Related Sites

This is a list of all the sites related in some way to AAaF, be it through crossovers, or through being made by people who work on AAaF. This page will be updated as new sites are made or changed.

Fizzson’s Blog

My personal blog and the first site I ever made. Rather then the story-focused AAaF QnA stuff, this blog is home to more personal thoughts and opinions. Whether that be analysis on things, game reviews, thoughts on traveling, or whatever else I come up with. I used to post here every Sunday, but have since abandoned that schedule to focus more on AAaF, now posting whenever I feel like it. You can find the site here.

Behind the AAaF

Another site run by me. This is where I post all the behind-the-scenes and OOC stuff related to AAaF, whether that be origins of characters, detail on locations, or whatever else cool I might come up with. I post to the site whenever, aiming for once a week whenever possible. You can find the site here.

Luci’s Stories

The newest site of this bunch. Created by Luci, it was originally meant to house Ask Lucian and Friends, a series directly related to AAaF that focused on a different cast of characters, while having a much more relaxed set of rules when it came to censoring and more dirty stuff. He’s since abandoned the idea though, and it’s now just an archive for some of the stories he writes every now and then. The site isn’t really kid friendly, with heavy violence and some seriously dark themes to the one post currently on there. It’s pretty quiet (Again, only one post currently), but you can find the site here.

Lucky Wing’s Blog ‘O Fun

A site run by LuckE Wing (Sometimes just called E). Its main draw is the AtV, a QnA focusing on villains from the game Poptropica, OCs from her fanfiction “Rulers of Poptropica”, and a few other characters. The series was mostly kid-friendly (Although it’s gotten a lot more cuss-y as of late), was somewhat story-based, that aspect getting heavier as time went on, and had a schedule of posting every Monday, with side stories every now and then, but that got dropped as things started getting crazier in her life. It came back from hiatus recently, and you can find the site here.

Nightshade Girls QnA

A site run by DJ Fusion (A.K.A AlexaHalfSiren, Muse, Vampi, Inktavia, and Allora), created to house the modern era of the ATG, which is a QnA series focused on several original characters or variants of characters pulled from other media. ATG isn’t very kid friendly (Containing swears and the like), and is much more character-focused then it is story-focused. Ink posts the series whenever he feels like it, occasionally does special posts with just one character, and has recently started making more story and lore-based stuff (Such as Dimensional Adventures, and other side story-esque posts). You can find the site here.

Trusty Bear’s Poptropica Hotspot

A site also run by DJ Fusion, back when he was a massive fan of Poptropica. It’s main focus was the original AtG, which focused on his own takes of the Poptropica villains, along with a few original characters. Unlike the modern AtG, this era is kid friendly, and attempts were made to post it semi-regularly. It’s not really active anymore, but I thought I’d stick it here for historical purposes. You can find the site here.

Poptropica Lover’s Blog

A site run by Incredible Kat. It’s main draw is a QnA focusing on the children of Poptropica villains. AtD is kid-friendly, and somewhat a mix between the story-centric AtV and character-centric AtG. Kat posted the series whenever she was able, along with other posts (Usually Poptropica related) whenever she thought them up, although it’s been really quiet as of late. You can find the site here.