Character List

This is a list of all the characters you’ll see in stories and such on Arleen and Friends. This doesn’t include minor one-off characters and some of the less important ones from ATG, as I feel they weren’t necessary to list. Any characters not currently listed aside from those will be added when I have time to do so, and any characters without pictures will eventually have pictures.

Main Cast

The characters that appear as regulars in Ask Arleen and Friends. (Can be sent Qs.)



A courageous and friendly girl who transformed into a Zorua sometime ago, and later evolved into a Zoroark. She can transform into any creature or person she’s seen previously, which she uses to great effect in combat. Her quick thinking and headstrong attitude has gotten her through many fights, but it can sometimes get her in trouble. She’s the face of AAaF, and has a loving boyfriend in Lucian.


Smileskenderuum Cronomicus (A.K.A Smiley)

A demonic entity who used to be a sick, twisted killer, but has since mellowed out somewhat. He lost a good friend of his thousands of years ago to an angry mob, which led him to go on a massive killing spree that eventually resulted in him being trapped in the void until Arleen’s emotions freed him, and he sought to claim vengeance on humanity. For a time, he was stuck in a spirit-like form, but he’s since regained his ability to remain in his corporeal form. He has a true form that he can only transform into should he feed on enough negative emotion.



A laid back, green cat person who knows a lot about video games and dimensional science. He’s smart, but can stress easily, leading him to occasionally blow up at people, or even say things he doesn’t mean. Despite this, he tries his best to be a good example and lead the AAaF team in tense situations. He can spawn a keyboard, which allows him to manipulate and twist reality through the creation, destruction, and editing of code, and is in a relationship with Emma.


Emma (A.K.A Despair)

A young cat girl who used to be human until she was killed by her father. She tends to be rather nervous around new people, but eventually warms up to them, acting kind, gentle, and supportive of those she cares about. She has weak telekinesis, allowing her to float and move other things or people around. She’s currently in a relationship with Fizzson.



A Zorua that normally disguises as a Sylveon who can talk and act like a human. He’s used to be shy and nervous around others, but has since turned into a very excitable, and generally cheery person who’s fun to hang around. He likes to occasionally mess with people, but can be serious when necessary. As a Pokemon, he has a variety of moves he uses to protect those he cares about, as well as a loving girlfriend in Arleen.



A demon dog who’s a part of the Nightmare Council, an elite group of fighters from the underworld. He has a strong sense of duty, and normally comes across as tough and serious, but hides a more sarcastic, playful side. He’s confident, protective, and very powerful. He’s skilled in the use of blades, and would give his life for those he cares about. He was in a relationship with Trixie, but has since broken up and gotten in one with a fellow demon dog and council member in Perish.



A half-cat half-human girl, who turns into a more feral cat-like form at night. She’s friendly, energetic, and very athletic, capable of flips, splits, and any other feats you could think of. At night, her feral form makes her more irritable, lazy, and closed off, even lashing out at those who rub her the wrong way. Because of this, she tries not to be out in the open when night falls, preventing any harm that may come to others. She had a boyfriend in Tiberius, but has since broken up with him.



A super up-beat, peppy Midnight Lycanroc. She frequently puts on performances, which means singing, using Pokemon moves to create a dazzling spectacle, or a combination of the two. She’s very passionate, and puts her all into every show she does, and has a growing fanbase that loves each one. She’s known Despair since she was a Rockruff, and is grateful for everything Emma did to get her where she is today.



A scientifically-minded woman who excels at magic. She’s quite intelligent, solving problems in the most logical and sensible way she can, but tends to lose her temper a good bit when things aren’t going her way. She can use spells of all kinds to help her in research, battle, and everyday life.


A Chaos Binder and top member of Amber’s Special Forces. She acts pretty relaxed, generally trying to stay in people’s good graces and not tick them off. Her main ability is to consume rogue demon souls, gaining the powers of said demon in the process, making her combat abilities nearly limitless. She seemingly died shortly after the Psycho Squad’s attack on AAaF, but came back several months later, revealing that Chaos Binders can only be permanently killed by other Chaos Binders.

Side Cast

Characters that aren’t mains, but appear frequently enough to be important characters. (Can be sent Qs unless otherwise said in their Bios)



A dimensional traveler capable of switching between numerous forms. He has plenty of useful abilities, including but not limited to teleportation, energy blasts, portal creation, and reality warping through code. Though stubborn, he’s a good person who does his best to protect others. He occasionally loses control of himself, and it’s up to his friends like Kif and Mimi to keep him in line.
Voice Claim: N/A


Elyana (A.K.A E/LuckE Wing)

A young girl who runs Ask the Villains and has a tendency to sneeze herself across universes. She lacks self confidence, seeing herself as “Nothing special”. She’s very protective of her friends, and would do anything to help them, even going so far as to put herself in harm’s way. She has a crush on her friend, Dr. Hare, but stubbornly refuses to admit it, feeling certain he doesn’t like her the same way. (Can only be sent Qs through Ask the Villains)



A girl who was artificially created by Network to be the strongest being in the Multiverse. She can be rather… Robotic at times, often showing little to no signs of actual emotion. She has just about any practical power you could think of, and uses them for varying purposes. She was sent to AAaF to protect those there as a favor from Netowork to Fizz, but has since returned to Mirrodin under Network’s orders. (Can’t currently be sent Qs)



A sentient fox plush and good friend of Despair. He knows a lot about souls, and has the ability to change and separate them. As the first victim of Wilson’s murdering spree, he acts as a leader of sorts for the group, with a calm, collected, and helpful attitude towards others. He can teleport and float high off the ground.



A twisted, psychotic version of Arleen. She hails from an AU where she tried protecting others by forcing Smiley to stay possessed to her. This led them to become permanently fused, combining the abilities and minds of the two into one being, which led her to act on Smiley’s violent urges. She’s since become much calmer, though is still quite aggressive in battle, and can be quite creative with her use of Smiley’s powers at times. She coordinated the bulk of the attack on AAaF. (Can’t currently be sent Qs)



A cunning, arrogant demon who escaped from the Abyss in universe 667. He takes enjoyment from killing others, and targets those he sees as “Weak” to toughen them up through pain. He can copy the appearance of anyone,  possess people by covering them completely in black goo, and has a number of other abilities in combat. His most recent target is Emma, whom he’s tormented frequently to either make her break, or strengthen her. (Can’t be sent Qs)



Arisu’s best warrior, who became queen of universe 467’s underworld after Arisu and Kimiko’s death, and is now leader of the revamped ATG, Ask the Girls. She’s calm, and always treats people with respect, even in tense situations. She’s also an expert weapon smith, having made weapons for several of her friends and allies previously, along with her own twin blades, Hope and Peace. She’s currently working with ATG and people from AAaF to discover who killed the old ATG’s main six.


Melefikaara Thuubliocius (A.K.A Mel)

A chaos fiend who took interest in AAaF after reading it out of boredom. As a chaos fiend, she can do absolutely anything, and often uses this power in crazy ways that don’t entirely make sense. She’s usually playful and mischievous, using her powers to mess around with others, though she occasionally has mood swings, resulting in her acting malicious or cruel. She once possessed Arleen so she could partake in AAaF.



The daughter of Arleen and Lucian. She shares her father’s cheer and playfulness, along with her mother’s devotion to doing what’s right. As a young Zorua, she’s still getting to grips with her shape shifting powers, and constantly learning more about the world around her. She loves sweets, but tends to get very hyper when she eats them.

Minor Cast

Characters that aren’t mains, and aren’t particularly important to AAaF (Can be sent Qs unless otherwise said in their bios)



A goo-made cat person and Seth’s best friend. Like Seth, he’s a dimensional traveler capable of teleporting himself and others. Unlike Seth, he’s a very responsible person who rarely acts deceptive in his actions. He keeps a close eye on Seth to make sure he doesn’t suddenly go out of control.


Grave Watcher (A.K.A Gray)

A stern cat person that looks strangely like Fizzson. He watches over the Multiverse Graveyard, a place filled with demons and other nasty creatures. He takes his job very seriously, and has several abilities suited for containing those that live in the graveyard. He’s temporarily taken watch over various other evil entities in the past as requested by Fizz, and is willing to watch over more if necessary.



A cheerful, up-beat robot who used to perform at a restaurant called Mimi’s Dinner and Show. The restaurant burned down, and she was reduced to a lifeless endoskeleton until she was found by Seth. Seth repaired her and upgraded her with several state-of-the-art tools and weapons, eventually being turned into a human with his help. She loves Seth dearly, and would stay at his side no matter what.



The headmaster of Mirrordin High. He takes his job quite seriously, greeting new students and enforcing the rules, all while fulfilling his primary directive of monitoring the Multiverse. Not much is known about him besides this, and he keeps many things to himself. He created Ultia as an attempt at creating the strongest being in the Multiverse.



A dragon-lizard-alien girl and previously, one of Eyve’s best friends. She’s snarky, sarcastic and very confident in herself. She’s very dependable, and is always ready to help her friends. She once worked at a bar with Eyve, but quit that job to work at a Nightclub as an expert Dj. She’s currently recovering from grief following Eyve’s death. (Can’t be sent Qs)



An eccentric cat person made of latex. She has a peppy personality and a… Unique form of speech. As a latex creature, she can melt into and slide around as a puddle, turn her paws into weapons, and turn others into creatures like her by touching them. She once absorbed Arleen, becoming one with her in a process called “Transfurral”, gaining her desire to never leave a friend behind. She’s now separated from Arleen, travels the around the world, and has a boyfriend in Orchid the Lurantis.



An excitable dutch angel dragon, and good friend of Lucian and Seth. Some time ago, she lost half of her code. Becoming a glitchy being with little personality and barely grounded in reality. Fizzson fixed her, returning her to her cheerful, upbeat, friendly self. She gets very hyper about Pancakes, and can’t resist lapping up syrup, wherever it may be.


Skyla (A.K.A Skye)

A friendly rabbit girl and one of Eyve’s best friends. She’s supportive, and happy to help her friends whenever they need it. Like Ness, she’s pretty chill most of the time, but unlike Ness, she’s not quite as cocky, simply doing what she can when it’s needed. She’s been helping Ness through her grief over Eyve’s death, and has a job as a hair stylist. (Can’t be sent Qs)



A malicious spirit who escaped from the underworld in universe 667. Like Aether, he enjoys the suffering of others, and can possess people. His type of possession is forced, but needs to power up over several hours of possessing before he can get the person to do something they wouldn’t otherwise do willingly. He comes and goes in his hostility towards AAaF, and has a particular grudge against Smiley. (Can’t be sent Qs)


Harvey (A.K.A Dr. Hare)

A reformed mad scientist that accidentally made himself part bunny in a lab experiment. Nowadays, he’s more awkward and less confident then you’d expect from a mad scientist. He’s become a very nice person, who’d prefer not to trouble people whenever he can avoid it. He secretly has a crush on Elyana, but is too nervous to admit it, feeling certain she doesn’t like him the same way. (Can only be sent Qs through Ask the Villains)


Charlotte (A.K.A Black Widow)

A reformed art thief turned artist. Nowadays, she’s snarky and sarcastic as opposed to evil and deceptive. She often tries her best to help her friends, even if said friends don’t always appreciate it. She tries her best to get Hare and Elyana to realize they like each other, and teases them about it constantly. (Can only be sent Qs through Ask the Villains)


Mordred (A.K.A Binary Bard)

A brilliant inventor who was corrupted by power that led him to turn himself into a cyborg. He’s since reformed and returned to being a great inventor, always helping make various useful machines. He’s all for getting Hare and Elyana into a relationship, but takes more of a passive, supportive approach to it then Widow does. (Can only be sent Qs through Ask the Villains)


Director D

Originally the leader of the evil crime organization B.A.D, who pretended to lead a spy agency in the fight against them. He was rather childish in his evil days, but he’s now reformed and become much more mature. When he’s not missing for one reason or another, he’s making witty remarks or generally not taking interest in the stuff around him. He’s one of the only AtV characters not trying to get E and Hare together, and is rumored to have a secret girlfriend of his own. (Can only be sent Qs through Ask the Villains)



A strong, wolf-like monster and friend of Despair. Necro is very serious, usually somewhat angry, and thinks fun is a “Waste of time”. Despite this attitude, he still cares for his friends, and can always be depended on to protect them no matter what. He’s the strongest in Despair’s home, and has a brother in Kraken.



A laid back, squid-like monster and friend of Despair. Kraken is very relaxed, lazy, though efficient, and is all for a good joke or prank. He helps out the rest of the house when needed, and can be very dangerous should his friends ever be put in harm’s way. He’s the fastest in Despair’s home, and has a brother in Necro.



A cheerful human girl with a few monster-like features. She isn’t… Entirely sane, leading her to sometimes act cheerful in situations most people wouldn’t. She still cares deeply about her friends, though, and would do anything to make them happy. She’s very good at being creepy, sometimes acting psychotic to chase off anyone who threatens her or her friends.



A reclusive, ghost-like monster. He’s very shy, and doesn’t much like being in crowds, even with the rest of his friends. Despite this, he is willing to help his friends whenever necessary, and can defend himself and others should they be in danger. Contrary to the ghost-like appearance, Nightshade is corporeal, but can disappear and reappear in the shadows as he chooses.


A Lurantis Katrina met while exploring Arleen’s universe. He used to be one of several protectors in the forest, who defended its inhabitants from threats and outsiders. After befriending Katrina, he began accompanying her and seeing the rest of the world at her side. He’s now in a relationship with Katrina, and would protect her no matter what.


A half-wolf girl and sister to Trixie. Unlike her sister, Aluna is usually more laid back and lazy during the day, even sleeping in most days. Despite this, she enjoys spending time with her mom and sister, going with them places and playing with Trixie every now and then. She’s also very protective, and would give her life for the sake of her family’s.


A psychotic eidolon who lost her human body after being betrayed by the one she loved. She possessed E for a time, holding her hostage and threatening to make her commit acts of self harm. A was eventually tricked into letting E go and getting trapped in a fake soul stone, however she’s since reformed and gotten her own body, with help from Despair’s friendliness. (Can’t currently be sent Qs)



A laid-back Gengar who likes to play pranks every now and then. He’s very lazy, usually avoiding stuff he doesn’t think is worth the effort, and doesn’t like to be bossed around. He’s also relatively carefree, not stressing out about much, if anything, making him pretty nice to hang around most of the time. He hides a more powerful, murderous side, which normally only comes out through battling. (Can’t be sent Qs)



A cheerful rabbit girl and video game character. She can enter or interact with the real world through electronic screens (TVs, phones, etc), and as a living video game character, she can do and survive things that others normally couldn’t. She’s hyperactive, loves to make friends, and all around a great person to hang around with. (Can’t be sent Qs)



A human puppet and servant to Shaydas. She acts cold, and unfeeling towards others, thinking assisting Shaydas and his allies in whatever they need is the only thing that gives her life purpose. She was used by Rudhaa to gain the trust of Arleen and friends so she could possess Tiberius, and is fairly skilled in combat, with agility to rival Trixie’s. (Can’t be sent Qs)


A tiny screen connected to Lucian that he carries around with him. It has a playful, teasing personality, and likes to mess around from time to time. It’s functions are currently unknown, save for talking and changing its appearance on-screen to whatever it chooses, and takes up the nickname Lucian had when he pretended to be an Umbreon.


A corruption demon who escaped 667’s Underworld. She enjoys killing and watching people suffer, and has a possession ability similar to Shaydas’s, although a bit stronger. Her attacks can corrode and cause psychosis in her victims, making her a dangerous foe. She can’t speak unless possessing someone, and is a close ally to Karma, staying by her side no matter what. (Can’t currently be sent Qs)


An AU version of Emma, and girlfriend of Haku. She’s been hurt, backstabbed, or forgotten by several people she once called friends, including her own version of Haku. This led her to become hardened against others, gaining a good bit of combat skill and a sassier personality. She’s a bit of a delinquent, taken enjoyment out of many things people would usually find bad or taboo.


The reincarnation of Vampi, and a massive 4th wall breaker. Like Kimiko, she uses her knowledge of the 4th wall to do basically anything she pleases and is incredibly powerful as a result. Though unlike Kimiko, she’s not egotistical about it, and knows when she’s not wanted or needed to fix things. She’s a huge memer, frequently sending Qs related to them to AAaF. (Can only be sent Qs through Ask the Girls)


A good friend of Arleen who works at the local diner. She’s always upbeat, seeing the brightest side in even the darkest situations, though this can unsettle or confuse some people. She has certain magical abilities, allowing her to wield an orb that can act as physical weapon, change shape, or fire bolts of energy depending on the situation. She babysits Opal whenever Arleen, Lucian, and Smiley go to AAaF without her.


The quick, energetic brother of Fizzson. He’s much more of a fighter, and can react to things around him very quickly, allowing for the fast-paced fighting style he prefers. He’s very confident in himself, and wields a massive crimson greatsword one-handed, along with having various fire and demon powers.


The Lucario combat mentor of both Arleen and Emma. He’s very experienced in fighting, be it for sport or self-defense, and enjoys teaching such things to the younger generations. Being a Lucario, he has a few Pokemon moves at his disposal, and can see the aura of others. He often tries to give bits of “Sage advice” to people, but it’s normally rather hit or miss, if not outright wrong.


A strange, beast-like creature with multiple arms who broke out of prison with Aether’s help. He takes great enjoyment out of brutally murdering or otherwise injuring others, as well as creeping people out with his many unusual and disturbing abilities. He has no personal grudge against AAaF, only attacking them as a favor for Aether. (Can’t be sent Qs)


An Espeon news reporter, and the self-proclaimed best at ESPNN. He takes great pride in his work, and can be a bit full of himself at times. Despite this, he still tries to treat others with respect, and is happy to help friends out when they need it. He’s a good friend of both Lucian and Hakuro, and personally hates his name for… Mildly unclear reasons.

Departed Cast

The characters that have appeared in Arleen and Friends, but have since left, and probably aren’t coming back for future posts. (Can’t be sent Qs)


Timothy (A.K.A Bucket)

An upbeat, wacky boy who broke out of an asylum. He can be very… Out there at times, often doing or saying things with little to no real reasoning behind it. Even so, he’s a good friend and can be fun to hang out with. He was once a main in AAaF, but one day he ran off… Taking part of the wall with him.


An average, laid-back anthro cat. He’s pretty chill about most things, and can even come across as somewhat mature at times. He prefers not to be held down, simply doing his own thing rather then being ordered around or depended on by anyone. He was Arleen’s first actual boyfriend, but they eventually broke up, and he left AAaF so it wouldn’t hold him down anymore.



A demonic entity who fused with Seth at one point. He’d take control and attack others whenever Seth became unstable, a special music box being the only thing that would calm him down. Despite this, he had a fairly laid-back, albeit protective personality towards others whenever he had a chance to speak. He’s since become unfused from Seth, his new form now driving people crazy on sight, with himself showing a new boastful, snarky personality.


A love goddess who watched over AtG until she eventually joined it. She finds joy in giving love advice and keeping track of relationship compatibility, and she loves to help people with romantic problems as much as she enjoys watching from the stands as they figure it out themselves. She left AtG after the six’s death to focus more on her goddess duties.


A music goddess, who’s worked with Sakura as a part of AtG. She uses the power of music to do a multitude of things, from strengthening her attacks to healing to lifting the mood of people. As a goddess, she’s usually laid-back regarding most things, and she doesn’t mind helping out in any situation she’s in. She left AtG with Sakura to focus more on her goddess duties.

Belladonna (A.K.A Rythma)

Originally created from a freak experiment that removed Muse of her negative emotions, Bella is a character with a similar personality, who also has the ability to read the thoughts and minds of others. She helped out at one point when Despair was confessing her feelings for Fizzson, and she’s since refined her combat and toolkit to that of a ninja. She left AtG alongside Sakura and Muse following the death of the six.


A good friend of Eyve. He’s a very no-nonsense person, occasionally taking things a little too seriously, or talking for very long stretches of time. Compared to the rest of the cast, he’s a very average person with a modest job, but he’s a fun guy to hang around with, nonetheless. He eventually stopped coming to AAaF to focus more on his job.

Deceased cast

Characters that have passed away throughout the series. (Can’t be sent Qs)



A bizarre young cloud girl who lost her family long ago. She’s quiet, socially awkward, and lacks confidence in herself. On the outside, she can be somewhat difficult to approach, but get to know her, and she can be one of the nicest girls you’ll ever meet. She killed herself sometime ago, using the last of her three chances and killing her permanently.


The old leader of Ask the Group, and an adept magic user. He’s usually pretty chill, and rarely, if ever cares about anything. He tends to get competitive, and go for ideas when he gets them (Even if they aren’t always the best). He’s also decent at sword fighting, and was eventually killed alongside the other members of the AtG six.


Brother to Vampi, and twin to TAS. He can be somewhat of a grump, and tends to act violent, even towards his friends and family. Despite this, he’s still very helpful with his knowledge on Multiverse science and acting as TAS’s sign-language translator. He has a love of sci-fi, and was killed along with the rest of the AtG six.


The mute brother of Vampi, and twin of Itch. He’s an utter meme machine, and tends to talk through sign language, or a soundboard that plays countless (Often referential) sounds. He’s very random, and is extremely passionate about his opinions, to the point of potentially hurting others that have a difference in said opinion. He was killed along with the rest of the AtG six.


A good friend of Arleen’s since childhood, and her first crush. He’s very helpful, sometimes prioritizing the needs of others above himself, and is always open to hear the problems of others. He was killed by Arleen when she first allowed Smiley to possess her.


The mother of Arleen. When she’s not caught up in her unknown job, she’s doing her best to help her daughter overcome issues with self-confidence and nervousness. She’s calm, collected, and very understanding towards Arleen and her problems. She was killed by Arleen, who was possessed by Smiley.


A 4th wall breaker, and sister to Vampi, Itch, and TAS. She has the ability to pretty much do whatever she wants whenever she wants, and is very boastful when it comes to such. Despite occasionally getting on people’s nerves, she’s still very helpful, having acted as the leader of AtG’s Combat Rescue Force, and the second in command of AtG as a whole, who sometimes uses her abilities to the benefit of others. She was a main in AAaF at one point, got in a relationship with Arisu, and was eventually killed along with the rest of the AtG six, while her powers were transferred to someone else.

Arisukiama Trigan (A.K.A Arisu)

The previous queen of universe 476’s underworld. Despite her normally chill and relaxed nature, she’s a natural born leader, having acted as the head of AtG Purged, AtG itself while Vampi was kidnapped, and 2nd in command of the AtG CRF. She also has a tendency to get very dangerous when angered. She was a main at AAaF at one point, got in a relationship with Kimiko, and was eventually killed along with the rest of the AtG six.


Emma’s father and a psychotic killer. He pretended to be a caring and supportive father, but later killed Emma so she wouldn’t discover his then-recent hobby of killing children. He’s committed several crimes to lower people’s trust in robotics, while pursuing his hobby, only to eventually be cornered and killed by his daughter with the help of Ben and others, who were previous victims.



A wealthy anthro wolf, and good friend of Despair. He’s an expert in making platinum jewelry, creating anything from necklaces to rings in his spare time. He’s relaxed, kind, and very generous, opting to give away his jewelry as gifts rather then selling them for profit. Whenever someone is down or needs help, he’s always willing to do whatever he can. He has a brother in Obsidian, who works with obsidian jewelry instead, and was killed in the Psycho Squad’s attack on AAaF.

Uncanonized cast

Characters that are no longer a part of Arleen and Friends due to the Timeline Rewrite. (Can’t be sent Qs)



A gentle, but clever young cat person with fire powers. He tries his best to be an honest person, but this sometimes leads to him saying things he shouldn’t, and coming off as a bit of a jerk to most people. He was originally Arleen’s first boyfriend, but he was uncanonized and replaced with Tony.

Riapsed (Original)

The Mirrordin counterpart to Despair/Emma. She’s super cheerful, and easy to approach, leading her to be one of the most popular girls in Mirrordin High. She has a level head, and is always the first to take charge in a serious or stressful situation. This version was scrapped via the Timeline Rewrite, along with the original idea for Mirrordin High.


IT (Seth’s Creator)

A mysterious, glitchy figure that created Seth and Kifaya. Being a creator, he can do just about anything. From fading in and out of existence to sticking people in a “Code dimension” Where they’re ripped apart and put together over and over again to satisfy his sick sense of humor. He was uncanonized completely when irl Seth introduced Alex, another OC of his, as the actual creator.