came to Nightshade. What’s your opinion on prosthetics vs enhancements?

Fizzson: I think it depends on the person, really. Some people are content with themselves just as they are, or don’t wanna risk potential screw-ups with enhancements. If they’d rather stay as they are and just get a replica of what they had, I say more power to ’em. On the flip side, people might like enhancements to improve their daily lives, and that’s fine too. I don’t really think one or the other is better, just matters what each person wants from their body, and the changes made to it.

Lucian: And fizz takes the neutral side like a loser. Go figure.

Chez: I feel this question doesn’t really apply to me, as technically my whole body is like…a single big limb rather than it all being separate.

Trixie: Enhancements have always sounded really cool to me! Imagine getting changes to your legs to make them run even faster. Make ’em more flexible, even! owo

Emma: *Snickers* Of course that’s what you’d care about, Trix. I’m pretty fine with the body I have personally, and I don’t even really need to worry about either on account of Ben being around, so…

Arleen: I stand by what Fizz said. Get what ya want, or what ya feel you need. I’d stick to my body as it is, personally.

Smiley: I don’t believe I have enough experience to speak on the subject.

Fizzson: Well then…

Aviva to all: Ladies and gentlemen, it’s the Aviva Inkamena show! *shoves head into wall*

Hakuro: And today she is imitating an ostrich. How amazing~!

Valerie: With your co-host Valerie Belle! *Immediately falls forward*

Chez: Haha… I hope they’re okay.

Lucian: They’re fiiiine.

Arleen: Mhm. Just Vi being Vi. X3

Chez: Okay, good.


Fizzson: Um… Okay?

Emma: Sounds like a game thing, but Luci doesn’t normally play games, I thought…?

Chez: I uh..have no idea…

Lucian: I stand by my word. And it is a game thing. I’m sorry none of you godd**n peasants know what it is.

Zelda to all: shawty like a melody in my head


Emma: With how long it’s been, they probably forgot about sending it already or somethin’.

Chez: If so, I still don’t get it, and I forgot about it as well.

Lucian: I hope that’s the case.

Valerie to all: reject humanity, embrace monke

Chez: Can’t reject what I don’t really have anymore. -w-‘

Valerie: *Beats chest*

Lucian: Sheesh, how many here are actually human anyway?

Chez: Good question…

Arleen: …I uh… Think it’s just Hana. Trix and Ash are half cats, but…

Emma: Val’s a human too, y’know. Freakishly omni-powerful human, but still a human.

Chez: I never really paid attention…

Bridgett to all (with help from Futaba): /give @ hugs 64

Trixie: *Giggles* Thaaaanks Bridgett. X3

Arleen: Heh, yeah. Thanks. ^^

Emma: Jeez, careful ya don’t crush anyone with that many hugs~

Chez: Uhh…

Fizzson: It’s a videogame thing, Chez. She’s giving us 64 hugs through a computer command. Supposedly.

Hana: Ain’t she the cutest?

Chez: Ohh… Well, shame I can’t feel it, but thanks anyway. ^^”

Lucian: I’ll have to give Bridgett a big ol’ real one when I see her again.

Miriam: She’ll love it.

Lucian: Then it’s guaranteed.

Trixie: Hehehe…

Alex to Chez: Heya chez! Remember me?
Well. Look to the person closest to ya, and do me a liiitttle favor…
…Sick ’em.

Chez: Ooh, hehe… *Suddenly looks at Fizz, tackle hugging ’em*

Fizzson: AaaAAAA-! *Gets knocked over by the hug, giggling a little as he hugged back*

Chez: Hahaha! *Starts licking Fizz’s face, overwhelming them with snugs and affection*

Lucian: Oh great, now Fizz is getting it.

Hakuro: Emma, he needs assistance.

Emma: What, with the hugs, or getting Chez away from him?


Valerie: It isn’t too much until Bridgett gets in on it.

Hakuro: Emma, if I have to pry Chez off him myself, I’m gonna be very disappointed in you specifically.

Chez: Hehehe…*Actually starts to spread over Fizz now, covering all of him except for his head and neck* I don’t normally do this, so enjoy it -w-

Hakuro: …Nevermind, I can’t do that if I wanted to. Fizz must be left to his fate

Emma: *Sighs* Oh fiiine… *Starts using telekinesis to try and pry Chez off of Fizz*

Chez: Eh…?

*Emma ended up picking them both up, rather then yanking Chez off Fizz*

Emma: *Groans, using the other half of her mind to try and pull Fizz apart from Chez*

Chez: Mneeh… Noooo… *Gently squeezing Fizz in a sort of hug*

Lucian: Chez, get off or I’ll force feed you spicy peppers until you become a puddle.

Emma: *Grunts, trying as hard as she could to pry the two away from each other*

Fizzson: Erm… Y’all don’t really have to. Now that he’s stopped tickling, it’s kinda comfy…

Chez: Oh, I didn’t know lick were ticklish, hehe. ^^” *Gently nuzzles into Fizz’s cheek, purring a bit*

Lucian: ALRIGHT THAT’S IT. Val, or fizz, could you get me a plate of hot peppers? He’s getting it.

Valerie: …Why?

Lucian: Because I’m gonna make Chez get offa Fizz.

Fizzson: Luci, no. I just said I’m comfortable, and the whole point of this is to “save” me.

Lucian: TOO BAD!

Chez: Oh heck-

Valerie: Hey, Fizz, can I borrow your keyboard for like two seconds?

Fizzson: That’s not even how my keyboard works-

Valerie: Can I borrow it?


Valerie: F**k. Can you create like, another keyboard that isn’t connected to anything?

Lucian: I give up, Chez wins.

Emma: *Sets Chez and Fizz down* If Fizz is cool with it, there’s no point in givin’ a d**n.

Fizzson: Thaaank you… -n-

Chez: Yeeeyyy!

Valerie: Fiiiiiizz. I wanna do a funny.

Fizzson: Well you CAN’T. Not with my sorta stuff anyways. The keyboard is a manifestation of my powers, not something someone else can “Borrow” or “Get a copy of”.

Valerie: Doesn’t matter if it’s your type of keyboard, just a keyboard in general.

Fizzson: Well I’m still a bit tied up at the moment, in case ya forgot. Can’t create anything without hands to type with…

Valerie: *Does a frowny face and looks away* Fine then, be that way…

Aviva to all: why are they called two bite brownies if I can eat three of them in one bite at the same time?

Lucian: I can always appreciate a good glutton.

Chez: Hah, I think we just eat more than normal I guess. -w-

Lucian: And I can totally appreciate that.

Chez: Yeah, same

Arleen: Lucian kinda tainted me in that regard, so I’m for it. X3

Emma: So general consensus is they are one bite and Vi just has a problem. Got’cha.

Lucian: “Problem” is debatable.

Chez: Pff hehe… I could eat as much as I want, it’s no problem!

Lucian: Yeah, “no problem” until that latex turns to flab.

Chez: Well ya see, that doesn’t really happen to me.

Emma: Still, you get what I mean.

Valerie: You hear that, Vi? Your eating habits are a problem.

Lucian: NOT TO ME. I am supportive.

Arleen: Same. You wanna eat food, eat food. If you enjoy it, it’s no “problem” to me.

Trixie: Bleh. You two worry me sometimes…

Lucian: You’ll grow into it sometime. Maybe you’re just too young~

Trixie: I’m not much younger then either of you, but whateveeeer…

*Chez slowly re-forms his body to let Fizz get up if he needed, though Chez was still hugging them for the moment*

Fizzson: Moving alooong…

Zelda and Aviva to all: shot through the heart and you’re to blame, PS3 has no games


Emma: Pff, d**n. Someone’s got opinions on this…

Valerie: Explain, Haku.

Hakuro: Many.

Fizzson: That’s not exactly an explanation, Haku…

Hakuro: I see no need to justify an inherently correct fact… Plus, I don’t have the memory to list.

Fizzson: I only had a few games I was super interested in on PS3, so I can’t really speak myself.

Arleen: Never had a PS3 myself.

Trixie: Me neither.

Emma: Inherited a PS4 from Plati with the place. Haven’t dug around enough to know if he had a PS3.

Arleen: You’ve been there for over a year, Em.

Emma: Yeah, but it’s a big house. I still don’t know what to do with all the rooms, even with six other people living with me…

Lucian: Too big for one person. Thank god you took it and gave it use, rather than the selfish waste it was under him.

Emma: Mm. True enough…

Aviva to Luci and Chez: *Turns you two into marketable plushies*

Chez: Wait wha-

*Chez turned into a plushie in Fizz’s arms, with the same happening to Luci on the floor*

Valerie: Ah, yes. The sweet, sweet sound of money.

Fizzson: *Sighs* God dangit, Vi… *Gets up, swiping his hand, then typing on his keyboard, changing the both of them back*


Chez: …Eh… Huh? What happened?

Valerie: Vi turned you and Luci into marketable plushies.

Chez: Oh. Wait how the- Why?

Valerie: You’re not gonna agree with the answer.


Emma: It was a meme back when she made that Q, so she did it for a laugh.

Fizzson: Not letting her do that kinda stuff again though, with how angy Luci’s getting.

Lucian: …That’s a little better. Took you long enough.

Chez: Oh, well… I don’t get why Luci’s so mad. Just weird it happened so suddenly.

Arleen: It probably felt worse for Luci, since he’s… Uh… Alive. In a… Different way then you? That might be a bad way to say it, but-

Lucian: who CARES. Let’s just keep goin’…

Chez: Oh, true. I understand what ya mean.

Aviva and Valerie to the smart people: Shout-out to the neckbeards on Reddit that are destroying Wall Street.

Fizzson: Oh right, that was a thing.

Chez: I haven’t heard about it, and don’t know what either of those factions are.


Lucian: Oh that. “Destroying”, that’s some funny s**t. All that happened was it made a small few rich people poorer, there’s no cause for cake.

Fizzson: It’s a lot of complex stuff, but essentially, there was a chain of stores that was gonna get shut down, ’cause rich people were taking money out of them, making them worth less, then a buncha people online decided to be funny and put money right back into the stores, actually making the rich lads lose money, and at a real fast rate too.

Chez: Ah, that’s quite interesting, and not what I was expecting. I thought Reddit and Wall Street were like… Old nations or something, I had no context.

Emma: *Groans* When is that school thing for Chez supposed to happen again…?

Chez: Oh! I almost forgot about that. Er… Sorry, I just never heard of Reddit or Wall Street. Still not sure what they are actually.

Emma: Reddit’s an online chatting and posting site, Chez, and Wall Street’s literally just a street in a city.

Chez: Oh. I… I was waay off that time… Hah… Ha.

Emma: Again I ask, when the f**k are y’all teaching this chunk of gum?

Chez: I… Uh… Gum?

Valerie: Honestly, Reddit could probably become a nation…

Fizzson: We’ll get to it sometime soon… Probably.

Vampette to all: May or may not have casually ate an entire bottle of whipped cream in about 20 minutes on the way home from work. 6.5 oz, by the way.


Chez: I’d still like to try whipped cream some time. I hear it goes great on other foods.

Valerie: Not just a one time thing, by the way.

Emma: Why even eat whipped cream from the can like that in such large amounts? It hardly even tastes like anything.

Tiberius: Coming home from work. There’s only one lunch break I think. I assume you would know that there prolly isn’t much chance to eat, assuming they’re constantly working and all. So when you’re hungry, you’re hungry.

Valerie: Nah. She works late. Usually comes home around the middle of Zelda and Miku’s set at Nightshade. But again I add, this isn’t just a one time thing.

Lucian: I can still respect it.

Valerie to all (except Miriam, Ashley, and Hana): If you were gay/lez, who would you kiss first?

Trixie: Oh gosh. Ah… I might need time to think on this one…

Chez: If what? Uh… First person I’d kiss in this room would probably be Fizz. ^^”

Lucian: This is a bold question assuming I would not already do so to someone of my own gender. Liiiike Fizzy over there~

Hakuro: The person who is the answer in this room should already know.

Tiberius: You all totally suck. I dunno really.

Lucian: Chez should totally have said Shiyo, you two relate well enough anyhow. Nobody said “In this room” particularly.

Chez: Oh, hehe… Yeah, I guess you’re right…

Emma: I’d kiss just about anyone in this room if they really wanted me to, but as for the first one I’d naturally go to… *Smirks at Haku* …Well, should be obvious~

Chez: Ooh, I’m up to kiss anyone in this room too I guess. ^^

Arleen: Emma, obviously. Trix would be a good second, though. ;3

Fizzson: I have someone, but they’re ah… N-Not in the room…


Fizzson: …M-Mmf… Jack.

Lucian: Hah, loser. Nerds attract I guess.

Smiley: I wouldn’t do that to begin with, ‘nor do I have anyone I can think of I would do it to should the need arise.

Hakuro: C’mon Smiles, you wouldn’t even indulge in that romaaantic little “mortal” act? Too high and mighty~?

Smiley: Mm… The second half of my point still stands.

Valerie: Personally, myself? Vi. She’s pretty hot, in my opinion.

Tiberius: Yeah I still got nothin’.

Lucian: Alright TRIX, you got time to think. Gimme an answer, I need the spicy deets.

Trixie: Hmm… I’m having a hard time choosing between Celeste or Arleen. Basically the only options I got, and they’re both really good ones…

Lucian: Can confirm, Arleen is a very good one. No regrets.

Valerie: You’re biased.

Lucian: Well I’m sorry I haven’t locked lips with everyone else in here to be able to give an unbiased view.

Trixie: Mmn… I’ll just say Arleen for the sake of the Q, but really, it’s a toss up for me.

Shiyo to all: Good dream is the worst type of dream because it’s good but it’s not true.

Arleen: Er… I guess that’s one way to look at it, yeah…

Chez: Well, just because something isn’t true doesn’t mean it’s bad or you didn’t experience that feeling.

Lucian: True. Glass half empty, half full type deal when it comes to that. Be glad you experienced it in a dream, or sad that it didn’t actually happen and it’s over.

Fizzson: I get where Shiyo’s coming from. I’ve had a lotta dreams where my life was the same except I had this really cool thing, then I wake up, and it’s not there, so I just think “Ah dangit”. Can’t even remember the things well enough to make em with my keyboard, usually. -n-

Lucian: Yeeeah, that’s just kinda how they are. I dream about chocolate and puffs.

Tiberius: Larda**

Lucian: Oh shut up. It’s fun.

Valerie: My dreams usually involve romance, for whatever reason.

Emma: Mine are a rollercoaster. Sometimes they’re fun and nice. Other times they’re s**t like a ton of people I care about getting killed because they’re “Friends with a monster” or “Are monsters themselves”, getting to me so bad I just f**kin’ stab myself before waking up. Haha… Ha…

Hakuro: …Right… We should move on. Not delve too much farther.

Emma: Please do.

Aviva: Vampette and I just beat Fire Emblem Three Houses and HOLY S**T

Fizzson: I assume they liked it? X3

Valerie: Aviva loves Shamir, Vampette’s got an affinity for Sothis, and Edelgard can get f**ked, that’s basically the outcome.

Fizzson: Mm. Sounds about right.

Bridgett to Chez (with the help of Aviva): Chez cute!

Valerie: Chez, as much as you hate being called cute, please concede to Bridgett calling you cute, because you’ll never hear the end of it from Vi if you retaliate.

Fizzson: Vi keeps something like that up using Bridgett as a shield, I will personally see to it she loses speaking privileges.

Hakuro: She’ll probably find a way around it with some different alias.

Valerie: That’s not what I’m trying to say. She’s fine and all with not calling Chez cute. But hurt Bridgett’s feelings and she gets very defensive.

Chez: How… Am I cute… Wha…?

Lucian: Oooo, I can imagine Vi absolutely murdering someone 7 times over if they actually like, punched Bridgett. Sounds adorable, like a lil bodyguard.

Ashley: I’ve witnessed it first-hand. Something fell over in my lab on accident and made a loud noise, and Bridgett got scared. Aviva lectured me on it for 2 hours.

Emma: Chez, you literally spent over a minute and a half tackling Fizz down with nuzzles and licks, trapping him in a pile of snuggles that literally no one could pry you away from. If that’s not cute to you, then I really don’t think you have the right definition of cute.

Tiberius: You don’t have to say anything about the accusations, no worries Chez. Don’t let ’em force you to say something you don’t want to like a buncha peer-pressuring d**kheads. If Bridgett gets her feelings hurt because you just don’t want to believe or admit something, even if it is true or not, that just sounds like a personal issue she has to work out.

Chez: Ah… Yeah, alright.

Emma: *Shrugs, leaning back* Tib’s the one who said it, not Chez, and Vi’d be hard-pressed to talk to Tib in any way that even remotely makes him give a d**n, so I think we’re good.

Aviva to all:

Lucian: Sounds like a really cool collectible. If any of those are still even around anyway.

Fizzson: They’re pretty old, so who knows man.

Chez: Alright then, no comment I guess…

(Aaand the actual point of the Q is ignored. That’s AAaF for ya sometimes. -Editor Fizz)

Valerie to all: turn-based RPGs imply there’s turn-cringe RPGs

Valerie: And in addition, carbon-based lifeforms imply the existence of carbon-cringe lifeforms.

Fizzson: Valerie, no.

Tiberius: Emma’s a carbon-cringe lifeform.

Miriam: You’re a carbon-cringe lifeform.


Miriam: In your brain, as miniscule as it is.

Tiberius: Ow. I did NOTHING TO YOU to warrant this CRUELTY.

Lucian: Get f**ked

Miriam: Absolutely slaughtered.

Fizzson: I’m just… Gonna move on.

Suki to all: suki the soda demon she will steal your soda

Lucian: I have no soda on me. But I absolutely believe you.

Chez: Oh noo, not my soda.

Trixie: Ah dangit Chez, ya stole my jooke… -n-

Chez: Eh? Your joke?

Trixie: The “no not our soda” thing, ya silly.

Chez: Ah… I guess they have no idea where my soda really is =w=”

Valerie: She’ll find it.

Trixie: Suuure she will… X3

Aviva to all: Whaaaaat’s Vivi thinking about? (Do do do…)

Emma: Sounds like a reference we’re not getting…

Hakuro: Only Vivi I know is from One Piece, so I can’t say for the life of me.

Chez: *Simply shrugs*

Valerie: You all have forgotten the existence of the greatest children’s sitcom ever to be made, and you all have lost my respect.

Emma: We don’t expose ourselves to the same s**t you do. Tastes differ, deal with it.

Fizzson: It’s been a while since I’ve watched that kinda stuff, so I doubt I’d get a reference like that regardless of whether I watched it or not… ^^”

Ashley: Oh, and just FYI, Aviva was referring to herself.

Emma: Well her head goes a mile a minute, so h**l if that helps.

Fizzson: Eh. Anime-ish stuff’s normally a safe bet with her. Danganronpa, Persona, maybe an obscure visual novel or two. That kinda stuff.

Valerie: She’s currently thinking about a song right now… She made a Q about it.

Emma: So Arms, Ameno, shawty, K.

Valerie: Not any of those. One of the upcoming Qs.

Fizzson: Er… If you say so…

Vampette to all: I was playing Attorney Online today. I judged a My Little Pony case as Pinkie Pie. Please shame me.

Chez: Don’t know what any of that means.

Hakuro: I got nothin’.

Fizzson: Man, you should know I don’t shame for basically anything.

Arleen: Me neither. Do what you like, gal.

Emma: It’s less I don’t shame, and more I don’t care. Make of that what you will.

Valerie: You do you, fam.

Aviva to all: I own a crowbar now. Fear me.

Lucian: Bash my head in with it.

Tiberius: Preferably not.

Lucian: Woah. Tib, are you okay?

Tiberius: Sure.

Chez: Heh… Sounds like a fierce weapon if Tib’s wanting to protect over it.

Hakuro: Well, it’s like a big, thick curved metal stick.

Chez: …I mean, most weapons can be compared to big metal sticks…

Hakuro: Well this one is more blunt. It can pry stuff open pretty well, and also has a lot of force to it. Depending on the wielder.

Emma: It also doesn’t have a handle, like a sword might. It literally is just a big curved metal stick.

Chez: Ah, I see why they make the comparison then.

Valerie: If used by the right person, it can deal a lot of damage.

Chez: Well, that’s true with anything. If you put somebody who has practiced their entire lives in the use of a literal stick, they probably could beat someone who has never used a sword they’ve just been handed.

Arleen: True enough, there…

Shiyo to all: please be safe

Chez: You make sure to be safe too.

Ashley: You too!

Emma: Definitely.

Arleen: Mhm. ^^

Tiberius: I’ll try. You too, though I don’t reckon it’s hard in your case.

Chez: Well you aren’t over there in their case Tib, so you wouldn’t know -w-

Tiberius: Well, no. But it seems hard to hurt something like him.

Trixie: He’s pretty big, so that feels like a given, yeah… ^^”

Hakuro: Save for those bullets. But we don’t talk about that.

Chez: Yeah… Well try not to hurt anybody else then. Keep up with your mental health and everything…

Aviva to all: sticks and stones may break my bones but 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance

Chez: …What?

Fizzson: Honestly, I’m surprised that’s not an actual ad yet. Feels silly enough for them to use it.

Arleen: *Shrugs*

Zelda and Sonia to Fizz, Emma, Arleen, and whoever else fits the bill: Can you send me some pictures of early AAaF, family, friends, whoever else? We’ve got something planned to finish off BOTB 3 once the results have come to a close.

Fizzson: Oh. Uhh… I probably have some of those, sure.

Emma: I’ll see what I can do.

Arleen: Same here!

Trixie: Wonder what they’re gonna be doing with ‘em…

Valerie: Trust me, you’ll love it.

Chez: Sounds interesting, though I wasn’t really around for early AAaF, sadly.

Smiley: I believe they mean generally speaking. Friends to AAaF as a whole through the years, including present day.

Lucian: …Oh god. Don’t show early me, please. Cut me out, preferably.

Valerie: You’re gonna be part of it regardless, Luci.

Chez: Wha? Why cut you?

Emma: He probably just doesn’t wanna be reminded of how he used to be in AAaF… *Snickers a bit*

Valerie: Fair enough. That reminds me, can everyone get together for a selfie real quick?

Lucian: I AM NOT PERMITTING THIS. And don’t you make fun of me, Emma! You weren’t any better!

Emma: Difference is I’m not ashamed of how I acted. The name was just dumb. You’ve got no excuse, bud~

Fizzson: Both of you hush up and get over here! We’re doing this selfie. *Walks over to Valerie, with Trixie giggling as she followed after*

Smiley: *Shrugs, following after behind Arleen*

Chez: *Does the same, going over*

Ashley, Miriam, and Hana: *Get into position behind Valerie and do different poses*

Valerie: *Pulling out her phone and getting to a good angle while she waits for everyone*

Emma: *Gets up, stretching a bit before walking over*

Chez: *Placing their arm around Fizz*

Lucian: I never agreed-

Tiberius: *Grabs Luci by the ribbon, dragging him over with himself as Haku just walked over, with a begrudging sigh from Luci*


Valerie: *Once everyone was in position, she’d take the selfie* Nice. That’s goin’ in at the end. *Puts her phone away*

Chez: Cool! ^^

??? to Fizz: Hello? Yes, we’re been trying to reach you about your car’s extended warranty.

Fizzson: HA! Joke’s on you, I don’t even have a car!

Emma: Pfft. D**n, outplayed.

Chez: Heh… Weird thing to send in.

Lucian: That doesn’t mean they won’t call you anyway. They’ve tracked you.

Fizzson: AAAAAA-!

Trixie: Jeez, this is the most hyper I’ve seen Fizz about anything. X3

Chez: *Covering their ears a bit* Yeah- owo’

Fizzson: *Stops, clearing his throat* …Let’s move on. :3

Aviva to Valerie: how far can u squirt

Chez: What?

Valerie: *Opens up a menu of sorts, scrolling through and finally pulling out a large squirt gun, smirking as she starts pointing it towards everyone* Who wants to help me find out~?

Chez: eEP- *Suddenly pulls out their shield and jumps back away from Val quite a ways away*

Fizzson: Oh-

Arleen: Water’s one of the things that kills Chez, so that’s a no on him.

Fizzson: I’ve got tie-dye on, don’t look at me-

Lucian: You always do. It would be one shirt out of ten thousand.

Valerie: *Aims it at Lucian with a psychotic smile*

Lucian: Val, no. Don’t you f**kin’ dare.

Valerie: And what’ll happen if I do, hmm~?

Lucian: …Uuhhh… FIZZ’ll help me!

Fizzson: I mean, I could…

Lucani: And you SHOULD

Valerie: I’m not afraid of Fizz.

Chez: *Looks at Val, then at Luci, forming a thin crystal wall to protect him from the water*

Lucian: …HAH. Get f**ked

Emma: …Ah f**k it. *Turns to Val* I can dry out later, hit me.

Hakuro: Bad move, that much fluff doesn’t dry easy…

Emma: *Raises an eyebrow at Haku* You wanna take it instead?

Hakuro: Oh, sure! I’m used to getting stuff on me.

Valerie: To heck with it. You two made me wait, you both are getting it. *Starts spraying both of them, steadily backing up*

Hakuro: HEY WAIT- THAT’S UNFAIR! *Doesn’t react much to it, save for that*

Emma: *Reflexively recoils, ears folding back as she gets completely soaked* …Bleh. I asked for it.

Valerie: Mwahahaha- *Suddenly stops* …About 20 feet. Thanks for the help.

Emma: Yeah yeah, no problem Val.

Chez: *Slowly removing the wall as they peek over their shield* Is it clear now?

Valerie: Yeah, you’re fine, Chez.

Chez: Okay, good… *Makes the shield disappear as they slowly inch back forward again*

Lucian to all: Who thinks I can fit 15 large marshmallows in my mouth?

Valerie and Miriam: *Raise their hands immediately*

Chez: I bet you can do it Luci!

Fizzson: Mmn, I dunno. On one hand, 15 is a lot for big marshmallows, but on the other, they can be pretty compact if ya try…

Emma: Sounds like a good way to choke yourself, but I mean you could probably do it.

Trixie: Seems like a bit much to me…

Arleen: Ah, I think he could. X3

Lucian: Who’s got some ‘mallows and wants to test it then?

Fizzson: I got iiitt… *Swipes to make his keyboard, creating an unopened bag of marshmallows, then tossing it to Luci*

Lucian: H*****ll yeah! Arlyyyy, you sure you don’t wanna put ’em in~?

Hakuro: …Luci, how do you make everything weird?

Lucian: I just do.

Arleen: Naah, I’m good for now. You do it!

Lucian: *Grabs a bunch of them, starting to stuff marshmallows in his mouth*


Fizzson: *Snickers* Let’s see how many he geeeets~

Lucian: *Gets up to 15 pretty quickly, albeit barely doing so*

Tiberius: …Of course. Prolly has experience stuffing puffs in there.

Hakuro: I would’ve loved to see him fail though.

Chez: Hah, nice job Luci.

Emma: Can he get through them without choking though?

Trixie: If he’s had practice, then he probably can.

Lucian: *Chomps right down on them, starting to eat*

Hakuro: Question answered. Arleen, how much stuff does he eat?

Arleen: I kinda stopped keeping track at some point. I just know he eats a lot.

Trixie: Well that’s not very healthy-

Chez: Well I’m sure they’ve gotten at least some exercise over the past…however long it’s been.

Lucian: *Finishes the marshmallows up in a bit, chuckling a little* Define “exercise”. ‘Cause walking here is exercise! I’m sure Trix finds me atrocious~

Emma: Oh wow, a whole 10 steps across the house to your portal machine. Huge investment, there.

Lucian: Damn right, I burned my limit for the day, Em.

Miriam: *Goes over to Arleen and whispers something in her ear*

Arleen: *Gives a light nod at Miriam, snickering quietly*

Miriam: *Smirks in reply* Hey, Luci.

Lucian: Whaaaaat?

Miriam: Hmhm. Fata**.

Chez: …Now that’s mean.

Lucian: I am NOT. I don’t care what you say. FIIZZZZ! Let’s move on.

Fizzson: Yeah yeaaaah…

Chez to all: I hear when you get sick your body can make itself hot with a fever, does that mean cooling them off would make them worse?

Hakuro: No, it doesn’t. That’s actually a suggested thing to do, in fact. Relax and try to cool off.

Chez: Oh? Really? How does that work?

Hakuro: The heat is one of the telltale signs of a fever, your body temperature being above normal. Trying to cool yourself off would get it back to its normal temperature, and that does… Something. I’m no doctor haha… That’s all I know.

Chez: Ah… So a fever is the illness, not what your body does in response?

Hakuro: A fever is the response, the illness causes the fever. Sorry, I worded that bad.

Ashley: In essence, yeah.

Chez: Okay, so if the body wants to be hot, is it a bad thing to cool them off, since the body is heating itself up?

Haku: No, it isn’t bad to do that.

Chez: Okay okay, just wanted to know that. Thank you.

Aviva to Valerie: Finish the reference: It’s not a phase, Mom, it’s a lifestyle!

Valerie: *Heavy inhale*

Miriam: Oh, god. Everyone, plug your ears, this is gonna be loud.

*Fizz and Arleen cover their ears, with Trixie jumping a bit, and Emma rolling her eyes before both doing the same. Smiley doesn’t seem to care, so he stays as is*

Chez: *Slowly covering their ears just to be safe, though not really needing to*

Hakuro: *Covers her ears*

Tiberius and Lucian: *Don’t even bother to do so*


Arleen: *Winces lightly* J-Jeez, you weren’t kidding Miriam!

Emma: *Ears are folded back* Why’s she even need to be this loud?!

Lucian: ‘Cause she just wants to be. At least she was considerate and warned first.

Emma: Miriam warned us, not Val!

Lucian: Oh. Close enough.

Chez: *Slowly uncovering their ears* Honestly… Not as loud as I expected.

Valerie: Call me Apollo Justice because I got them Chords of Steel, baby~!

Hakuro: Emma, give ‘er a whack. It’s totally deserved.

Emma: *Uncovers her ears, walking over and giving Val a light punch on the shoulder before walking back to her seat*

Hakuro: …Better. Good on ya.

Valerie: Sorry, sorry… Can’t help but feel the music.

Emma: You can feel the music without shouting to high h**l about it, ya p***k

Valerie: To be fair, that’s what the people from the reference do…

Emma: Whatever, girl…

??? to Valerie: There’s a note in your back pocket. Read it.

Lucian: OOOOO, she has a secret admirer~!

Valerie: Dude, I f**kin’ wish that’s what it is… *Pulls the note out of her back pocket and reads it*

*It was a neat little sheet of pink paper, folded into fourths, which had two words in small, splotchy purple writing*

Behind you.

*A rumble slowly began to emit from behind the couch, getting louder until billowing pink flames erupted from there, although they felt oddly cold, and didn’t burn anything. A large, shadowy figure began to rise up from within the flames, barely towering over Valerie. A feminine figure, with violently flowing long hair, and bright pink eyes staring straight at her like daggers…*

Arleen: *Eyes widen, getting in a defensive stance* W-What the-?!

Valerie: *Unfazed* With the amount of special effects here, there’s only one person I can think of. Hey, Mel. Been a while.

Lucian: …Classic Mel, yeah.

Haku: Hey now, who said you could be here?

Chez: …Who?

*The figure reels her hand back, then moves it forward… smacking Valerie in the face with a raw, but decently large fish, the flames, shadow, and rumble all just kinda fizzing out rather comically to reveal plain old Mel, although she still looked angry*

Mel: YOU have got a CRAPTON of explaining to do you HECK! *Springs forward, pretty literally, her feet having melded and transformed briefly into a spring, bouncing from the back of the couch right to the front, transforming back to her normal feet as she landed, stomping the ground with light cracks forming where she landed*

Fizzson: H-Hey, don’t break anything now-

Chez: What’s the problem here-? owo’

Tiberius: Oh no, not the “heck” insult. Either way, calm your s**t. You don’t have business storming in here and doing something like that when you could very well take it outside of this, so tone it down a notch.

Mel: *Whirls around* Zip it, Tib, I’m not putting up with your sass today. *Moves her hand across herself with a point, literally zipping Tib’s mouth closed and locking it shut, whirling back around to face Valerie*

Hakuro: …If this interrupting, cocky braggart does anything too unnecessary, just get ‘er out Fizz.

Valerie: First off, to break the fourth wall, Tib, Nightshade isn’t getting any more blog publicity, so it’s fitting. Second, Fizz… *Moves through her menu, pulling out a roll of Flex Tape and putting it in the cracks* Nothing a bit of Flex Tape can’t fix. Third, OW, that fish hurt. Fourth, it’s a long story Mel, you sure you wanna hear it?

Mel: Yes. I’d love to. You put me through a lotta crap with your little disappearing act, and I want answers.

Valerie: Then buckle up, buckaroo, this’ll be a h**l of a ride. Started off with the so called Death of the Six. Vampi, Itch, and the rest of the Six each had their own problems they were dealing with, so we decided to figure out something. Vampi and Itch decided to ditch… nice rhyme… and stay off the grid for a while, keeping track of the Q&As using an anonymous account. TAS was a liability, so he stayed behind as part of the whole death thing. Arisu wanted Amber to take control of the kingdom, but as Demon Kingdom rule 18.31-D and 18.31-E state…

Miriam: 18.31-D, the Ruler of the Demon Kingdom is to be the Ruler of the kingdom until death. 18.31-E, in order for a new Ruler to be instated in place, the current Ruler must either die or be overthrown by a rebellion.

Emma: Well that’s a dumb rule.

Fizzson: L-Let Val continue, Em…

Valerie: Everyone loved Arisu, and we hadn’t met Aviva yet, so there was only one option, and so with a final kiss goodbye, we sealed Arisu’s fate. Not sure what happened with Prulienne, but after all that, I decided that I need to change, move away from the bad character traits I had and figure out what I wanted to do with my life. To not draw attention to myself, I changed my look and instead went by Valerie Belle, and started working at a local cafe, Intelligentsia. Around that time, Futaba and the others started moving into Club Nightshade, so I sent them some of our more eccentric customers and some gifts I got my hands on. Everything was calm for a while until one day Aviva walked in. I noticed this powerful aura around her, so I started keeping tabs on her, and through her, Vampi and Itch, now Vampette and Kate. Fast forward to the Eradicator attack, Aviva and all had evacuated, so I knew it was my time to shine. Held off the Eradicators until they disappeared, repaired and even upgraded Club Nightshade, then made my grand reveal. Roses are red, butterflies flutter, beep beep beep, Mondo Butter, now we’re here.

*Mel took a deep breath in, then exhaled, as all the stuff she caused kinda just sparkled away. The cracks in the floor and zip on Tib’s mouth, mainly*

Mel: You caused me grief for months with your disappearance. The second you and the others died, I got contacted by the rest of your pals directly about it. I might’ve picked on you a bunch cause you were ego-driven as heck and easy to get upset, but like- I didn’t want you dying over it! I spent a good couple months feeling upset and wanting to find these people who did you in, which never even happened mind you, only for you to pop up outta nowhere in a couple years like *In a mocking, sorta “Sweet” tone* “Whee, look guys! I’m not actually dead! All that dumb psychological baggage I gave with y’all grieving over me doesn’t matter cause in the end it was fine, all sunshine and rainbows, yaaaay~!” *Drops the tone, staring at Valerie* …I felt manipulated. Like you’d done it to get a reaction outta me or something. You didn’t even have a good reason to hide out like you did! Like yeah, you squashed out your character flaws, good for you, but that didn’t have to mean leading people on like some dumb, cheesy anime crap! Just… Uuggh… *Turns around, crouching down with her head held in her hands*

Valerie: *Stares at Mel, a look of realization and regret on her face* That… That was never my intention, Mel, but… That’s the only thing I could come up with… I just… Needed a break from everything… Ugh, I feel like such an **shole now… *Looks away*

Arleen: *Looks at Mel and Val, walking a bit closer* …We all need breaks every now and then. Time to ourselves, time away from certain people, that sorta thing. It’s important you get that so you don’t just fall apart… But it’s also important to communicate with those who care about you. Just disappearing on them without warning is only gonna make them worry about you, regardless of if there’s any fake deaths involved. *Glances at Val* You at least regret making people worry and all, right Valerie?

Valerie: Yeah…

Arleen: *Nods, turning to Mel* And Mel, you’re at least glad to see she’s still alive instead of her being dead with all those regrets still in your head, right?

Mel: W-Well yeah, duh…

Arleen: Well, with Val’s stance in mind, do you think you can move on from this, with a promise from her to be better about this in the future? *Pauses, looking at Val* Assuming that’s a promise she’s willing to make… ^^”

Valerie: I… can’t exactly make that a promise, given my tendency to act now and think later, but I’ll try my best…

*After a long pause, Mel sighed*

Mel: …That’s good enough for me. *Stands up, turning around and gripping Val up in a hug* Sorry if my blow-up was a bit too extreme, gal.

Valerie: Sorry for worrying you… *Hugs back, sighing on her shoulder*

Miriam: …Hey, now you two should kiss-

Ashley: *Baps Miriam on the head with her ray gun*

Tiberius: I stick to my intuition that this should’ve been behind closed doors. But I’m… Glad it happened anyway.

Lucian: Oh s**t, Tib complimented. He’s gonna die tomorrow or something. Also Mel should totally stay for the other Qs.

Chez: Well then… At least it all worked out for now… Not sure what to add or say to… Yeah…

Valerie: Hey, uh… Wanna go get some drinks at Nightshade? Catch up, reminisce, et cetera?

Mel: Y-Yeah, sure. I’d be down for that…

Valerie: We can head over right now, if you want… *Looks at Fizz* Assuming we’re done here.

Tiberius: They’re gonna get drunk and f**kin’ make out.

Lucian: Tib, all day you’ve been looking to get beat.

Tiberius: As if that‘d happen.

Chez: I think they meant you’d get yourself into a fight-

Lucian: That too.

Tiberius: Oh well.

Miriam: I mean, I could kick your **s if I wanted to…

Tiberius: Can’t exactly test that theory out here, can we?

Miriam: No, but then again, I don’t want to.

Tiberius: HAH, exactly.

Miriam: It’s not that I’m wussing out. I just don’t wanna get my hands dirty today.

Tiberius: Yeah yeah, I get ya.

Chez: Well I could clean your hands after. It’s actually much better than washing your hands with soap or something if I help-

Arleen: …It’s a metaphor, Chez. She doesn’t literally mean getting her hands dirty…

Chez: …Oh. Well, my offer still stands if anyone cares, but we can wait until AAaF is over, sorry. ^^”

Miriam: …Fizz, confirm this is the last Q.

Fizzson: Uh… It is actually, yeah.

Chez: Oh, I didn’t realize-

Miriam: Figured.

Valerie: Mind if me and Mel head out and catch up?

Haku: No, I don’t.

Chez: Me neither.

Lucian: You girls have fuuuun~

Fizzson: Yeah, have fun!

Arleen: Agreed. ^^

Valerie: *Opens a portal, walking through with Mel*

Miriam: … Now that she’s gone, think Val’s changed at all or do you think she’s the same as she always was?

Fizzson: …I think she definitely has. Really seems like she cares a lot more about others and how they view her now.

Emma: She hasn’t gone on once about how she’d kick someone’s **s or just how strong she is in general, so she gets a pass in my book.

Smiley: I agree with Fizzson’s sentiment. The change in her is certainly noticeable, and I hope to see her continue improving herself.

Tiberius: I’m not gonna comment on my issue with her “reasoning”, but it’s gotta go through more time. This was just one occasion of getting to see her for an extended period of time.

Hakuro: At least Mel’s gone, that was annoying…

Lucian: Seems like someone to hang out with. If Fizz can tolerate her, then that speaks volumes.

Miriam: Cool. Let’s end this then.

Fizzson: Alrighty! Arleen?

Arleen: Right!

Send your Qs to me, Luci (Lucian), Smiles, Chez (Chez), Fizz, Em, Haku (Lucian), Tib (Lucian), Trix, Hana (Allie), Miri (Allie), Ash (Allie), or anyone else ya see in the AAaF Character List. All Qs between this AAaF and the next will be featured in there. Keep ‘em clean, and remember to have fun!

Arleen: This is Arleen, happy to finally say I’ll be seeing you all next time. Bye guys! :3


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