Girls’ Night Out Part 1

(For this and every future AAaF-related post, Val’s gonna be replacing Hana as a main, as Allie hasn’t been feeling it much with Hana. Still a bit dumb imo to be swapping mains around this close to the end, but the actor’s enjoyment comes before logical story structure (Especially since hardly anyone reads this stuff anyways). Also, this is a 2-parter, cause I absolutely refuse to edit and publish another 10K word post on this site. -Editor Fizz)

*Emma had her arms crossed behind her head, looking around. It was around dusk, and she was waiting on the other gals to arrive at the gates to her place, which they’d agreed to meet at tonight…*

Valerie: *Pops up through a portal, walking up* Yo, Em. Looking good.

*Emma was wearing a somewhat new look she’d gotten recently. Reddish top, which didn’t much cover up her midsection, and a dark purple jacket, all combined with the same short, dark turquoise skirt she already normally wore*

Emma: Thanks, Val. Good to see you, too.

*Hakuro arrived about a minute after Val. She definitely looked a bit ragged, or maybe just more uncaring and casual about her appearance than usual*

Hakuro: Hey heeey, Emma didn’t chicken out. Thought you’d be busy!

Emma: Nah. Got a friend coverin’ my usual overnight shift at work tonight, so I’m good to go.

Hakuro: How seeelfish, you’d better treat ’em~

Emma: Of cooourse. Wouldn’t do anything less. ;3

Valerie: Oh, crap, didn’t know we were supposed to have new outfits. Be right back. *Rushes through her portal quickly*

Emma: Val, we don’t need new outfits- *Groans, facepalming*

*Trixie walked over, stretching a bit lazily. She was in her nighttime form at this hour, obviously, so she was a bit less… Energetic then usual*

Trixie: Ey. We doin’ this or what?

Emma: Ooooh, look who actually popped up. Half expected ya to be a no show with how worried you get over your nighttime look being out and about.

Trixie: Ever since the whole Eradicator thing, I’ve been tryna let my night side out more. Cure my fear through exposure, I guess…

Emma: Well good on ya.

*Another portal opened, with Ashley and Aviva walking out*

Aviva: Yo, who’s heading this?

Hakuro: Wait, someone’s “Heading”?

Emma: *Stares at Vi* …I guess since Arly and I are the ones who largely planned this, we’d be heading it. Why? And what’re ya doing here, anyways?

Aviva: I may not be invited… *Pulls a wallet out of her back pocket, taking a hundred dollar bill out and handing it to Emma* …But that doesn’t mean I can’t help. Wherever y’all go, it’s on me. Have fun.

Emma: Oh d**n. Coulda covered it myself just fine, but uh… Thanks Vi.

Aviva: No prob. Now if you’ll excuse me, Val’s yelling at me to help her with an outfit and Suki’s yelling at me to give her more soda. *Rushes out through Ash’s portal*

Ashley: *Is wearing a brown jacket over a long sleeve shirt instead of her usual lab coat, complete with a tan-ish skirt and red high heels* She’s a nice one…

Emma: Eeey, Ash. You look nice in casual wear.

Trixie: *Leans back lightly against the fence, yawning a bit with her arms crossed*

Ashley: Thanks! How’s my makeup? I’m… Kinda new to it.

Hakuro: Doesn’t stop you from lookin’ like a nerd. Just makes ya look like more of a closet one. But you look pretty regardless~

Emma: Gotta agree there, heh…

Ashley: Thanks! *To herself* Hope she thinks so too…

Miriam: *She walks through, wearing a black strapless dress showing a good chunk of cleavage, with a split in the bottom showing her legs, complimented by black lipstick and a choker around her neck* Let’s get this party started, ladies.

Hakuro: I’m ready when y’all are!

Trixie: Waiting on Arleen’s slow a** from the looks of things…

*It wasn’t long before Arleen walked over… Or, it seemed to be Arleen anyways. She had the same body proportions and odd, small rectangular glasses as usual, but she was wearing a long, red sleeveless dress, showing some rather noticeable cleavage, and she had the appearance of a shiny anthro Zoroark, with some decent neck fluff going a bit down her chest, and long, brushed back “hair”, without the odd beads bundling it up or anything, like a Zoroark normally had…*

Hakuro: *Jokingly* Grooosss, where’s Arleen? Didn’t ask for a chubby fox with glasses.

Arleen: Joke’s on you Haku. I’m proud of my chub, so ha.

Emma: *Chuckles* In all seriousness, you look stunning, Arleen. Should break out that form of yours more often~

Hakuro: All things considered, yeah. It probably feels a bit more natural, too.

Arleen: Oh yeah. Pretty refreshing, actually. Feels nice to drop the usual illusion for a bit, even if it is kinda second nature to me at this point…

Miriam: Lookin’ good, Arleen… You too, Ash. Casual is a good look for you.

Ashley: *Hides a blush* Mmm… And now we’re waiting on-

*Valerie came back through the portal she left open with a new outfit, this one being a simple blue dress with black designs on the chest, which was showing a good chunk of Valerie’s cleavage*

Valerie: Sorry… What did Vi want, out of curiosity?

Emma: Gave us a hundred bucks for wherever we plan to go. Our night out’s on her, basically.

Valerie: Oh, cool. Well, I’m ready.

Hakuro: Not to be a party pooper, but a hundred’s gonna be spent just for the whole group of us to go to a restaurant and eat. So she bought a meal basically, if that’s what y’all end up wanting to do as a side thing. I’ll chip in or outright pay for other stuff, obviously… It’s still quite nice, though. I’m totally gonna be all sappy to her next tiiime~

Valerie & Miriam: Watch out for Vampette, then.

Valerie: Hey-

Hakuro: I’ll beat a b**ch if it comes to it. I’ll express appreciation one way or another.

Miriam: Fair enough.

Emma: Heh. Well, if we’re all ready, then let’s get a move on.

Arleen: Yeah, let’s go!

Trixie: *Stands up straight, stretching lightly* About time.

Hakuro: Aaalright then, get moving!

Valerie: In the words of Rick Sanchez, “And awaaaay we go!”

*Emma rolled her eyes, smirking and beginning to walk now, with Trix and Arleen walking along with her*

Emma: So what did you guys wanna do, anyways? Got a whole night ahead of us, and a city full of possibilities~

Valerie: Up to you guys.

Ashley: I can go with the flow.

Hakuro: Mmm… I got a plaaaace! I can’t tell y’all though. Someone might chicken out if I do, so just follow meeee… *Gives a look to Ash specifically when she said “Someone”, starting to walk off in a direction…*

Ashley: …I’m scared what it is from the look you just gave me.

Valerie: Just follow, you’ll be fiiiiiine.

Arleen: Yeah! What’s the harm in it? X3

*Emma shrugged, letting Haku lead the way while her, Arleen, and Trix just followed behind…*

*It only took a little bit of walking to get to, before Haku stepped right into… A completely plain-seeming store. Very underwhelming for what she said*

Hakuro: Weeelll, c’mon!

Valerie: This is… Just a normal store?

*Trixie and Arleen looked around. The place seemed like a pretty basic general store, with rows of baked goods, silverware, and various other things on display for purchase. A girl with long, brown hair was at the far left side behind the counter, smiling a bit as everyone came in. She wore a plain, long, bright red dress and dark blue earrings. Only other doorway seemed to be past her…*

???: Good evening, and welcome to Nightfox Wares! My name’s Samantha, how can I help you all tonight? ^^

Haku: You should know, love. Gonna be here for the night, with some new friends too. Give y’all a lotta business~

Samantha: *Looks over at the group, staring long at Ashley in particular* …Alright then. Hope you know what you’re doing with this big a crowd, Haku… *Steps aside* Head to the back of the store. The manager will meet you all in there.

Hakuro: Got’cha! And don’t worry. One of ’em slips, I’ll personally rough ’em up a little… *Chuckles a little, heading to the back. The “Rough ’em up” comment was a bluff, obviously. Totally…*

Emma: *Raises an eyebrow* …Charming first few moments…

*Arleen giggled a bit, with her, Emma, and Trixie following after Haku. Same went for Valerie, Ashley, and Miriam, with Valerie in the back pushing Ashley forwards. Going in the back, Haku ended up first meeting with a much more peculiar figure than the one in front*

Hakuro: Hey heeey, is Kate here~?

*The figure appeared to be another human girl at first. Long, dark blue hair, with vibrant purple eyes, and wearing a crimson top, held up by criss-crossing straps around her neck, along with a flowing, dark purple skirt, and matching purple slippers. She also, oddly, had a black fox tail and ears. She looked at the rest of the group, smirking*

???: …Perhaps. Your group here’s all guests, I take it?

Hakuro: Mmhm. I’ll keep ’em in line, promise. Though they’re all fine with it and cool, given how they are anyway. *Looks back, staring daggers at Ashley so she wouldn’t chirp out or anything, looking back* ‘Sides… We did also have a “special order” arranged, didn’t we, me and you~?

*The figure chuckled, beginning to glow brightly as her body changed. Her single fox tail spread out into three, while the body itself began to look much more fox-like. When the glowing stopped, her appearance had changed to that of a black kitsune, with bright red eyes, and a bit of blue at the tips of her tails to match her hair*

Kate: …That we did, dear~ *Looks at the group* Ladies, my name is Kate, and I’m pleased to be welcoming you into my establishment this evening.

Ashley: …I question everything here.

Valerie: Hello, Kate. What’s this place all about?

Kate: Just a bit of off-the-radar fun, if you get me. All manner of things for the more daring and… “Risky” to enjoy~

Emma: …Ooooh, I like the sound of that~

Haku: Mmhm! I got introduced to here a bit ago, and make it a point to come here sometimes. Contribute a bit, too…

Valerie: Different activities with varying levels of legality? Count me in!

Kate: As guests, we ask for the trust that you won’t go reporting anything you see in our establishment. In return, you’ll have access to most of our services, with the trust that you won’t do anything you don’t consent to. No loopholes, no workarounds. If our establishment were to get in trouble, either directly through you reporting it, or through telling someone unrelated who did so… You can guess what would happen. Do you accept this?

Haku: I can’t guess! What would happen, Katieee~?

Kate: *Gives a cold, near emotionless stare towards Haku, before turning back to the rest of the group with a smile*

Arleen: Of course!

Emma: Ooobviously~

Trixie: …Ah, why not. Sounds fun to me.

Valerie: Call me Stone Cold Valerie Belle, because h**l yeah!

Miriam: *Gives a simple thumbs up*

Ashley: U-Um… Whatever you say, Boss…

Kate: Wonderful! Follow me, then~ *Starts walking over to the side of the room, to a rather bland looking wall, minus an odd sorta poster hung up on it…*

Hakuro: *Walks forward as requested* C’mooon, wimps. You’re being too slow.

*Trix, Arleen, and Emma followed right after, Emma being noticeably quicker then the other two*

*Val, Ash, and Miri follow after them, with Ash electing to stay behind everyone else*

*Kate pushed her paw into the poster, it acting as a sorta scanner, recognizing her print and causing the wall to open up, into a staircase leading downwards, which she began to go down, Emma following eagerly, with Arleen and Trix not far behind*

Valerie: *Hums a song to herself*

Hakuro: *Following as well, mainly just eager to get her toast more then anything…*

Miriam and Ashley: *Following behind everyone else*

Valerie: *To herself, quietly, still following* I forget the next part but then it goes… Secret tunnelllll… Secret tunnelllll…

*At the bottom of the stairs, there was a pretty spacious area, with a dim, but warm-feeling light. The area led out into a couple different paths. To the right was what appeared to be a “fight club”, signified from the sign, ahead were two sections labeled “standard services”, and “members only”, and finally to the left was the “adult section”*

Kate: You’ll find a wide range of services at our establishment. Only area off-limits to you for is the members only section. Anything else is free for you to look over and use as you see fit. Please, enjoy yourselves at Krazy Kate’s~

Valerie: How would one become a member of this fine establishment?

Kate: Under normal circumstances, you need an invite from a trustworthy source, namely another member, or an employee. We sometimes make exceptions based on judging a guest’s character, though, so who knows where you’ll fall there by the end of the night, hun.

Valerie: Looking forward to it, then~

Hakuro: Well that’s a mighty high request already Val, you haven’t even had a real experience quite yet!

Valerie: I have been wanting a place where I can participate in differing activities of various legality for quite a while. I don’t even need to see anything to know this is the place for me.

Hakuro: Eh. Regardless… Kaaaatie dear, is the package ready~?

Kate: Of cooourse it is, Haku. You’ll be following me to the members’ only section to collect it, while your friends enjoy the services open to them. Sound good~?

Hakuro: Sounds great to me!

Haku: It’ll be a bit more fun for you all to find out on your own. Get an experience of it all try’na find what you might want particularly~

Valerie: But the jumpcuts-

Miriam: Oi. Shut face.

Kate: If you really need help, you’ll find a pager set up on the table to the side, there. *Points to the left side, which had a table with a sorta button next to it* Use it to call someone up if you like. I hope you all have a wonderful time~ *Walks into the member’s only section now, motioning for Haku to follow*

*Haku followed pretty happily, seeming excited for whatever was about to go on behind those doors they were headed to…*

Valerie: …Welp, time to go corrupt my brain even further than it is already. *Walks towards the adult section*

Emma: Pff… *Glances over at that area, then at the general services area* …Don’t know about the rest of y’all, but I’m actually kinda hungry. What do y’all say to seeing if we can get some grub here, first and foremost?

Valerie: *Stops in place* Food?

Miriam: Yes, you simpleton, food.

Valerie: Corruption can wait, then.

Ashley: Any ideas on what to eat?

Trixie: Can’t exactly know what’s available to eat if we don’t go check around first, huh?

Emma: Right. I’m guessing it’d be in the general section, so… *Walks towards the doorway, everyone else following her*

*The general area spread out to a few different sub-areas. A meetup/hangout area, a store, presumably with more “Risky” goods then the storefront upstairs, a bar, which was a bit odd to see here instead of in the adult section, and a rather large restaurant area. Emma looked around at the various areas, before her eyes settled on the restaurant*

Emma: That looks promising… *Walks towards it, Arleen and Trix still following, with Arleen looking around*

Arleen: This place seems pretty big. Kinda impressive this is built down here, especially hidden away like it is…

Valerie: Still yet to beat Nightshade and its sheer amount of rooms… And I know I haven’t found every room yet.

*The restaurant seemed pretty standard, with an opening desk to presumably get a table at, and tables set all around the room beyond it, with doors to the back of the room labelled “Staff only” and “Private tables” respectively. A rather plain-looking anthro wolf guy sat behind the counter, looking at the group as Emma approached him*

Emma: Do ya have a table big enough for six?

???: Private or standard?

Emma: Er… Standard.

???: *Looks at some notes attached to a clipboard* …Alright. Head over to the middle, then. Table B6.

Emma: Cool, thanks. *Begins walking their now, looking around the restaurant as she did. It was fairly large, and a few groups were already eating, it seemed. Steaks, burgers, noodles, and the like…*

Valerie: *Finds the first spot* Dibs!

Ashley and Miriam: *Take their spots on ends facing each other*

*Arleen, Emma, and Trixie all sat down close to each other, Trixie yawning a bit with a stretch*

Arleen: This place seems fine enough so far.

Emma: They probably keep the worst stuff in the members’ only area, if I had to guess. Keeps guests from getting spooked off.

Valerie: That’s fair. So, how have y’all been doing?

Arleen: I’ve been pretty good all things considered. Spending more time at home with Opal, lately. ^^

Trixie: Eh, opposite here. Been getting out more, whether that’s for exercise, or getting more used to going around in my nighttime form like this. Been good too, though.

Emma: Been kinda stressful on my end. Necro got some… Ideas in Shiyo’s head about how to deal with people that pick on him, and that’s been frustrating to deal with. Having work to worry about on top of that definitely hasn’t been helping…

Ashley: Oh, jeez. If you need help with Shiyo let me know. I can try my best to help.

Miriam: Surprisingly, everything has been fine in the Demon Kingdom. Nothing bad’s happened recently, it’s been pretty peaceful. Left me bored as fuck, so I’m glad I got invited. Otherwise… Valerie, you know a good reference.

Valerie: Tennis ball, throw it against the wall.

Ashley: I’ve been good as well. Been having trouble coming up with new inventions, so I’ve been rewiring and reworking all my other inventions. Proved to be an interesting challenge.

Valerie: Zelda makes good jams, plus I found out that in one of the dimensions that Vi likes to hang out in, me and her are no longer invincible. So that’s fun. But otherwise, like these two, I’ve been pretty bored. Which is exactly why I want a membership here.

Emma: Kate seemed pretty chill, so who knows. ‘Specially with how into the idea you act.

Valerie: Oh, this ain’t no act.

Ashley: Can confirm. Even in the short time we’ve known her, I’ve never seen her more hype than this.

Emma: Oh you know what I meant ya b*****ds. *Gives a playful lil’ telekinetic punch to Val’s shoulder*

Valerie: *Chuckles, smiling* For real though, it’s awesome to spend time with you all. Been meaning to get outta Nightshade for a while, what better way to spend it then with my friends?

Arleen: It’s nice for me, too! Feels like forever since I’ve just kinda hung out with friends outside of AAaF and the celebration party.

Emma: True there, girl. I really gotta get out and hang with people more…

Trixie: Mm, ditto.

*A waiter walked up, handing everyone their own menu to order from, along with some glasses of water as a starter drink*

Valerie: *Nods to the waiter in thanks* Hey, if you guys ever want to, Nightshade’s always open.

Emma: Heh. I’ll keep that in mind.

Ashley: *Starts reading her menu* Wow… This is a lot.

Emma: *Opens her own menu up, eyes widening when she saw the selection. Tons of stuff, from the expected restaurant stuff, like spaghetti and salads, to more fast food-ish stuff, like burgers and fries. Even fancier stuff, like steak. Same held true for the deserts, sides, and drinks. Pretty much anything you’d want was likely on there* …Dang, Ash wasn’t kiddin’. This is massive.

Miriam: Might take me 15 minutes just to decide…

Arleen: *Looking hers over* Yeesh. This feels kinda excessive…

Trixie: *Just kinda staring at hers, having trouble processing it all* How the f**k do they expect anyone to decide with all this?

Valerie: I’ve already made my decision.

Miriam: Huh?

Valerie: Yeah. If they have whatever you’re craving, then I know what I’m craving.

Ashley: Let me guess, you’re memeing and saying “anime thighs.”

Valerie: Nope. Pasta.

Arleen: …Val’s got a point, actually. The idea is to have anything anyone would want, so just… Tell ’em whatever, and they’ll probably have it.

Trixie: Well, I’m feelin’ a cheeseburger. Don’t know about the rest of y’all.

Emma: …Ehh, I’ll just go with what Val’s gettin’. Pasta.

Arleen: Hmm… Not every day you get to have steak, and I’m in a meaty mood, so I’ll go with that.

Miriam & Ashley: Pasta.

Valerie: Ooh, now that I think about it, barbecue bacon cheeseburger. That sounds good.

Trixie: Oh h**l yeah. Gal knows the good s**t.

*The waiter came back now, asking if they decided their orders*

Arleen: Steak, please. Medium rare.

Emma: Angel hair pasta, with some fish fillets on the side.

Ashley and Miriam: Fettuccine alfredo. *Quickly look at each other, surprised at how they did it in unison*

Ashley: …You know what? A large plate of it. Me and her will share.

Valerie: Bacon cheeseburger, plain and dry, add ketchup and barbecue sauce.

Trixie: I’ll take what Val’s getting, with some fries and a vanilla milkshake to go with it.

*The waiter nods, double-checking to see if anyone else wanted drinks*

Emma: Mm. Now that you mention it, lemonade sounds nice. Just a regular one.

Arleen: Nah, I’m good with just the water.

Valerie: Root Beer, no ice.

Ashley: Lemonade.

Miriam: Same as Val.

*The waiter nods again, walking off now to fill in the orders*

Valerie: So… Conversation topics. I’m complete crap with them. Any of you got anything?

Emma: …Well, what’s caught your guys’ attention about this place so far? Any particular activities in mind after we eat?

Valerie: The adult section sounds like fun. I’m down for corruption.

Miriam: Kinda wanna check out the fight club, see what kinda shit goes down there. Val, I know you’d kick **s if you went in the ring.

Ashley: I’m fine with whatever you guys wanna do… though I’ve kinda got my reasons why I want to try the adult section.

Emma: Something to do with that aphrodisiac you’ve been working on? *Smirks a bit, holding her head up with her hand as she set her elbow on the table*

Ashley: Mmmmmhm. I didn’t know how risqué this whole thing would end up being, so I figured I’d bring it since the aphrodisiac hasn’t really been field-tested outside of Aviva.

Trixie: Pff, so what? You’d be lookin’ for a stranger or two to test it on, then?

Ashley: I mean, if one of you all wanna help me out, that would be fun…

Emma: Well you should know I’m never opposed to that kinda thing~

Arleen: I’d be willing to help too, though ah… Preferably not here, with all the random people who could see. ^^”

Emma: Well I mean-

Trixie: Especially considering we came in with Haku of all people.

Emma: …Bleh. Not as fun, but fair.

Ashley: Maybe later, then.

Valerie: I take it we’re all headed over there the moment we get finished with food?

Emma: Headin’ somewhere after food, that’s for sure.

Arleen: Got my eye on the fight club, personally. Would be nice to have more of a friendly fight instead of a scenario where I’m fighting for my life.

Trixie: Meh. I’ll probably join Miri and Arly at the fight club.

Emma: I could tag along with Val to the adults section, if she’s still gonna head that way~

Valerie: Oh, you know I am.

Miriam: Don’t forget. First rule of fight club is you don’t talk about fight club.

Trixie: *Chuckles* D**n straight, girl.

*It wasn’t long before everyone’s food showed up, the waiter setting it all down in front of each respective person*

Arleen: Thaanks.

Emma: Yeah, thanks.

Trixie: *Gives a thumbs up, rather then verbally saying thank you*

Valerie: Thanks, bruv.

Miriam: *Nods at the waiter*

Ashley: I’m ready to dig in when y’all are.

Trixie: Well no need to wait around. Came here to eat, let’s f**kin’ eat.

Arleen: Heck yeah! owo

*Ashley and Miriam started digging in at the same time, grabbing a forkful and shoving it in their mouths before slurping, their eyes closing as they savored the taste. Incidentally, they were eating off of the same noodle, drawing closer to each other until their lips made contact*

Ashley: *Opens her eyes, jumping back and blushing* O-Oh… S-Sorry, Miri.

Miriam: Hm? *Opens her eyes, looking at Ashley*

Ashley: W-We, umm… We kinda…

Valerie: *With her mouth full* Oi, shpit it out.

Ashley: …We were slurping on the same noodle and we kissed.

Miriam: …Ah. That’s what that was…

Trixie: *Stares at what happened, swallowing her food, then cracking up slightly* …Pffffff**kin’ cheesy b*****ds-

Emma: *Glares at Trixie, giving her a punch on the shoulder*

Trixie: *Winces a bit, grumbling as she went back to her food*

Ashley: I… I kinda liked it.

Miriam: Mmmm…

Valerie: And in 5… 4… 3… 2… 1…

Miriam: …I kinda liked it too.

Valerie: And now the fireworks begin.

Arleen: Oh d**n, that was fast-

Emma: Huh, yeah. Thought if that was gonna be a thing, it’d take until the end of the night at least.

Ashley: Heh, yeah… I guess that means we’re-

Miriam: *Interrupts Ashley with a kiss, intentional this time* …Now it’s official.

Ashley: …Y’know, I’d been planning on this for a while. Even asked Amber for her blessing first. She accepted, by the way…

Trixie: *Glances up from her burger* …Congrats you two. Happy for ya.

Arleen: Yeah!

Emma: Agreed.

Ashley: Thanks…

Miriam: Yeah, thanks.

*After a bit more eating, everyone’d basically finished their food, Trixie and Emma leaning back, with Trixie burping, causing Arleen to giggle*

Arleen: …Excuse you. X3

Trixie: Ay, burp’s just a body’s way of saying thank you, girl. *Snickers a little*

Valerie: *Lets out a larger, louder burp*

Ashley: 8/10, could’ve lasted longer and actually smelled bad.

Miriam: 9/10, nice volume. Also, ew.

Valerie: Not excusing myself. Meant to do that.

Emma: Ooof course you did…

*The waiter came back after a moment, collecting the plates and asking if they were interested in dessert. Emma looks at everyone else*

Emma: We good there tonight, or…?

Trixie: I’m full.

Arleen: Same. Don’t wanna over-stuff myself before checking out the other things around here.

Valerie: Triple Decker Eggo Extravaganza.

Ashley: Ignore her. We’ll just take some ice cream to go. I’ll take vanilla.

Miriam: Mint chocolate chip.

Valerie: Chocolate chip cookie dough, Ben and Jerry’s style.

Emma: …Mm. When you mention to-go stuff, I might as well get some too. Plain ol’ chocolate ice cream for me.

*The waiter nods, carrying the plates off while he goes to get the ice cream*

Valerie: I’ll wait here with the ice cream. You guys go on ahead.

Emma: I should stay too, since I’m the one with the money here.

Arleen: Alright then…

*Arleen gets up, followed by Trixie with a stretch, the two walking off towards the exit. Ashley and Miriam get up after them, holding hands as they joined the others*

Valerie: See you guys in a bit~!

*Haku had noticed the group eating earlier, and was just off to the side waiting. She was holding a decently sized metal box, only labeled with a yellow “caution” triangle on the top. Upon looking up though, she saw Arleen sticking out well in the crowd, starting to walk up to em*

Hakuro: You full enough, I’m guessing? Couldn’t even wait for me before you chowed down, I see how it is!

Miriam: You were slow. Took your sweet **s time. Missed an amazing moment.

Hakuro: Hey hey, I had to discuss some… Business. Stuff behind closed doors. What’d I miss though?

Ashley: *Lifts her hand, which is holding Miriam’s* The two of us are together now.

Hakuro: …Within like half an hour? Cool! And you’re already at a place that has stuff and activities to celebrate with I guess, so yeah!

Miriam: Yup. Gonna check out the fight club, watch some people f**k around and find out.

Ashley: The scientific method, y’know.

Hakuro: Oooh yeah, that’s a good one! Never expected you’d warm up to this place so fast, Ash. You get especially tough cookies in the ring on the weekends too. Plus this real cute Umbreon guy… But still!

Arleen: Sounds right up my alley too! owo

Trixie: I’m probably gonna tag along with them, if only to watch or somethin’.

Hakuro: You can totally go in as a newbie, y’know. Even tonight if you wanted to. Just know it goes on a lil record once you give your name, and you build up a rep. And that some folks do take it serious, even if it’s all for fun and not really rewards… Unless you partake in betting or gambles, anyway.

Miriam: *Stops holding Ash’s hand and puts one fist against her other palm* Building a reputation? Count me in. I’ll build one for being a bad**s.

Hakuro: Guess I’ll totally have to bet on you, then. Hope you don’t get too messed up with that attitude~

Miriam: If anything, I’ll just have Ash use her heal ray if I need to between fights.

Ashley: Only heals, doesn’t make stronger.

Arleen: I’ll give it a shot too! Sounds super fun~

Haku: I might too. I’ll have to think about it… Dunno if I trust leaving this box behind, anyhow.

Miriam: What’s in it, anyway?

Hakuro: …Oh, uh… Some… Materials. For a job. Don’t worry about it.

Miriam: Saying that only makes me want to know more.

Hakuro: …It might blow up if you’re too rough with it, that’s all I’m obligated to say. Now… Please don’t interrogate me, hahaha…

Arleen: …It’s best you just drop it, Miri. Don’t wanna get Haku in trouble.

Trixie: Or the rest of us, for that matter.

Miriam: Fiiiiiine…

Hakuro: Oh hush. You’d have to stab someone unprovoked or something to really get in trouble here, otherwise it’s a pat on the back. I’m just saying I’d rather not talk about it…

Valerie: *Walking in with the ice cream* Shoutout to the two lovebirds. Good on you two.

Emma: *Follows in After her, looking at Haku* Hey Haku. Things go over well with that Kate gal?

Hakuro: Oh, yeah! I got what I needed, and talked about some other stuff. No worries. I’m prolly gonna be headin’ to the club myself.

Emma: Good, good. *Looks at the others* Guess Val and I’ll head to the adult section while the rest of y’all head to the fight club?

Arleen: Sounds good! Meet back here in a few hours?

Hakuro: Mmm… I’m gonna go with Emma and Val, actually. Might catch a friend over there, anyways.

Valerie: I’ll probably join you guys at the fight club after a while.

Emma: Mm. If Val’ll be going over there, it’d make sense for Haku and I to go with her, so I guess we’ll see you guys at the fight club later.

Arleen: Alright! *Begins running off, excitedly* Let’s go, ya slowpokes! Wanna get to the action! OwO

Miriam: *Rushes off behind her* I call second match.

Ashley: Oh, you guys… *Walks off after the two*

Trixie: *Rolls her eyes, smirking as she ran off on all fours after everyone else, leaving Haku, Val, and Emma to go off towards the adult section for now…*


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