AAaF #98: Tempting Aggression

(Complications in acting which I’d rather not get into have led me to cancel Girls’ Night Out: Part 2. Attempts will be made to ensure the remaining AAaF stuff stay on-track from here on out. I apologize for the wait. -Editor Fizz)

*Arleen walks in from the portal, carrying a stack of books in her arms, with Smiley and Luci doing the same, all setting the stacks on a table near one of the couches, with Luci lying down on the floor lazily afterwards*

Arleen: Think that’ll be enough?

Smiley: They cover a… Decent amount of interesting topics. I’m sure they’ll be fine, at least for the length of this session.

*Chez comes in on their own this time, immediately halting when they saw the massive amount of books, seeming surprised, and a bit hyped up at the sight of them. Shortly after they showed up, a blue glow in Valerie’s body shape appears as she begins to materialize on the couch, holding what seems to be a Switch shaped like a Sheikah Slate. Once finished, she opens up a menu of sorts and presses a few buttons as it disappears*

Valerie: What’s the occasion with the books?

Smiley: History books, both Underworld-based and more general history. Haku and Chez took interest in them last session, and Luci suggested I bring them to this session. *Glances at Luci* …I don’t believe he accounted for the assistance needed in carrying them, though…

Chez: Thanks for actually bringing them in, wasn’t expecting there to be so many- *Walks in fully now, looking at the books*

Tiberius: *Pops in through the portal, instantly throwing a snowball at Arleen. Weird given the time of the year…* CATCH!

Arleen: *Flinches, holding her hands up in a panic to try and catch it*

*The ball crumpled against her hand, falling to the ground*

Hakuro: *Steps in shortly after this happens, seeming confused at the snow on Arleen, and a bit on the floor* …Uh… Where’s that even from? I’m pretty sure it’s June.

Tiberius: I came here from a magical place today. With snow. In June. Yeah.

Emma: *Pokes her head in from the portal* Was it Mel-related, Tib?

Tiberius: …Noooo, clearly not. *Pauses* …Okay, so maybe we had a one-sided snowball fight against Zaanel. But whateeeever.

Chez: *Looks over at Tib* Pfff… Why didn’t ya invite me?

Tiberius: ‘Cause you’d be too fascinated about the concept of the snow to actually participate.

Chez: I’ve uh… Seen snow a couple times before…

Lucian: I think he means about how Mel just kinda… Makes it from nothing. But yeah TIB, that’s rude.

Tiberius: Oh well. Some other time. But he’s pretty much a buried snowcat right now anyway thanks to a DIY machine gun Mel whipped up.

Chez: I’m sure they aren’t buried enough. I’d add on a few hundred layers to trap ’em with…

Emma: Pff… *Walks in fully, looking at the books* Well d**n, something mentioned in an earlier session actually happened in another. That’s rare.

Ashley & Miriam: *Walk in together, holding hands* Yo!

Chez: …Oh, hey. *Waves at them*

Tiberius: It was almost too cruel for me. Mainly because he’s still freezing cold under all that mess, but obviously can’t exactly die or get frostbite. And Mel just left him there for a bit. He’ll either get real used to the cold, or deal with that suffering for like an hour.

Lucian: We GET IT. You had fun.

Tiberius: Hey, if there’s a funny story, I gotta share it.

Lucian: Well SHUT UP now, and let’s start this thing.

Chez: Nah, you can’t be too cruel to that thing in there. They deserve every little bit of suffering… >.>

Miriam: Agreed.

Hakuro: D**n, Tib showing some empathy? What gives?

Tiberius: I said almost. Now hush.

Chez: *Spaces out all of the sudden, going silent and looking off to the side…*

Valerie: Helloooo, Earth… Or, well, dimensional rift in space… to Chez? Ground control to Major Cute?

Chez: *Slowly blinks before looking at Valerie* …Hmn…? What, me? *Pauses* …Wait, I’m not cute-

Valerie: There we go. Figured that would work.

Emma: Yup. There it is.

Chez: *Paps Val right in the face without thinking*

Valerie: *Takes the hit, not actually reacting much* …Ow.

Chez: Wh- I… S-Sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt ya- *Pulls their paw away*

Valerie: Don’t worry, I’ve got hit worse.

Miriam: I’ve seen it. You don’t want to f**k with Vi’s TV settings.

Chez: Mmh… *Walks around behind the couch, hiding there as he curled up a bit…*

*Trixie flipped in extravagantly from the portal shortly after this, with Fizz following after her quietly, flinching a bit for fear she might hit him with it*

Tiberius: Trix, please. You’re gonna kick someone in the face being that reckless and showoff-y, and if it’s me, you’re gonna get it right back in return.

Trixie: Oh huuuush. You know I’m always careful.

Tiberius: Not careful enough.

Valerie: Fiiiiz. You missed my Sheikah Slate appearance. It looked cool.

Fizzson: O-Oh, I’m sure it did Val. ^^”

Ashley: You alright, Fizz? Sounded kinda nervous there.

Fizzson: F-Fine, Ash. That’s just kinda how I am sometimes… Or, er- How I’ve started getting anyways…

Lucian: He’s a WIMP.

Ashley: Need any help?

Fizzson: N-No thanks, I’m good. Let’s just start. ^^

Ashley: *Has visible concern on her face* If you insist…


(Lucy originally had peppers at the start and end when he sent this Q, but they didn’t show right in the post, and I dunno how emojis work on WordPress, so uh… Oops. -Editor Fizz)

Miriam: Note to self, Shiyo’s weakness is spice.

Emma: …Well, yeah Shiyo. That’s how spice works.

Arleen: I’m more worried thinking about how much he might’ve eaten to get like that about it.

Chez: Yeah, spice is very bad in any amount-

Valerie: Chez, you underestimate the power of the human body. Or at least my human body.

Chez: *Pops his head up above the back of the couch* Well I’m talking about my latex body, it doesn’t handle spice well at all…

Valerie: Ah, fair enough then.

Lucian: You sure about that being the concern Arleen? ‘Cause his stomach literally hurt from that amount supposedly, and that’s coming from someone who can probably drink a gallon of car coolant and be fine.

Arleen: …Fair point Luci.

Fizzson: Well at least Shiyo’ll… Probably know better then to eat whatever amount he did now. ^^”

Hakuro: I hope so, though he also isn’t the smartest fellow in the world, to be fair…

Shiyo to all: Does Shiyo fur make blanket? What is “poaching”?

Hakuro: I’m not touching this one.

Chez: Um… I mean, Shiyo is soft. Not sure about “poaching” though…

Valerie: Nope.

Ashley: Not going that far in.

Smiley: I feel as if someone should tell him for his own safety…

Emma: *Sighs, scratching her head* …If he really wants to know, I can tell him later. For now, yeah, not something to get into in AAaF.

Arleen: Agreed.

Fizzson: I think that’s for the best, yeah-

Tiberius: How lame. Fiiine… Go on.

Shiyo to all: SHIYO FOUND ANOTHER SHIYO. He is white, GREEN eye. Eyes can be green?

Chez: Oh wow-

Lucian: Wait, what?

Fizzson: Green eyes are pretty rare from what I know. Might be more common on Adaptafoxes, though…

Arleen: …What’s he mean by “Finding” another Shiyo though? Does he mean like- One in the city, just met one online, or what-?

Valerie: Adaptofox dating app-? No, their paws are too big for phones…

Chez: Maybe a tablet, heh…

Valerie: Even then…

Tiberius: H**l if I know. Probably in the city I guess. Destined to be more than one particular thing like him in a place as big as that.

Trixie: Adaptafoxes are pretty rare though, aren’t they? Aren’t even native to the US, from what I heard…

Emma: Yeah. Kinda weird coincidence that there’d be another one visiting the states that just happened to stop by or stay in Tumbleten…

Hakuro: Ah whatever, it’s a happy coincidence. *Pauses* …I do wonder where they’re from though.

Smiley: I believe there are two commonly white variants, Russian and Korean, the former being aggressive and violent, while the latter is very protective and dutiful… For Shiyo’s sake, I’d hope it’s a Korean variant.

Arleen: Mm. Let’s hope…

Oddie to Emma: hey EMMAAAAA. Miss GREY even though you’re WHITE-FURRED. What’s kicking today? Anything fun?

Lucian: Oh no, she prompted him to ask more stuff with her last comment.

Emma: Ah jeez… Well, not much today. I did get around to ah… “Thanking” my friend at work for filling in for me on the night me and the other gals went out, but that’s not something to get into here. Seriously doubt you’d find that kinda stuff fun anyways, knowing you…

Lucian: Well hey, the sooner you return a favor, the better. Though from the sounds of it, “Returning it” was more of a favor for both of y-

Hakuro: Luci, do not.

Lucian: Oh fine.

Chez: Uh… No comment? *Hops over and onto the couch, their sour mood having improved by now…*

Valerie: Luci, how many innuendos do you go through a day?

Lucian: What, you think I count?

Valerie: Yes.

Lucian: I don’t. So I dunno.

Valerie: …Arleen, how many does he go through a day?

Arleen: *Backs up* Don’t expect me to count-

Valerie: D**nit. I wanted numbers.

Emma: That ain’t exactly a normal thing for people to keep track of, gal…

Fizzson: Anyways…

Aviva to all: jury duty is pretty cool

(Just pretend there’s a thumbs up emoji after that because again, the emoji didn’t paste and I have no clue how to make those work on WordPress. -Editor Fizz)

Lucian: Not for me. I don’t feel like sitting and talking for that long, as much as I love arguing…

Trixie: What was the case, outta curiosity?

Lucian: Unless the case is actually settled and over with, they can’t discuss it. I think. Legally.

Valerie: It’s been settled already. Ash?

Ashley: Violation of protective order. What’s fun is that the victim and the accused in the situation both spoke strictly Spanish and nothing else. A lot got lost in translation.

Valerie: Vi says that the original charge was for 2 or more times in the past 12 months, but during deliberation, they were only able to prove beyond reasonable doubt that only one of them happened, and that was because there was police dash cam footage, so they had to go with a lesser charge.

Tiberius: Sounds fun, I reckon. Gotta feel bad for the poor… Uh… Whatever the person who types the audio transcript is called, but still.

Trixie: Yeah. Case must’ve really sucked for ‘em…

Emma: Sounds kinda frustrating overall, really…

Miza to Fizz: Hey fiiiizz! Sit down and meow for me like a good kitty~

*Almost instantly, Fizz sat down on the floor where he was standing, giving a sorta odd smile*

Fizzson: Mrreooow~

*He blinked a bit after doing that, pausing, then looking around as a light blush started to form…*

Haku: …Uh, what?

Tiberius: Fiiizzzz, why didn’t you refuse? What’cha hiding?


Fizzson: *Looks away* I-It’s a long story. One that’s really not suited for AAaF- >~>

Lucian: At least simplify it, then!

Valerie: I think the best way to simplify it is some s**t went down.

Miriam: Better not be cheating on Emma with anyone-

Emma: Bold of you to assume I’d care. Fizz and I broke up a while ago, anyways.

Valerie, Ashley & Miriam: WAIT, WHAT?!?!

Tiberius: This is news to me.

Emma: Yeesh. Don’t gotta make a big fuss about it, but yeah. Fizz and I both agreed we were drifting apart over time, so we just kinda… Quietly broke up. Was sometime after the whole Anomaly thing…

Valerie: Message from Vi. Hana’s devastated, she thought you two were the cutest couple.

Lucian: Ain’t that big a deal. Both seem to be happy regardless, aye?

Haku: Fiiizzzz seems to have drifted a bit more towards guys too, considering he has a little not-so-hidden thing~

Fizzson: *Eyes widen, his head jerking over to Haku with a sliiightly bigger blush* E-Excuse me-?!

Hakuro: I didn’t say nothin’, love. Don’t you mind ol’ me~

Emma: Anywaaaaays, Fizz. You’re not outta the woods yet. What’s up with you and this Miza gal, hmmm~?

Fizzson: …M-Mm… *Looks down, still blushing* …S-She gave me a sorta collar that, um… M-Makes me do a-anything she asks through t-t-trigger words…

Tiberius: He was blackmailed. TAKE IT OFFA HIM AND SAVE HIM!


*Fizz realized what he was saying a split second too late, eyes widening as he clamped his hands over his mouth, blushing much more vividly while shaking nervously*

Tiberius: …Oh you’re never gonna live this down, Fizz.

Ashley: *Perks up when she hears “trigger words”* Alright, this I need to see first-hand.

Hakuro: You just did, Ash. The Q?

Ashley: No, like, the process of setting it up.

Miriam: Ash, what ideas do you have?

Ashley: Research for Saki. And maybe tricking Vi into doing something.

Miriam: Good. Don’t you dare try it on me.

Ashley: ‘Course not, babe.

Chez: I… Don’t really like the idea of what that collar does, but it seems like they aren’t being malicious with it or anything… Yet at least.

Emma: Ey, I think the collar’s adooorable, Fizz~

Lucian: He just needs some stripy socks and a cute lil “miaow~”.

Tiberius: …Ah, let’s just go on. Fizzy and Ash can talk it up later, maybe.

Fizzson: *Face was basically fully red at this point* I-If I’m not too embarrassed, then yeah…

Valerie to all: Hey, thanks for letting me hang out last episode! Had a lot of fun!

Lucian: My pleasure. You gals are always fun to be around anyway~

Emma: And then ya just never left.

Arleen: Funny how that works, heh… X3

Chez: Heh… Yeah, that is funny-

Valerie: In that case, thanks for letting me stick around. I promise not to be a nuisance.

Chez: Well you haven’t been a nuisance to me so far… Apologies again for earlier- ^^”

Valerie: Seriously, you’re good. I’ve had worse.

Chez: I know you had worse, but it wasn’t right that I may have hurt you at all…

Valerie: …I’ll make you a deal. I’ll forget about it if you let me call you cute once.

Chez: I… Wha-?

Valerie: You keep apologizing, and I think you’re cute, so…

Miriam: Val…

Valerie: If you let me call you cute…

Miriam: Val…

Valerie: …I might forgive you-

Miriam: VAL!

Valerie: Whaaaaaat?

Emma: Valerie don’t make me slap you.

Valerie: What if I want it~?

Miriam: Allow me to do the honors. *Walks up to Valerie and gives her a hard slap*

Valerie: OW! Jeez, you hit hard!

Miriam: Now shut up.

Valerie: Fine, jeez…

Chez: Wha-? I… Why are you guys…

Emma: You’re good, Chez. Val was being rude and tryna bribe you into letting her call you cute so she’d forgive you for the smack earlier.

Valerie: Okay, I’ll admit to bribing but how was I being rude?

Emma: Bribing over something that petty’s kinda rude, girl. Dunno what else to tell you.

Arleen: Oh huush Em. Was a bit manipulative, but I wouldn’t call it rude

Emma: Point is it’s bad for Chez, okay-

Valerie: I fail to see how positive comments are bad for Chez.

Miriam: And I thought you didn’t want drama, Val.

Valerie: Fine, I’ll let off for now…

Chez: I don’t… Fully understand still…

Arleen: Val wants to call you cute. You don’t like being called cute, or don’t think it’s true. She tried to get what she wants by giving you what you want, when what you want should’ve been something she gave without anything in return. In this case, she offered to accept you saying sorry for the attack, in exchange for being allowed to call you cute.

Chez: Oh… I think I get it now. I thought they had already accepted the apology, but I guess not… >~>

Fizzson: W-Well anyways…


Tiberius: He won… What now? What’s that?

Arleen: Jan Ken Pon. Japanese for Rock Paper Scissors, basically…

Tiberius: Oh, alright.

Hakuro: A plush of what, I wonder…

Fizzson: Imagine if it was a huge Adaptafox plush. I doubt that’s what it was, but imagine-

Trixie: *Giggles* That’d be adorableeee! X3

Lucian: D**n right. Life-sized Shiyo plush.

Valerie: Sounds fun.

Chez: Heh, yeah, very nice. I like soft plushies…

Fizzson: Saaame. Soft, huggable stuff is really nice…

Emma: …Is that why you gave yourself that giant tail, Fizzy~?

Fizzson: *Looks to the side with a light blush* …Maybe.

Lucian: Also ’cause I told him he looked better with it. Totally.

Fizzson: Y-Yeah! That too, heh…

Arleen: Well he’s not wrong. It really does compliment the rest of your look, Fizz.

Trixie: Definitely!

Smiley: I also agree with that sentiment.

Chez: Hehe, yeah. Big tails can be nice sometimes… *Holds onto his tail*

Fizzson: A-Ah, thanks you guys…

(Fun thing I found out while on a break from editing this: Jan Ken Pon’s actually a big serious thing in Japan, to the point that some people actually leave tens of millions of dollars up purely to the winner of a game of it. Considering Shiyo’s from Japan, it’s actually kinda fitting he got something out of winning that and is so excited about it when Lucy didn’t even know about the culture of it at the time, so that’s pretty neat. -Editor Fizz)


Lucian: I don’t get it.

Hakuro: Shame on you.

Tiberius: Me neither.

Chez: I uh… Don’t get any of that either…

Fizzson: I get it, but only cause of Siivagunner’s King for A Day stuff-

Valerie: Fun fact: her longest Jet Set Radio is about 45 seconds.

Emma: That’s a surprisingly long time to go without running out of breath-

Valerie: She replies “you underestimate my power.”

Emma: Of course she does…

Vampette to Luci: You showed a lot of interest in it when I made a Q about it last time, so I figure I should give you an update. New record: 6.5 oz of whipped cream consumed while driving a car in 2 minutes and 50 seconds.

Lucian: I can truly appreciate you and commend your efforts entirely.

Chez: Yes, same here, hehe…

Fizzson: Definitely sounds impressive.

Trixie: Yeah. Not too healthy tho…

Lucian: So what? Shush, you health nut.

Valerie: She’s done 2 in the span of 10 minutes before, and she’s been perfectly fiiiiine.

Trixie: Mmn… Whatever I guess…

Vampette to all, in memory of TAS: you take some chocolate and some lobster and some eggs and some pie and then you mix it in your body, and *bleep* it all out

Lucian: And in typical TAS fashion, I have no idea what that is.

Emma: Blegh, what’s that got to do with TAS?

Fizzson: Probably a meme. That’s usually the answer.

Valerie: Honestly, I still miss him. His dead memes will forever live on in our hearts.

Chez: Sounds like tasty food, but I don’t know what TAS is

Valerie: TAS was my little brother. He was… One of the people left behind in the Death of the Six… *Sniffles a bit* …Super chaotic, but we all loved him nonetheless…

Chez: Oh… S-Sorry to hear…

Valerie: I-It’s fine… Wherever he is, he’s probably having the time of his life.

Chez: I hope so… *Hugs Val rather suddenly*

Valerie: *Hugs back, seeming to appreciate it*

Emma: That doesn’t answer my-

Arleen: Let it go, Em. Like Fizz said, it’s just a dead meme we don’t get…

Emma: *Crosses her arms* Fiiine…

Miriam: Oi. Val. Cheer up.

Valerie: I know… Just… Give me a moment. *Breaks away from the hug, taking a few deep breaths* Alright… I think I’m good.

Chez: Oh, alright…

Zelda to all: the title of this song

Valerie: Agreed.

Haku: I absolutely love it.

Chez: Haven’t explored music very much yet, but I’m hoping to at some point. Like with games…

Valerie: If you ever wanna learn more about music, Chez, the door to Nightshade is always open.

Chez: Oh, alright. I may visit then-

Emma: That’s a pretty good song. Can’t say I disagree with the message either.

Smiley: Certainly catchy, I’ll say that much.

Valerie: Speaking of which, someone on YouTube mixed the song with Life Will Change from Persona 5. It sounds pretty good.

Emma: Huh. Maybe I’ll go look for it sometime…

Luci to all: What’s your favorite type of elemental ability?

Chez: Um… I like quite a few elements…

Valerie: Air. If I bend it the right way, I can make fart noises.

Ashley & Miriam: Fire.

Lucian: It doesn’t really go between a few select ones, though. Stuff like electric and ice and all are included, obviously. For me it’s prolly electric.

Tiberius: Fire.

Hakuro: Ice, actually. It can technically constitute water in a way too.

Ashley: Wait, would light be an element?

Chez: Oh, same question here-

Lucian: Uuuhhh… I dunno. For me I’d say no, but for some yes, so I can’t say. If you want it to be, sure.

Ashley: I’m taking light, then.

Chez: Same here.

Arleen: Fire, easily. There’s a reason I went and ditched Scary Face in my moveset. X3

Fizzson: Probably electric too.

Trixie: Air!

Smiley: I prefer water the most, honestly.

Emma: Ice, same as Haku. Though light’s also cool if that’s included, I guess.

Vampette to all: “computer” – Bill “Microsoft” Gates

Chez: Hmmm… Think I’ve heard of those before. -w-

Lucian: It’s a meme that neither Chez n’or the old ladies like Emma would get.

Valerie: Oh cool, so I don’t have to give context.

Emma: How am I the old one? I’m one of the youngest gals here. Would expect that comment for Arly more then anything.

Arleen: Wh- Hey-! >~>

Lucian: You’re both old. One just happens to be a prettier and less noticeable kind of old than the other~ ;3

Emma: *Appears to be very visibly ticked off by that, but takes a deep breath, keeping it in* …Whatever.

Tiberius: Oooo s**t, Luci actually got to ‘er.

Lucian: Jokes pay off.

Haku: Cruel and biased ones. Let’s move on…

Shiyo to all: I was asleep last night, and that’s usually good, but… I can’t remember what it’s feel like to be asleep, because I’m not awake for it. But if I knew how good it felt, I may not stay awake anymore. Help?

Haku: I uh… Have no clue what to say to that. It sounds like a query Chez would have.

Chez: Huh… Maybe dreams or something could count for that? I’ve never really thought of this before…

Fizzson: T-The closest thing you can get to “Asleep while awake” is a trance of some kind. Be that from deep meditation, hypnosis, or something of the sort. If you’re curious, you could try getting someone for that. *Pauses* …Someone trustworthy that knows what they’re doing, I should add.

Tiberius: Or alternatively, if you’re mentally braindead but still functionally alive and walking and all.

Ashley: Could try talking to Saki. She’s in training, but she’s got a decent hold of it.

Lucian: Oh Fizz could totally try “talking” to Saki, I agree.

Ashley: About that. Saki only puts people under trance if they agree to it in the first place.

Lucian: Fizz would toootally consent~

Fizzson: …Maybe. >~>

Ashley: Don’t worry. Saki’s not manipulative or anything. She only does basic actions. The rest is just working towards changing what you’re trying to change about yourself. That’s how she does it anyway.

Fizzson: O-Oh, alright then. ^^”

Shiyo to Smiley: Do you think being upside-down is having a new perspective on things?

Smiley: I… Suppose it would be, in a sense. Being upside down is a “new perspective” in it being different from how you’d normally look at stuff…

Haku: I mean, I’d argue it’s just an inverse of the same perspective.

Tiberius: But isn’t something being inverted making it new, since you’re not used to it?

Emma: Shiyo with all the philosophical stuff today, sheesh…

Haku: He’s not even trying to be philosophical, he’s just confused. And curious.

Lucian: He created a paradoxical question. I think.

Chez: Human eyes actually flip the image they take in before it hits their eyes, getting flipped upside down, so really you’re just going though a whole loop to go back to what your eyes see in the first place, heh…

Ashley: Yup, that’s how it works.

Lucian: …Oh, d**n. Never knew that.

Chez: Maybe you’d know if you read more books… -w-

Smiley: Regardless, yes. I believe seeing things from upside down would be a “New perspective”…

Shiyo to all: What is word for meal between lunch and dinner? I had a very tasty bit of curry bread after “lunch” but I still had to call it lunch, and I’m confused.

Haku: I’m sorry, what? Curry bread?

Lucian: Uh… I dunno if there is one.

Chez: I am also very confused on the whole labeling times to eat food. Kind of pointless for the times you eat between the set times…

Valerie: Aviva’s stepdad calls it “supper,” but he lives in the South, so I’m just gonna say it’s kinda snackish.

Fizzson: I’ve only heard of brunch, and that’s a fancy thing between lunch and breakfast. Not lunch and dinner…

Tiberius: Aw, what a shame.

Aviva to everyone: waffle house in the middle of Skyrim

Lucian: Where-

Fizzson: In a mod, probably. Or a meme.

Lucian: Waffle houses have the best food you could ask for.

Valerie: Yeah, it’s a meme.

Emma: Figures.

Arleen: Luci’s right though. Waffle house stuff is amazing.

Fizzson: I’ve never been, myself. Only been to IHop, and that was like… Once.

Valerie: I think some stand-up comedian called Waffle House a redneck IHOP.

Lucian: Okay but iHop is s**t, that’s a horrid comparison.

Chez: …Food… Heh…

Arleen: Food is nice in general. X3

Trixie: In reasonable amounts, heh…

Emma: Everyone’s definition of “Reasonable” is different, Trix. Luci and Arly’d know.

Lucian: Trix is just a health nut, so take her words with a grain of salt~

Trixie: Mmf… Whateveer…

Aviva and Zelda to everyone: I AM THE STORM THAT IS APPROACHING

Fizzson: I feel like we’ve gotten a Q about this before-

Chez: …Storm?

Valerie: If it has Zelda attached, it’s probably a song reference.

Hakuro: Probably. A meme or a song ref, those are the two typical options.

Emma: Don’t doubt that.

Arleen: Wonder what kinda song it’s from…

Valerie: Vergil’s theme, DMC5.

Arleen: …Ah. That makes sense.

Smiley: Indeed.

Bridgett to all: 😀

Chez: What’s that?

Emma: A smiley face, Chez. You look at it from the side and it looks like someone smiling.

Chez: Ooh, I see…

Fizzson: How many Qs like that have we even had at this point? Where it’s literally just a smile-

Haku: I mean, we’re almost at 100 sessions, so… A lot.

Smiley: It’s been happening since the first session, I believe, so Haku likely isn’t wrong…

Valerie: I guess Bridgett just wants you guys to smile back.

Trixie: *Giggles with a warm smile* Well I smile a lot in general, so that’s not a problem. X3

Tiberius: I always smile for Bridgett, so the attempt isn’t needed.

Lucian: …Something knocked Tib on the head today.

Emma: Luci’s right. You sure you’re okay today, Tib?

Tiberius: If I have to whack you on the floor to prove my point I will.

Lucian: He’s gettin’ soft. That’s a weak threat.

Tiberius: No I’m not. But whatever.

Ashley: It’s Bridgett. If you don’t smile for Bridgett, something’s wrong with you.

Emma: *Chuckles* D**n. Guess ya got us there…

Aviva to Fizz: yo, I forgot, which way do you swipe to summon your keyboard

Fizzson: I swipe left, yeah. Though that’s partly cause I’m left-handed, and I swipe away from myself…

Emma: …Why does she need to know though?

Tiberius: Emma, almost all Q’s that are asked aren’t things people need to know. Just things they wanna know for one reason or another. That’s… Literally a QnA in a nutshell.

Emma: Oh you know what I meant. Just a random, kinda weird-sounding question…

Hakuro: I think it’s valid.

Smiley: I’d argue we’ve been asked much weirder things in the past…

Fizzson: True. One of the Qs in the first session was asking Seth if he had a microwave in his robot body…

Valerie: Aviva says she’s got something planned that she’s having Ash help her with.

Ashley: Oh, right, the UI!

Chez: …huh? left handed?

Fizzson: …Er… Yeah. I do pretty much everything with my left hand. It’s the one I just… Grew to be the best at using.

Chez: Huh… Well in that case, wouldn’t it be left pawed? since technically it’s a paw- *Holds up their paws*

Fizzson: …Right. I ah… Don’t have paws, actually… I actually have hands. Fuzzy green hands, but hands regardless. Part of being a Catling specifically, and not just an anthro cat… ^^”

Valerie: Huh. The more you know.

Chez: Oh, sorry… I guess I just assumed-

Fizzson: I-It’s fine, no worries. ^^”

Aviva to all: Some random girl I’ve gotten to know asked me this regarding her, so I’m asking you the same regarding me. If you could choose an outfit for me to wear, what would it look like?

Chez: I uh… I don’t know? *Shrugs*

Lucian: You’d look good in most things, I’d reckon. Except a leather or jean jacket.

Valerie: Vi’s offended you would say that. That was part of her original appearance.

Lucian: My belief still stands. There are very few people who can pull off a jean jacket.

Valerie: She meant the leather jacket. To be fair, when she walked into Intelligentsia with that? I thought she looked hot. I think she pulls that off well.

Lucian: I haven’t seen it on her as far as I remember, so maybe it’s an unfair judgement for me to say that, but whateeeever.

Fizzson: I’m not all that picky about clothing really, so I can’t say.

Arleen: I guess a purple dress/black jacket combo with matching purple boots? I dunno, your usual stuff already works pretty well.

Emma: Yeah. Your normal looks already kinda just work well as they are.

Trixie: I’m with Luci on the “You look good in most things” thing. :3

Ashley: I’m with Luci too.

Valerie: I think your whole goth motif works perfectly. Rock it, girl!

Miriam: Agreed.


Hakuro: Left it on the stand ’cause the fusion core was low.

Lucian: Another Q lost to me.

Tiberius: Saaame case here… I dunno what she’s on ’bout.

Valerie: Too much heavy armor for my liking. I can do without.

Fizzson: I know it’s a Fallout thing. Don’t know the exact context or reference of that though.

Emma: Of course you know that much, Fizz…

Fizzson: Ah hush, Em.

Arleen: It’s more then most of us knew, at least.

Ashley: Surprisingly, I know this one. I believe it’s an area in Fallout 2.

Haku: It’s also a copypasta thingy. Goes on about how the armor was lost and you’ll be stuck in the army for the rest of your life to pay it off, and have to report to an armory or something to get another set… If I remember right.

Valerie: Yup.

Chez: Ah… Hah, for a moment I thought I missed out on some armor somewhere or something-

Tiberius: Would armor even like… Be able to stay on you?

Chez: I mean… I haven’t had typical armor on before, but I don’t see how it would fall off. My hoodie stays on just fine, so…

Tiberius: Ah whatever, that’s true. My bad.

Bridgett to all (with Aviva’s help): (metaphysically pats everyone on the head)

Lucian: …I’ll allow it, thank you.

Tiberius: Bridgett is owed one hug in return.

Lucian: Someone really needs to fix Tib’s head.

Hakuro: Hahah, thanks~!

Chez: Wha-? *Leans into the pat, seeming a bit confused* I… Thank you-?

Arleen: (Chuckles) Thank you. :3

Smiley: …I appreciate the gesture.

Trixie: Aaaw, that feels nice, thanks! X3

*Both Emma and Fizz kinda leaned into the head pats, Emma even purring slightly before she realized what she was doing, looking away with a blush*

Emma: …Thanks.

Fizzson: Mm, yeah. Thanks Bridgett…

Valerie: Hehe, thaaaaanks~

Miriam: Is it safe to say at this point Aviva’s basically adopted Bridgett? *Pauses* …Oh, yeah. Thanks for the pats.

Ashley: Always nice to get some good vibes from lil’ Bridgett.

Chez: The uh… Good vibes appreciated, hah… ^^”

Tiberius: Always, yeah. Thank you…

Aviva to all: happy pride month to my lgbtq+ friends, and happy Kia Summer Sales Event to my straight friends

Lucian: I don’t really care about that nonsense. If something or someone’s hot, I want it, no matter the labels, but thank ya anyhow.


Haku: Thank ya, Vivi.

Chez: Uh… I still don’t know the context-

Valerie: Some post she read from a PM Seymour video.

Fizzson: I-It’s a… Complicated thing, Chez. Would take a lot more then just explaining that one thing. Probably better you just not worry about it for now.

Chez: Um… Alright then. I’ll ask about it later…

Fizzson: Regardless, u-um… Thank you, Vi. ^^”

Arleen: Yeah, thanks! And same to you!

Emma: Damn right~

Vampette to all: Where do you see yourself on the D&D alignment chart?

Lucian: I dunno anything ’bout it.

Tiberius: Same.

Haku: Mmm… I couldn’t say, really.

Valerie: Lawful to Chaotic, Good to Evil. Neutral is an option on both. If you want, I can decide for you.

Fizzson: The full list is lawful good, chaotic good, neutral good, then the same set of stuff for evil and neutral, with “Neutral neutral” just being true neutral.

Chez: Oh, I see how it works. I may have said chaotic good before, but now that I’m with the guardians and all I may be more lawful neutral now… If you had to place me where would I fit in most?

Valerie: Hmmm… Lawful good, leaning towards neutral good.

Emma: Real curious to know where the “Chaotic” part came from on Chez’s end. He’s like the least chaotic person at AAaF.

Valerie: From what I’m hearing, he went sicko mode during the final boss of the Eradicator Arc. That’s where the tinge of chaotic came in.

Chez: Ah heh… Yeah, definitely my point-

Emma: Ehh… That’s like one really out-of-character thing for him, but eh. Feel neutral good myself, what about the rest of you guys?

Fizzson: Lawful good, here.

Trixie: Saaaame.

Arleen: *Shrugs* Probably more chaotic good after hangin’ around Luci so much.

Smiley: Same as Emma for me.

Valerie: Chaotic neutral, leaning towards neutral good.

Ashley: Chaotic good.

Miriam: True neutral. Only because both scales balance out.

Hakuro: Neutral good, I suppose.

Lucian: Arly spoke for me already.

Tiberius: Lawful evil?? I dunno.

Valerie: You’re definitely the lawful evil type, Tib.

Miriam: I’d argue neutral evil, but meh.

Emma: I’d say more chaotic neutral. Not entirely bad or even does bad stuff as a job, but he’s not against stuff like that, and you’ve heard the kinda s**t he does for “Fun”.

Miriam: …You know what, that’s fair.

Tiberius: Y’all can debate what ya want, it doesn’t really matter much to me. ‘Sides, Emma, dunno what you’re goin’ on me about for doing immoral things for fun. I’d say about half your friends are “with benefits” from what you’ve openly admitted.

Emma: Ay, I don’t go wrecking s**t or get into life and death situations for the fun of it, do I now?

Tiberius: *Clearly intending to get on Emma’s nerves, smirking* You sure would’ve if you got some provocation when you were still “Despair”, y’know. Bit of a streak of luck you didn’t snap~

Hakuro: Tiiib, stop. Uh… Fizz, next question?

*Emma growls audibly, but stops herself, taking a deep breath*

Emma: …That has nothing to do with my point. It’s not how I am now.

Arleen: Even then, Em’. You saying you wouldn’t go wreck a warehouse or something for fun or stress relief if given the chance?

Emma: …Yes.

Arleen: You suuuure, even if you knew you could get away with it? ;3

Emma: *Sighs* …Yeah, okay. You’ve got a point.

Tiberius: Hey hey, nearly anyone would under those circumstances, since everyone’s got a little devil on their shoulder. Bit of an unfair thing to ask, Arly.

Hakuro: Fizz please-

Maddy to all: Thoughts on necromancy?

Miriam: Ah, yes. The one subject pending legality in the Demon Kingdom.

Tiberius: Depends. In general, or specifically in a fighting context?

Smiley: I assume generally, from the wording of the question.

Miriam: Generally, yeah. Personally, I’m slightly alright with it. Gives the dead another chance at life.

Lucian: Really depends on how the person died. And the state they’re in. Unless you got some perfect reanimation, chances are the things you bring out aren’t gonna look the prettiest. All in all, not my cup of tea.

Hakuro: If they died naturally, who’s to say they want to return? The will of dead people may not be written or conveyed, but it can and should still be respected morally even by assumption. When people die, they die, and that’s that. Being brought back would be immensely stressful to the person, as well as people they once knew. They may even feel displaced or not belonging anymore. A sense of amnesia, in time having passed while they were dead and unaware.

Tiberius: Corpses can’t fight great unless you imbue them with power yourself. Especially putting what Luci said into consideration. It ain’t much a combat ability I’d say, but all in all I don’t really feel one way or the other about it.

Chez: Ah, yeah… I was just going to say how it may be nice if, they were willing, to come back for however long they wished… But generally I heard necromancy just strips away the personality of someone to be used as a fighting force, which I don’t like the idea of, really…

Tiberius: Not necessarily. Necromancy is a broad ability, can be used for a lot of things. It can be for combat, for straight up re-animation, or other purposes.

Chez: Oh. Well I didn’t know that, thank you-

Valerie: From Maddy’s point of view, necromancy technically has nothing to do with dead bodies and reincarnation or reanimation. Instead, after someone quote-unquote “Dies”, their soul sticks around for 24 hours or so, trying to come to terms with their death and walk through Death’s Door with no hesitation. Necromancy’s involved when someone chooses to stay for longer or shorter, and so to keep equal exchange, a necromancer must “Maintain the balance.”

Miriam: And as I understand it, where she’s from, reanimation and reincarnation are illegal.

Lucian: Sounds complicated. I don’t understand it at all.

Valerie & Miriam: Exactly.

Smiley: Necromancy as it’s largely considered is magic or other arcane practices for the resurrection of the dead, or in some cases, the prevention of souls from moving into the underworld and afterlife. This can mean reanimating the corpse without a soul to do as you order, or trapping the soul in the overworld as a spirit, controlled or otherwise. It’s a very serious practice that’s not to be simply toyed with, Haku’s stance in particular being a big thing to consider if you’re attempting it with any semblance of good intentions.

Emma: I can speak from experience. Being brought back after death, ah… Isn’t great when you don’t expect or want. Got better for me eventually, but it was a… Real bumpy road getting there…

Trixie: That stuff always sounded icky to me. I get there’s good to be had in it, but it’s just never sat right, especially given all the ways bad people can use it for themselves…

Fizzson: Always felt like it was one of those things you only use for emergencies, really. Mainly when the person really needs to stay alive for one reason or another. ‘Course, that’s only if you can bring them back fully, repaired body and everything.

Arleen: I’m with Luci on this one, myself…

Maddy to all: You’re walking in the shallows of an ocean that seems to go into the distance forever. You can’t see any land aside from the sand under your feet. Whenever you step forward, the sand sinks just a little bit. As far as you can see, there’s no way to escape. Drowning is the only outcome. Assume whatever powers you have don’t exist. What do you do?

Lucian: So you die, or you die. That’s a diverse set of choices, innit?

Tiberius: Hmm… I’m gonna have to pick “Die”, chief.

Hakuro: I’d rather not think about that. Oceans… Aren’t fun. For me. Ever.

Miriam: Dying’s not the problem here. It’s what you do before you die that’s the question.

Valerie: Do you just go straight into death? Do you pray to whatever gods you believe in? Do you cherish your last moments? Or do you struggle to escape?

Lucian: Well, what is there to do? You walk, you get closer to death. You stay still or sit down to avoid that kinda death, then you’ll still approach it by some other way like starvation. It doesn’t say there’s anything or anyone else on said land. And I ain’t one to pray, especially in hopeless circumstances, so… Gotta embrace it.

Smiley: I believe it’s just a question of how you’d handle a situation like inevitable death. How would you feel? Would you fight it, embrace it, or cling to some vain hope that you’d survive? The specific circumstance isn’t what’s important in that regard. It’s just used for an example. How you’d cope with inevitable death in that scenario.

Miriam: You’ve got the idea right, Smiles.

Lucian: Oh my god just let me die already. I’m not religious but I’m about to start praying for you to stop being so f**kin specific

Smiley: No need to give such attitude, Lucian. You seemed to have the wrong idea on what was being asked, so I tried clarifying.

Lucian: That scenario sounds better than being lectured, Smiles.

Trixie: I’d definitely be scared, but I’d still try and keep my spirits up, hoping that something would change and I’d get saved.

Fizzson: I-I’d be panicked and absolutely paralyzed in fear. Would go out as a complete coward, dying of starvation or hypothermia or something like that, cause I’m too scared to do or think of anything else.

Emma: Ah I’d just take it. Had a good run, can’t live forever and all that, so I’d probably just go out with little to no regrets, letting myself die quick by walking across.

Arleen: …I’d probably walk out myself too, but I’d wanna reminisce and think about some good stuff before then. Try and get myself to feel content with it and all…

Ashley: As I walked out, I’d give my praise to Miriam, Valerie, Vi, and the others. Multiple memorable moments, especially in those to come.

Chez: Oh, wow… Being in a place like that would be… Terrifying to say the least. I’d be too scared to even attempt an escape and just melt from the water, spreading out like a liquid in the vast ocean… *Visibly shivers just thinking about it* …I would spend time thinking about everything I could remember, though. Happy moments, regrets, or ridiculous things. Just… Think about it all as I slowly crystallized… Then I suppose there would be a small tribe of latex just sort of existing there for a while… Ah jeez… *Seems pretty uncomfortable now with all that in his head*

Tiberius: Real nice MADDY. You messed with Chez. That’s f**ked up.

Valerie: Knowing Maddy, even if it’s only been for a few minutes? Unless it’s someone close to her, she couldn’t give less of a f**k.

Emma: Cool, so Maddy’s an **shole. Gotcha.

Arleen: …I… I think we should move on.

Fizzson: Y-Yeah. Yeah…

??? to all: g

Haku: Very informative, amazing q. I’m sure everyone will have fantastic input.

Valerie: Top ten Qs ever posted.

Emma: Right behind all the Qs that are literally just smiles.

Fizzson: Probably the least workable Q that’s ever been posted, so there’s that.

Arleen: Yeesh. Don’t need to be that blunt about it, Fizz…

Lucian: If Fizz is mean at all, we get to tie him up and pelt him with filled water balloons like a firing squad. Good idea to spice up next AAaF.

Valerie: *Pulls out the Super Soaker from last AAaF* I’m in.

Fizzson: Wait, what-

Emma: I second this plan.

Fizzson: Emma, no-

Lucian: I think you deserve a threat too, Fizz. After all the times you threatened to f**king shave me. Payback hurts but it’s sweet for me.


Emma: You also threatened to dump a whole bucket of mud on him one time.

Fizzson: …I mean-

Lucian: ACTUALLY EMMA, thanks for reminding me. Since you’ve done multiple, you’ll also GET multiple threats over time that I’ll stick to if you don’t follow the boundaries~

Fizzson: Okay Luci, I’m sorry- ;-;

Lucian: Sorry ain’t gonna cut it. You pay with blood or pain.

Tiberius: I second that particularly.

Valerie: Third.

Miriam: Fourth.

Chez: *Shakes his head a bit, seemingly having spaced out* Sorry, uh… What are we talking about exactly?

Miriam: Torturing Fizz.

Chez: Wh- Don’t do that-

Valerie: Yes, do that.

Chez: Noo-

Valerie: Yeeeeees.

Chez: Friends don’t torture each other on purpose-

Miriam: Then we make it look like an accident.

Emma: Fizz threatened Luci with silly stuff a couple times, so now Luci’s threatening him back, with Val, Tib, and Miri backing him up.

Chez: But torture doesn’t sound silly-

Emma: It is when that “Torture” is literally just pelting Fizz with water balloons, Chez.

Valerie: Oh, no, the water balloons were never part of the equation. I was planning on using the Super Soaker.

Trixie: Those were what Luci brought up, no one ever agreed to a Super Soaker-


Chez: Isn’t that just drowning them-?

Fizzson: Enough! We’re not doing this. I-I’ll just be good, I promise! >~>

Lucian: Promises and “Sorries” ain’t how I cut my deals, buuut we can save it, and just move on…

Fizzson: M-Mmmn… Okay…

Editor Allie to the actual characters: What if i spray-painted shiyo’s fur red and called him clifford the big red fox

Lucian: …Who’s “Editor Allie”?

Valerie: God.

Valerie, Ashley & Miriam: *All give blank stares*

Lucian: *Seems to just sorta ignore them, glancing at Fizz* New friend and helper you got, Fizz?

Fizzson: …Err… No? Only other person who should be able to access the site normally is Emma, who took editing up during the Smiles stuff, and I never really denied access to afterwards…

Lucian: Well, tell people not to pose as editors then. Duh. Otherwise I might start sending Qs under the guise of “Emma” if we can pretend.

Arleen: Er… I’d find it funny, at least. ^^”

Hakuro: If you can reach that high, then yes. Though I’m sure he’d lift you. Or let you use a ladder.

Tiberius: I completely agree with this sentiment and if he doesn’t cooperate will try to make him for the joke.

Chez: Would spray paint even stick onto their fur correctly?

Ashley, Miriam & Valerie: *Still giving blank stares*

Emma: *Glances at them, then at Fizz*

Fizzson: *Shakes his head lightly, making a sorta cutting motion with his hand*

Emma: *Rolls her eyes*

Trixie: No harm in trying, is there Chez? X3

Chez: Well I don’t want Shiyo’s fur to get ruined…

Arleen: Ah, I’m sure it’d wash out. So long as you use the right paint, anyways.

Fizzson: F-Fur dye would also work, if you wanted to go that route…

Chez: Fur dye?


Tiberius: Yeah, there’s dye for fur.

Chez: Huh. Didn’t know that…

Tiberius: I vouch to make Chez pink or purple for an entire episode.

Lucian: More things need to be purple. I agree.

Chez: I wouldn’t mind being purple, heh-

Lucian: It would make you so much prettier~

Emma: Chez’s fur is latex. Would that even work?

Chez: You could just spray food coloring in me like I did one time to mess with Alex… -w-

Lucian: YES!

Hakuro: Another plan. Let’s move on though, yeah?

Chez: Hehe, alright…

Aviva to all: hey all, Vi here, and D**NIT- (if you can guess the reference, 20 points, if you can name the episode, 50)

Chez: I don’t… Understand…

Emma: Don’t wanna be known as the gal who owns Sonic Jam, ay?

Fizzson: *Chuckles* …Rarest of Games, Scott the Woz. It’s a Youtube thing.

Tiberius: Well, most people who aren’t complete nerds wouldn’t know.

Valerie: Aviva approves of you both.

Aviva to Valerie: Oh, no, you beat me in a Pokemon battle! But I don’t have any money… Perhaps there’s something else you want, hmmm~?

Valerie: Give me that hat.

Lucian: …Fiiiizzzz, let meeeeee…

Fizzson: No. We have Chezzes in here, Luci.

Lucian: UUUuuuUUUUuughHHHH! Fine! Not like he’d get it anyway!

Chez: Wha?

Emma: Don’t ask, Chez.

Chez: I- …Fine.

*A pair of purple headphones appear on Valerie’s head*

Valerie: Hat obtained. Continue.

Chez: Oh, nice-

Arleen: Pff…

Aviva to all: I just created someone’s OC just by asking them to draw a smiley face. Fear me and my powers of character creation.

Lucian: Well tell ’em to put a smiley face on a black figure, and that’s Smiles. Yet somehow he still manages to look demonically charming~

Smiley: *Seems a bit taken aback by Luci’s comment, looking at him* I beg your pardon?

Lucian: Whaaaat? I said you look good. Without that dumb, useless mask anyway.

Smiley: *Puts a hand to his mask, gripping it lightly* …It’s a sentimental thing, Lucian… But thank you regardless.

Lucian: You can have something sentimental and not wear or feel a need to use it. In fact, it’s almost better that way cause it won’t get worn out as fast. That ain’t no excuse! I think you’re just shy~

Smiley: Well I don’t think that’s true…

Arleen: *Looks to the side, coughing a bit*

Lucian: That’s also directed at you, Arly, buuut whatever…

Hakuro: I’d like to see this OC sometime. Sounds funny.

Chez: Same here, I guess-

Valerie: Oh trust me, you don’t. Remind me to give you the backstory when we can do NSFW things.

Chez: Wha…?

Emma: Don’t. Ask. Chez.

Chez: Fine, fine. Jeez…

Valerie: I won’t stop him if he wants to ask, but it’s not safe for innocent ears.

Emma: Chez is innocent ears. Now shut your yap, and next person to bring this kinda s**t up gets socked square in the face.

Fizzson: J-Jeez. I know you’re tryna protect Chez and all, but tone it down a little Em…

Miriam: And smart**s move in 3… 2… 1…

Valerie: *Pulls a handheld whiteboard out from under her shirt, writing “This kinda s**t”, then holding the sign up, smirking*

*Emma growls, glaring at Valerie, but stops herself again, taking a deep breath*

Arleen: Yeesh. People are out for blood on Em today-

Lucian: I couldn’t tell ya why. But it’s a little funny. Especially since she’s sassy enough to actually do something.

Emma: I could do it… But I won’t. For now.

Chez: Innocent ears…? *Rubs their ears a bit*

Emma: Moving on.

Fizzson: …That’s all of ’em, I think.

Emma: Thank f**k. Had enough of this whole “Let’s bait Emma into hurting people” mindset for one day.

Valerie: *Summons a spray bottle and gives a wide smile*

Emma: Try anything and I am unapologetically slamming you clear through the wall, Valerie.

Miriam: Joke’s over, Val.

Valerie: Awwww… *Unsummons it* At least I got the reaction I wanted, so that’s kind of a win.

Chez: …Just as long as everyone’s alright, it’s fine. -w-

Fizzson: M-Mind ending it off before this has a chance to get any more heated, Arleen? ^^”

Arleen: *Chuckles* Not at all, Fizz.

Send your Qs to me, Luci (Lucian), Smiles, Chez (Chez), Fizz, Em, Haku (Lucian), Tib (Lucian), Trix, Valerie (Allie), Miri (Allie), Ash (Allie), or anyone else ya see in the AAaF Character List. All Qs between this AAaF and the next will be featured in there. Keep ‘em clean, and remember to have fun!

Arleen: This is Arleen, signing out ’till next time. B-

Valerie: And remember, what goes up must come down, and if it doesn’t come down within 48 hours, consult a physicist.

Arleen: *Glances over at Valerie, shrugging* …As I was saying, bye guys! :3


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