The Plan (Status Update)

It’s been a while, huh? Nearly a year since last post at the time of this writing. After so long, I figured it’d be best to make a sorta update and say what all’s been going on for the few people who may keep their eyes on this series.

First and foremost, hi. I’m not dead, and neither is AAaF. It’s just been stuck on hold for an ungodly amount of time, main reason being that the 3rd and final Battle of the Bands took forever for a multitude of reasons, including Allie being in some rough patches, taking priority away from it on his end (In addition to his usual forgetfulness), Lucy losing steam with it because of how long it was taking, and pretty much everyone, and performances in general needing a good burst of inspiration and unbroken concentration, which can make ’em take a bit all on their own, with their being seven performances total.

Sooo yeah, it’s been a lot, BUT it actually got done recently (Or officially called done anyways), and I’m in the process of editing it… However, I don’t think I’ll be publishing it as soon as it’s finished this time.

See, at this point, I have absolutely no clue how long any posts are going to take. With Chez’s own schedule and schooling potentially getting in the way, Allie being Allie, me having on and off bouts of inspiration for self-made posts, and Lucy even feeling kinda shaky with doing AAaF as a whole nowadays and having his own job to manage, I can’t in any reasonable faith publish with any sort of consistency if I post stuff as soon as it’s done.

…But I have a plan.

I am going to get every single post I wanna do on Arleen and Friends done before publishing anything, then when they’re all finished, I’m gonna start pushing them out weekly from Battle of the Bands 3 aaaall the way up to Arly and Luci’s informal wedding party. In that time, I can only truly promise the last Battle of the Bands in two parts, the two remaining AAaFs, the wedding finale, and two extra side story, since one’s nearly finished anyways and the other’s written out as good as it’s gonna be for potential editing. However, there’s also some stuff I’m considering doing, or stuff I might do if I feel like it, but am not putting at high priority.

1: Two potential extra story arcs, told almost exclusively in side posts.

2: Some more one-off story posts to wrap up loose ends. (Dunno exactly how many)

3: One extra surprise post which I’m not saying in case it doesn’t end up happening.

One of the things you might notice is the OGT being absent (If anyone even still remembers that). Three posts worth of content has yet to be posted from it, but I’ve decided to just let that rest. We’ve firmly gotten far past the point where anything in that arc is accurate to present-day quality and character aspects (One of the chars in it doesn’t even exist anymore), and the only lore-relevant thing was the situation with Saeva, being Karma disguised as a black latex at the time. We never even did finals, so the winner rewards never came into play either.

Nevertheless, that’s my plan. Get the seven for-sure happening posts done, then maybe do some extra stuff as bonuses for context to things. Once I feel like enough is enough, they’ll get posted weekly every Wednesday at 6 PM EST via scheduling. Finally heading towards the end of this ridiculously drawn-out series, but hopefully I can somehow put together a fine enough conclusion to all of this for whoever might still be reading, if anyone at all. That’ll be all from me. Have a good day everyone.


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